RAW 1,000 Does Huge Rating & Social Media Score

The ratings are in for Monday’s 1,000th RAW celebration and it’s great news for WWE.

The 3-hour show drew a 3.8 overall rating with 6,019,000. Here’s a breakdown for each hour:

Hour 1: 3.48 rating with 5,439,000 viewers.

Hour 2: 3.95 rating with 6,318,000 viewers.

Hour 3: 4.09 rating with 6,300,000 viewers.

RAW’s Trendrr.tv social media score was also off the charts, with an overall score of 907,433. That’s up 277% from last week (240,889) and the most social media activity for RAW ever. The previous high score was 343,333 for the night after WrestleMania 28.