Preview Next Week’s “Open Fight Night” Impact – Steel Cage Match, Joseph Park Debuts, Knockouts

Next week’s episode of Impact Wrestling is Open Fight Night, and is being taped tonight at Manchester Arena in Manchester, England. The event will be headlined by Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson in a Steel Cage Match. The official preview is as follows:


Preview Thursday’s IMPACT WRESTLING this Thursday at 8/7c, as the broadcast takes place from Manchester, England and features the return of OPEN FIGHT NIGHT!

– The main event of the huge international event will feature Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson of the Aces & Eights in a Steel Cage Match! British fans will get a firsthand preview of this year’s “Lockdown” when Angle goes to war with his longtime nemesis Mr. Anderson inside the confines of the steel structure!

– Hulk Hogan will make his return on the broadcast! Will he listen to Sting and Bully Ray and reinstate Bully Ray from his suspension so he can get revenge on The Aces and Eights for their attack during the big wedding? Or, will Hulk take matters into his own hands while in England? Tune in and find out!

– Joseph Park will make his official IMPACT in-ring debut! Who will Park call out to battle as part of OPEN FIGHT NIGHT? Tune in and find out!

– Plus, we understand that Velvet Sky and Miss Tessmacher will unite to make their own callout during OPEN FIGHT NIGHT! Who do Velvet and Tessmacher want to fight in the ring? Don’t miss the lovely but lethal Knockouts in action!

All this and much more on Thursday’s special IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast from SpikeTV, taking place from Manchester, England

Daniel Pena

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  • kquickstillsucks

    I didn’t even recognize Anderson in Aces and 8’s gear

    • GodsLoyalSon

      I didnt even know that Anderson was in Aces and 8’s or that he was even heel again for the third time already

      • Randy James Crawford

        If you watch TNA you would know that.

        • GodsLoyalSon

          And I don’t, well more I’m not up to date however I’m tired of these constant turns they put Anderson through. I mean how many times will he turn heel and face while in TNA? He gets two turns a year

          • kquickstillsucks

            IDK if he officially turned lol he just showed up in the gear last night in the show opening had no idea it was him lol.

          • raVen

            no explination no follow-up just here he is all the sudden in full garb

  • raVen

    funny how they keep throwing anderson into these heel groups and it never works out.

  • scars3e

    they showed a episode of where anderson was initiated.. devon requested himself to aces and eights that they need to bring anderson in..

  • Nightmare

    Has the Abyss character died? I don’t watch TNA as much as i used to because of the Aces n 8’s Storyline. Waiting for all that to blow over. I recently started to watch it again and realized that “joseph park” aka abyss never mentions the character anymore. Plus i noticed Aj styles was missing.