RAW 1,000 News: WWE Going All Out, Legends Appearing

In less than 7 weeks, WWE will mark 1,000 episodes of Monday Night RAW and a new ‘3-hour Interactive RAW’ era begins. With RAW’s ratings lower than WWE and USA Network are happy with, the company plans to go all out to ensure the milestone show is a success.

As previously reported, WWE has reached out to 20-30 legends to appear on the show. Additionally, a DX reunion (featuring Shawn Michaels, Triple H and likely other members) as well as a rare television appearance from the Undertaker are expected.

WWE is especially concerned with drawing viewers to the first hour of the show. The first hour of special 3-hour RAWs typically a significantly smaller audience than RAW’s normal time slot.

WWE is already getting in the habit of conditioning fans to tune in at the start of the first hour of a 3 hour show, with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon scheduled to conduct his job performance assessment of John Laurinaitis on next week’s 3-hour show.

For much more on what WWE has planned for the RAW 1,000th Episode Celebration, check out our RAW 1,000 news page.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Bigbadguns02

    Now if I don’t see Bad Ass Billy Gunn, Road Dogg Jesse James and X-Pac with Michaels and HHH, then I might just not watch.

    • Fokalokaboomboom

      and Chyna…

    • Guest

      Road Dogg might get a decent reception, from either those who remember his DX time, or from those who only know him from WWE’s side projects. Billy Gun has been gone long enough to be forgotten by all but those who remember his New Age Outlaws/DX gimmicks… most kids will probably think he’s Ziggler’s dad. X-Pac, even at his most popular, a decade ago, he wasn’t THAT popular. He’ll mostly get a reception from the Attitude Era fans who realize the significance of him, Dogg, and Gunn showing up top rock the DX green. The biggest pops will obviously go to Trip and HBK. Or, they all walk out together as the collective DX, and then the place would explode.
      Chyna showing up. Um, that’s a NO.

    • http://twitter.com/MMa_mike727 Mma_mike727

      i was hoping xpac would show when i read that..road dogg was at rumble so theyre in talks…xpac had sum drug problems recently tho

    • tiran66

      Road Dogg will definately be there, he works for the company now. I can see Pac showing up too, I’m sure the guy needs money. As for Bad Ass I just don’t know. I would love to see a New Age Outlaw reunion, possibly even give them a match, but Billy Gunn has some sour grapes towards WWE, or so I’ve heard.

  • Gr8ness

    I’m looking forward to this show with the history surrounding it, my only thing I think that ruin it is if they try to put to much on turning it into a clusterfuck of a show. Thats typically how most 3 hour raws go.

  • spike

    well it’s a loose losse for us al, for the next couple weeks until the rateings go back to the normail 3.something we be seeing john cena at the start of the show and when the show goes of the air

    • meateldog1

      stay in school dude.

      • http://twitter.com/HEELHaro Franky Haro™

        get over yourself
        there’s really no point in correcting grammar.
        this is not school. (read the 1st line)

  • http://twitter.com/DA_Righteous1 Brian Clark

    10-15 minute matches, good promos, no Mcmahon comedy bits, less annoying cole. If those standards are met then this might be a good show.

  • wwetnadudez

    Well I hope that Ambrose debuts on the 100th episode with a plan like the Solomonsters, It’ll be nice to see all of DX and wouldn’t that be a little early to bring in the UT or will it just be a small appearance and then poof he’s gone resting for WM?

    • TheresProgressNow

      only an idiot would pay attention to what the Solobullshitter has to say…..just sayin

      • wwetnadudez

        Oh are you butt hurt because of Solomonsters opinion on something little buddy? Here how about you go back to fucking club penguin alright?

        • TheresProgressNow

          hmmm butthurt…….sounds like you know all about that

          • wwetnadudez

            That’s really what you came up with? I swear man you gotta stop asking you mom for insults.

          • TheresProgressNow

            can you blame me? actually I asked yours, not too bright is she? HOW’S YOUR SISTER?? HIT ME!!!

