Punk Visits NXT, Zack Ryder To Make Big Announcement, Wrestlers vs. Zombies

– WWE Champion CM Punk was in Tampa, Florida on Thursday working with WWE’s developmental students at the NXT training facility. Bill DeMott tweeted:

IMDB.com has a listing up for a new pro wrestling movie titled, “Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies.” The horror movie, slated for a 2013 release, will feature appearances from Roddy Piper, Terry Funk, Matt Hardy & Reby Sky, Shane Douglas, Scott “Raven” Levy, Sylvester Terkay and others.

– Zack Ryder says he has a major announcement coming soon for the 100th episode of his YouTube show. He tweeted:

Speaking of Ryder, he filmed the music video for his song “Hoeski” this week and tweeted the following picture from the shoot:

* LISTEN HERE: Zack Ryder’s New Song “Hoeski”

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Jericholic

    I bet Punk went to see Paige with her fine ass.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Peer-Pressure/100000691268185 Peer Pressure

      That pasty ass bitch need a tan. That bitch look dead.

      • Jericholic

        lol whatever man, she fine!

      • Steve

        to me, girls like Eve look a lot worse, because of the buckets of spray tan. i really dont understand this american obsession with becoming yellow. yes, yellow, not healthy brown suntan, but unnaturaly yellow from all the fake spray tan. better pale white, than yellow …

        • ICEMAN

          I don’t remember Eve looking yellow, but I know about that brown/yellowish color though.. Them Jersey Shore people look like that, it looks shitbrown. They all look like dipped into a pool of shit when they come out. They look foul !! I agree though, I don’t dig that fake bullshit.

        • http://twitter.com/RodCeb79 Rodrigo Ceballos

          Eve .. fake spray tan ?? She’s a latina idiot She was born like that

          • heterosexual

            it’s not fake tan it’s makeup, gurls dunno what they’re doin, cakin it on for a bunch of hetero’s

          • Robert

            In person, Eve Torres is very white. She has the same light skin tone that JLo has. Look up her pics when she’s all natural without make up, and outside of WWE.

        • http://twitter.com/JamieEvsxx JamieEvsxx

          yellow?…dude, the colour you’re looking for is orange haha!…xD

    • ItsProgressNow

      I bet Hu-morous made him walk around indoors naked

    • D-Nycee

      Lmao I’ve seen that paige chick, she aint that fine dawg.. Naomi is fine, Eve Torres.. them honeys fine as hell! Yo you need to UP yo standards dawg! lmao

      • Jericholic

        lol psh Google Nxt Paige and look at her images. I got great stantards, that’s my type of girl. Naomi got ass for days and Eve look good.

  • Offical JB

    notice how the capitols in the hashtag spell OVER!

    • ItsProgressNow

      we can only hope! though unfortunately my guess is a heel turn. over as in ending his show or stopping his fan pandering…..we’ve seen it all too often already. next week Smackdown evidently One-1 Eleven-11 Thirteen-2013……not that I watch that shit anyway.

  • Offical JB


  • Backstreet Bungalow

    Ryders big announcement will be some bs new years resolution to not suck anymore on to get buried a week later. Put him and Hawkins back together already

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Josh-Foley/1326585777 Josh Foley

    whats the announcement, is he going back to nxt and learning the basics again, create a new gimmick or hell send his ass back to curt hawkins

  • dude

    MAJOR announcement=MAJOR brothers reunion


    It figures that horror wrestling movie will have a low quality shit cast. They should have gave Melina a call, I’m sure she could use the gig.. and why not JTG. He’s not doing anything important.
    Zack who? Man, this guy is going to get released after WM. He hasn’t had relevant PPV matches nor relevant RAW matches, and he definitely won’t during the road to WM. He’s out..

  • DigitalWWE

    Britani knight is hot. Don’t know what you guys are talking about

  • Elvin

    who cares about you ryder honestly, you’re a joke like santino and i don’t care what you get up to