Quotes From Ric Flair’s Speech At Reid Flair’s Memorial Service

The Charlotte Observer ran a story on Sunday covering the life and death of , who tragically passed away in a Charlotte hotel room on March 29. The article featured quotes from Reid’s mother Beth, and famous father .

Beth Fliehr talked about Reid’s time in Japan, which preceded his death on 3/29. “He was doing so great in Japan,” said Fliehr. “His mind was so clear. He was healthy. Everybody loved Reid over there. For the first time, he was just Reid – not Ric Flair’s son. His worst fear was coming home.”

The article also quoted Ric Flair’s speech from Reid’s memorial service. “I can honestly say I blamed myself the first couple days, but after talking with people I think he’s in a better place and he’s at peace,” said Flair. “Because this had gone on a long time – and something happened that we didn’t have control over. But he’s a wonderful guy. I was so proud of him.”

Check out the complete Reid Flair feature online at CharlotteObserver.com.

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