Video – CM Punk Has A Message For “Smart” Fans

New York City’s Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg got exclusive interviews with several WWE Superstars at this week’s WrestleMania 29 media press conference, including John Cena, CM Punk, The Rock and Mark Henry.

All of them have big expectations for this weekend’s WrestleMania 29 pay-per-view – and CM Punk has a special message for us “smart” fans.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Thomas Wing


  • Tang_35

    haha Punk has a great sense of humor haha

  • GMpunk

    Punk was wearing an Antonio Cesaro tshirt. What a cool guy!

  • Mania57

    Love the Punk segment. He is one of the best straight shooters in the game. Everyone says he’s getting stale or that he’s not the same. I guess stale means having one of the best segments on RAW in the past couple of weeks right? Or maybe stale is him putting on great matches right? If that’s stale, I’d gladly have it that way. For everyone who believes he’s stale, just go listen to the last part of Punk’s interview, because its directed toward you. :-) .

    • Not a cop

      Some people just need to find an excuse to hate on him.

      • guest

        just like the fact some people wants to keep sucking his PIPE BOMB…!!!

    • jackhandy

      Yeah but as good as he is giving promos, as great as his matches can be, has it ever occured to you that maybe even they can get stale?? Even his constant plugins to Colt Cabana deserving another chance has gotten pretty stale, sorry Punk, as good as Colt is, the WWE tried him, didn’t like him and dropped his ass lol. As for dissing “smart fans”, and not just him but the WWE in general, it makes no sense to me. The IWC are the same people who go to the live shows and vice-versa, Therefore the Smart Fans are fans of pro wrestling in general and most important, FANS OF THE WWE. IMO guys like Punk to the opposites like Cena are working for a company who lets face it, even though it’s an Empire, it constantly contradicts itself. Oh and both guys like Punk and Cena have to understand that as much of a strong opinion they have on the business bla bla bla, the fact is that majority of fans online or in the audience aren’t watching WM29 for them, they’re watching it for actual Stars like The Rock and The Undertaker :D.

      And like I said Punk is getting really stale, and in about a year the likes of Dean Ambrose will fill the main heel role perfectly ;)

  • Kayne Corey

    fucking Mark Henry in the background.. lol

    • Joe Hundley

      “No your smart Mark” yeah that was classic.

      • Rhawk

        He said ‘Strong’ not ‘Smart’…

        • Joe Hundley

          Thats what I ment. Thanks for the correction.

  • Feelmemore

    Punk is always honest even if it angers or offends people which is a way better trait then kissing ass and lying.

    • TheKillingMoon

      The people’s ass and John Cena come to mind.

      • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

        Pretty sure Rock isn’t lying (unless its in best interest) or kissing ass.

        • Don

          He is the second Hulk hogan! He’s a total fake, lying, asshole. It is very easy to see.

          • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

            nope don’t see it…Rock ain’t doing porn like him lol

          • Jacob Rael

            the rock is so fucking fake

          • fatneal

            its real to you too lol

          • fatneal

            its still real to me dammit!

          • ThurgoodSinbad

            You are the wackest motherfucker on this whole motherfuckin’ jabroni website, fatneal. I put you in camel clutch, break your back, make you humble… old country way. FUCK you!

          • fatneal

            sheiky baby is that you?

          • AJLeescumstainedundies

            just call fatneal a “nigger”. he loves it. in fact, he loves it so much, he makes his kid’s pants moist.

    • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

      I disagree. Sometimes its better to keep your thoughts to yourself. I mean if everyone was brutally honest all the time not only would feelings get hurt, people in general would get hurt. Some people can’t take criticism…

      • Feelmemore

        You’re correct there is a line, but I’d rather have someone be honest with me then lie to my face even if it’s brutal.

  • Jeremy Gordon

    What is the point of turning a guy a heel, when he is already booed by most people? Logic people, use it some time.

    • Cm punk mark

      It is called a change of character

  • the_unknown

    loved all three interviews here. i’m glad finally cena turned heel.

  • Jay Jayerson

    Keep yo hands to yo self!

  • Pozessed

    CM Punk’s interview was the best, I loved Mark Henry in the background LOL.

  • Marko

    Hahahaha I loved Punk’s and Cena’s promo they really pwned the IWC.

  • DigitalWWE

    What headphones are those I want those lol

    • Mr_DJ

      Beats by Dr. Dre, prepare to drop a couple hundred dollars :p

      • Bushwald Sexyface

        That’s been the only thing that has prevented me from getting them. I’m a cheap bastard, especially when it comes to headphones. I’ll stick to Skull Candy for now. But I would love to own a pair of Beats. Maybe they’ll come down in price by 2019.

        • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

          As a producer i’d say go for the solos or if you’ve got the money the pros. The Solos are good for everyday listening, but if you want to listen to it at a quality worth your money, get the pros. The Beats Studios are insanely popular, but are kinda cheaply made and don’t really have the best sound quality. Also Beats headphones in general are made for Rap/Hip hop music in general so take that into account. If you want some good cheap headphones, I recommend the
          Monster Ncredible Ntunes or the Sol Republic Tracks HD. They’re both good for anytype of music.

          • Mr_DJ

            Though just as expensive, I’ve heard good things about Bose. Though they seem worth it more so than Beats.

  • 7 year old boy

    Boy CM Punk’s part was not suitable for me.

  • fallsnative

    Love CM Punk! Loved the Mark Henry interview as well. I met Mark once, and he was very kind and gracious to me.

    • HD Theoneandonly

      Same Here

    • HD Theoneandonly

      Same Here

  • 3Tears

    Lmao at Cm Punk, he made me day!

  • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

    Mark Henry is hilarious. He’d scare me in person tho.

    • Adam-Michael

      You can tell he is such a nice guy, when he 1st came out and spoke he sounded really emotional, I have the upmost respect for Henry, it is such a shame they took so long to realise his potential and let him just be a scary angry powerful heel.

  • Reality

    Best in the World! Great to listen to Henry and him

  • Adam-Michael

    lmao is Punk allowed to say FUCK YOU at a WrestleMania press conference???!!! That was such a surreal but epic funny moment

  • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

    IWC: Ohh CM Punk has a message for us!!
    Punk: Fuck You
    IWC: Well, that was nice.

    • Vince

      That sounds about right.

  • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

    Cena just owned everyone. Turning heel.


    Lol Cena is hilarious! The fans wanna see a heel turn, so he literally aim camera towards his shoes, and does a heel turn LMAO…that was epic!

  • fatneal

    mark henry sounded like he was about to cry or something

  • newgeneration

    Cena doing something in that interview that he hasn’t done for a long time as a character.

    Be subtle.

  • Dave Smith

    This is one of the many reasons why Punk is the BEST IN THE WORLD

  • omega riddler

    was not expecting punk to just drop an f-bomb like that

  • Mr. Honesty

    “No, you’re strong Mark”

  • HD Theoneandonly

    i totally have a great deal of respect for mark henry… He’s not a liar.. im going on 22 years old and in 19-ninety-something he was great enough of a guy to pose take a picture and sign a autograph for me on june 23, 2003 .. in NYC MSG i can never forget that day

  • Jonathan Foye

    Good Guy Mark Henry? Wouldn’t have picked it