Press Release Touting The Strong Performance Of Monday’s RAW

WWE and the USA Network issued the following press release on Tuesday afternoon touting the strong performance of Monday’s RAW:


WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW – the most-watched, regularly scheduled program on cable, airing live every Monday night, 52 weeks a year – had a great night with the best rating in all demos since July 2012 when the show aired it’s 1000th episode and debuted a new third hour of the show.

This week’s 8pm-11:10pm episode of WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW delivered its biggest audience since converting to a 3-hour format on 7/23/12 with 2.4 million (2.395MM) P18-49, 2.4 million (2.37MM) P25-54,1.3 million (1.25MM) P18-34 and 5 million (5.01MM) total viewers.

RAW delivered more M18-34 than any other program on television, broadcast or cable, and was second only to “The Following” on FOX for M18-49.

RAW made USA the #1 network in cable with double-digit margins over #2 History and was the only network to average over 2 million P18-49 (2.28MM, +58% over #2 HIST), 2 million P25-54 (2.26MM, +25%) or 4 million total viewers (4.80MM, +21%).

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • 7 year old boy

    Seriously Rock’s drawing power is impressive. Haters need to seriously stfu if you smell what the 7 year old is cooking.

    • Peer Pressure

      You damn right it is. The haters can go fuck themselves.

      The Rock > WWE’s current shitty superstars.

      • 7 year old boy

        Let’s rephrase this a bit here. The rock and John Cena > WWE’s current shitty superstars.

        • Donte Shoshona Gopual

          lol im with you on that john cena would be a huge draw if he took time off now and then and made huge returns like austin and undertaker, but I can tell that even Cena wants his current gimmick gone as well and management wont have it.

    • #LOLZ

      Y2J drawing power also. BABaY

      • 7 year old boy

        I am the Ayottolah of Rock and Rolla!

      • Andrew Campbell

        Don’t forget the drawing power of Tensai in lingerie.

  • pwnez

    The Rock won the WWE title, of course fans are going to tune in. Whether we like the Rock or not the guy winning the title is huge.

  • James

    As much as I liked CM Punk being WWE Champion his title reign had started to become stale. All he would do every week is come out and whine and moan about not getting enough respect. Rock becoming WWE Champion brings a breathe of fresh air into RAW now plus it now gives CM Punk something else to do as he can chase the Rock for the title.

  • john

    Just goes to show the rock draws viewers. all rock haters need to stfu. I actually don’t even hear them, i just hear crickets at this point.

  • WCWPunk

    Considering The ROCK is the only superstar from the attitude era to Win the WWE Championship is BIG. Also remember, it was THREE years ago TNA challenged WWE in a “monday night war” where Hulk Hogan said “Yeah brother, me and Eric Bischoff are taking TNA to the next level brother” Yeah that was THREE YEARS AGO ;)

  • Really?91

    Impressive, now do those numbers without Rock, Jericho, & Lesnar…No? Didn’t think so.

    • James

      Give WWE credit for getting those guys on the show.

      • Really?91

        Again, I applaud them for it. But what you gonna do when they’re gone?

  • cappa37

    lol the day after the title is taken off CM Punk the rating sky rocket. Surprise surprise. The only way they maintain this is if they purge the WWE of all indy wrestlers. No more 6’0″ 200 pound trash. We need monsters like the Rock and Brock Lesnar.

  • Haven?A

    Congrats now you have a reson to blame Punk.

  • Andrew Campbell

    I’m sure Vince was fapping when this weeks ratings were released.

  • Orestis

    I didn’t only watch Raw to see the Rock but i wanted to see Cm Punk without the wwe championship as well.Still badass !

  • CryogenicDead

    Anyone else think it’s a bad sign that they need to produce a press release for these ratings?