WWE 2K15 Promotional Poster: Playable Characters Revealed

Take-Two Interactive, publisher of 2K Sports’ upcoming WWE 2K15 video game, is currently at the big E3 video game convention in Los Angeles and will be revealing new game details on Thursday night. However, the following poster at the E3 convention reveals the first four playable characters in the game:

  • John Cena
  • Hulk Hogan
  • Bray Wyatt
  • Cesaro

WWE 2K15 will be released on October 28th for Playstation 4, Xbox One, PS3 and XBox 360.

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  • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316

    i dont understand why they dont put the whole current roster in the games

    • http://www.gofundme.com/nzdpa4 Stay Phokus

      do you know how to code/debug video games?

      • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316

        no i dont thats why i dont understand why they cant add the whole roster

      • Jay Strongbow

        I know how to develop, code and debug high end video games. What is your point?

        • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

          Pretty sure the problem lays in creating the models and textures as opposed to coding and debugging.. But meh, I’m not really a professional.

          • Gotstodobetter

            I’m pretty sure there isn’t a real problem besides them spending the extra time doing it. I’m sure they are saving others for the dlc like most fighting games these days.

      • Gotstodobetter

        What does that have to do with anything especially for a well funded veteran game company like them

    • I’ve Lost My Smile

      I would think it has a lot to do with licensing fees, if they aren’t big on a guy then why would they include him only to pay him extra money just by being licensed for the game?

  • Aperture

    I can’t wait for all of the unlockable Damien Sandow characters…

    • Drmgiver

      lol The one wearing the woman’s leotard?

      • Progressed_Now
        • brad

          Man he really turned into a puppet for the wwe hasn’t he. I still remember when they use to have ol bob holly dress up every week, talk about sickness man the only reason they do stuff like this is because they can’t think of a proper storyline for them and they don’t think they are worthy of being in one.

          • Drmgiver

            Do you think he is?

        • Dixie Carter

          If that is the height of WWE…I’m am disgusted. The trash they show on WWE…heck watching re-runs of WCW in it’s final months is amazing and exciting compared to this low IQ trash!

    • I’ve Lost My Smile

      LOL well since they don’t have Mick Foley, Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love then maybe they need Sandow to have 5 personalities.

  • Buzzard Follower

    All i want is they wyatts

  • NXTAmbrose

    If you don’t see CM Punk listed as one of the playable characters, then we can finally put to rest that CM Punk indeed left WWE.

    • Keith Kaleo Limos

      I have a strong feeling that Punk will be in the game. in the past they put in superstars that were long gone and contracted with TNA at the time. I think it was Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 or 2011(RVD, Mickie James, and Jeff Hardy).

      • BigRoode

        he’ll be in the game. but they will have a black square over his face.

  • Richmond

    Of course Cena. I would’ve liked to first play with Bryan, Wyatt, Cesaro, and Sheamus (only because he’s fun to Brogue Kick with).

    • BigRoode

      Vince has a hard on for Cena. he’ll be the man till either HE or Vince finally die.

  • Frank

    Will CM Punk be in the game!?

    • http://www.sescoops.com/ Mr 561

      As Gorilla Monsoon used to say, “Highly Unlikely!”

    • Sigma ?

      Create a character perhaps.

  • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

    Why the hatred towards Yuke’s WWE Games? Besides the glitches, the games are good arcade fun! I hate realistic things, so they better not make it like that crappy “realistic” NBA 2K14!!

  • God’s Diamond

    Surprised they aren’t using the new logo….yet. We have a ways til release date

    • I’ve Lost My Smile

      yeah i don’t think they will be using it for a while even the screenshots online show the old logo still. If they are as far along as it looks they would have to re-render ever instance of the new logo to replace the scratch logo.

  • Rockfan84

    Who do u think would win out of cena and hogan.

    • BigRoode

      nether. They aren’t willing to put anyone over. They’d end up trying to Bury each other.

      • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316

        the match would never end because they would both keep kicking out at 2

        • BigRoode

          ha. it would be like one of those shoot matches from the 60s were it went on for 2 hours

          • Rockfan84

            Has either man ever gone over clean against an up and comer before?
            Like rock did with brock and kurt did with cena himself.

    • I’ve Lost My Smile

      Mathematically I would say Cena

      In Hogan’s career he is 257W – 34D – 119L to put percentages around it Hogan won 63% of the time and lost 29% of the time and 8% of the time matches ended in a draw. (side note 60 of Hogans losses were in WCW)

      in Cena’s career he is 462W – 47D – 178L again to put in percentages Cena wins 67% of his matches and lost 25.91% with 7% ending in a draw.

      • Rockfan84

        They’d probably have golden balls go over clean against Goldberg and stone cold Steve austin.

  • Pfc Mark Kevin Apalisok

    i can’t wait to unlock Sting so i can make the dream match a triple threat against Undertaker and Stone Cold!

  • Matt Gallagher

    Wyatt’s second time in the game. Can’t wait to play with Harper and his sick moveset. Love to see a few NXT playable characters

  • TheOwl

    The last good wrestling game was WWE ’12…

  • Hershey Maxwell Barber

    It’s gonna be sick to play with Bray.

  • brad

    They better put rvd in the game I was really disappointed he wasn’t in the last one. Anyway put rvd, ddp, william regal, Booker T and the complete dx like everyone that was ever in it as well as most of the NWO mainly just Nash, Hall, Curt hen, savage, Steiner and also please put Curtis axel in the game.

    • brad

      Also I don’t remember if they had it in 2k14 but they need some more managers like Dutch mantel and Paul Heyman although I’m pretty sure Heyman was in 14.

  • raVen

    get ready to see generic pepsi like tattoo and cobra like tattoo templates.
    I love seeing Cesaro in promotional stuff, hopefully it means that they really are planning on pushing him heavily.

  • Paul Heyman’s Soldier

    Will WWE 2K 15 available on PS3?

    • I’ve Lost My Smile

      yep PS4, PS3, X360 and X1

      • Paul Heyman’s Soldier

        Alrite, thanks for the info man :)

  • WariosWorld
  • WariosWorld