          • wwetnadudez

            Ha, got em from my mom, dawg she doesn’t talk to trashy ass bitches like u, oh btw dont got a sis.

      • TheresProgressNow

        hmmm butthurt…….sounds like you know all about that

  • Fokalokaboomboom

    The first hour draws low because its not marketed enough and people forget about it….make it worth watching and we will remember in future

  • Dey_See_Me_Trollin

    I’m hoping for a HUGE return for the 1000th show something that will really get the crowd hyped. I mean i love seeing legends make appearances but I’d still like to see someone who i know i will be seeing more of after the celebration. And anyone know if Edge signed a legends contract cuz I’d like to see an appearance by the Rated-R Superstar.

  • julius

    guys lets not forget the 20th anniversary of raw

  • Yomama

    What’s the point of legends appearing all they use them for is to get the “sh!t kicked out of them” and that ticks me off bc wrestling legends deserve better

  • TheresProgressNow

    I wanna see Lita in the ring again, I miss her like crazy. Edge is still too fresh, not quite a huge draw at this stage. Austin meh, he just shows up having a few beers, giving a stunner and taking off. done too many times over the years.
    HBK, same. a post-HBK DX reunion could sure do it. I just hope they don’t continue those XPAC SUX chants from 10 years ago lol. the Acolytes, oh yeah! loved seeing them reunite for the night a few years back to help Hornswoggle.

    as for Chyna, I believe this would do wonders for her self-esteem. yeah she’s got issues, but being invited to Raw for just one night, WWE showing some goodwill towards her, might be what makes the most difference in her life, to know that she still got some friends somewhere over there.
    those people who haven’t hit rock bottom in their lives don’t know what it’s like. friends who try to talk some sense into you only feel like major nags. but this would help her big time.

    and Batista………oh my, talk about blowing the roof off

  • naynay

    get the hardys and lita, chyna, rtc,too cool,rikishi

  • therockisback

    Add Austin, Rock, Brock, Bret, Flair & Vince to the list and then it’ll be a success.

  • AngelFlow

    Give me Ambrose, Batista, Seth Rollins, Richie Steamboat, Lita, Trish Stratus, Kharma, Stone Cold, Rock, Flair, Vince, Morrison, Lesnar and some good 10 – 15 minutes matches. That will make me happy.

  • sdelfin

    That’s awesome that they want to pop the rating. Problem is they don’t want to build the product. So what will they do about Raw episodes 1001 and 1002? If it weren’t for guys like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Christian, Ziggler, Rhodes and some others, I’d tune out too.

  • dae

    Well, with Raw struggling, WWE is going to ignore the writing on the wall? Seroiusly, a three hour Raw with 20-30 legends might get a pop the first time out, but with the same old tired b.s. that they’ve trotted out recently makes me wonder a) how long is it before it goes back to two hours, and b) how much longer will fans stop watching both shows and jump ship to a better program on another night?

  • Nightmare

    I will bet anyone 20 buck’s that HHH is the first one to come out and breath over the microphone with his big nose, and ramble about how he is better at wrestling then anyone else untl HBK puts him in his place. Any “Takers”?

  • http://twitter.com/MMa_mike727 Mma_mike727

    they should treat every raw as a 1000th special episode and i know the writers are worn out or pread thin cuz of smackdown but they need more writers then get a few on each story line or whatever it takes..last few raws were horrible..i mean big show filling in where lesnar was suppose to be is terrible..hes jsut not exciting.more punk.more HHH more young hungry guys and mr mcmahon not appearing every week is a huge blow imo..hes one the best guys always doing something messed up..

  • http://twitter.com/MMa_mike727 Mma_mike727

    bring nwo and dx..that be a trip huh..obviously not hogan but outsiders..get scott hall a baby sitter for a week and keep him clean…nah who am i kidding never happen all the greats are screwed up so bad..its hopeless wwe either gotta drop the wellness or make new stars..thats all there is to it…

  • Fan

    We want Batista returns at Raw 1000 episode!

  • Acting

    Raw is Goldberg!

  • relly

    i hope chyna come back for one night fuck what you people she still my best diva from the 90`s