RAW Rating Rebounds From Last Week’s Disaster

Monday’s 12/10 edition of WWE RAW drew a 2.67 rating with an average of 3,764,000 viewers. This is up over 300,000 viewers from last week’s alarmingly-low 2.55 rating.

WWE RAW’s top competition, NFL Monday Night Football on ESPN, did under 15 million viewers, which likely helped RAW’s audience.

The hourly numbers for this week’s RAW were:

Hour 1: 3,743,000
Hour 2: 3,876,000
Hour 3: 3,672,000

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeremycounty Jeremy-County Roberts

    *waits for people to comment and say the lack of punk is to thank for the good ratings*

    • http://twitter.com/SGHarris123 Steven Harris

      I was gonna say the same thing.

    • http://disqus.com/LateTrain27/ Late Train

      I’m Surprised that Jay guy hasn’t posted anything yet.

      • Jimmy

        Jay is an idiot. lol

  • Vince McMahon

    I knew that having The Muppets as the Social Media Ambassadors along with me on the show would increase the ratings! I’M A FREAKING GENIUS!

    • Puppet H

      TBH Vince, thats the reason I didnt watch RAW on monday night, I thought everyone else wouldnt watch it too. Vince, your smart.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Peer-Pressure/100000691268185 Peer Pressure

    It’s because the Patriots blew out the Texans.

    • Mr_Shrimp_Vendor

      Indeed. Vince should be thanking Tom Brady for tossing WWE a bone with their shut out victory over the texans. ;) Damn that was a horrorfest for Texans fans. Also, for some reason I keep thinking John Cena and Tom Brady should have a match on Raw.

  • pwnez

    2.6-2.7 still isn’t good. It’s not as bad as last week but it isn’t something to be proud of. Their also wasn’t any important football games going on last night.

    As for Punk, you can’t pin the blame on him alone. WWE has a ton of problems and Punk isn’t one of them. Only the indy haters will try and put blame on one guy.

    • The Guest

      Didn’t you go on some rant on the Raw results page about how Punk was barely on this show and you want to see how people blame him this week? …and just like that the ratings rise, lol. Seriously, I actually think it’s ridiculous to blame one person for the rating drop. That’s not my point though. Just pointing out you say stupid shit all the time. You also get overly-emotional with this indy/non-indy in the WWE stance.

      It’s stupid to argue either way. A wrestler that hasn’t made it to the WWE is just that. Someone who hasn’t made it to the WWE. Doesn’t really matter where they come from. Could be the indy’s, Japan, TNA or RoH, Europe, the fucking Moon, doesn’t matter where they came from. When they perform in the WWE, it’s a different ballgame. What matters is how they perform under the WWE banner. You seem to get overly defensive over the indy guys though. It’s like you literally want to jerk these guys off. So, let’s hear the truth. Do you actually want to jerk these guys off? Seriously.

      • Mr_Shrimp_Vendor

        In unrelated news, I’m accepting bookings for matches on the fucking Moon. XD

        • The Guest

          Then I’ll book Mr_Shrimp_Vendor against Max Moon on the fucking Moon!

          Oh, nice to see you like your own comments, pwnez. Your post wasn’t even up for one minute and it already had a like. You were also known for doing this when you could see a list of people who liked your posts.

          Your post was the first on this story. You called out the “indy haters” unprovoked. YOU WERE TROLLING RIGHT THERE! Lol, what a dumbass!

          • pwnez

            LOL I “liked” my own comment because you saw that some people agreed with what I said? My first post was up hours ago and the second was up for about a half hour now. I can tell you don’t have anything else witty to say.

            Now you just sound bitter for whatever reason. Face it, you dislike the fact that some actually agree with what I say. Not all but some. It also seems that you get pissy when you see others disagree with you. You’re a freakin’ comedian, bro! Now go and come up with some more excuses.

      • pwnez

        The ratings barely went up, not to mention it was the go home show before TLC. Funny, alot of people agree with what I say. I can easily say that you state stupid sh*t but that’s just my opinion. Lets be serious, you’re just looking to cause problems lol.

        Overly defensive? Hearing people complain about how indy wrestlers are to blame for WWE sucking is annoying. No sense in explaining this to a troll though such as yourself.

        • Fighter

          The fact is the ratings went up and not down like how you somewhat predicted in the Raw Preview. Again we will not see any Ratings Breakdowns, because we all know the pro IWC sites, does not want their all mighty CM Punk to look bad, which exactly those break downs usually prove. Because whenever he’s on thousands turns out. CM Punk does not gain or keep viewers when he’s on television, CM Punk loses viewers when he’s on television and that is a proven fact and you can’t even blame the 3 Hour Raw on that because it was happening long before Raw officially went to 3 hours. Fact is less Punk, more viewers. Can’t deny it.

          • pwnez

            We haven’t seen numbers so no, you can’t prove anything, buddy. Ratings were down when Miz, ADR, Sheamus and Cena were champions so what’s your point? It’s people like you who need to understand that their is more than one issue with the company; that their is more than one reason as to why ratings suck now. Use your head, dude. Bad/predictable booking, repetative matches, pointless squashes and too many boring love storylines. How about lack of interest? It’s not like their is alot of star power in the WWE. The thing is you WANT it to be all Punks fault. The fact is that it’s not.

          • Fighter

            This very site posted ratings this year when Big Show and Cena was feuding. When Cena, Big Show and others were on ratings were up with over 400.000 views. On that very show Punk lost over 700.000 viewers. And it was not the first show. And I don’t know where you get your ratings, but enough times when Cena was champion, the ratings went up when he was on television despite the negative comments from the IWC. So don’t come on here and tell me there is no proof. And as of late, yeah surprisingly these sites suddenly stopped posting break down ratings. Matter of fact earlier last month the last break down ratings showed CM Punk losing viewers, while Cena, Vickie and AJ segments were gaining viewers.

        • Ihatepwnez

          You think the indy wrestles are gods. Just piss off pwnez!!

          • pwnez

            LMAO troll account. Gee, I wonder who made this one, heh.

        • dae

          Hey, at least the WWE’s newest faction is made up of actual wrestlers… Unlike the A&8s who have been wrestlers disguised and playing a one night role.

    • Fighter

      And if you think the Patriots vs the Texans wasn’t important, then you’re really living under a rock. No wonder you support CM Punk. Patriots blew out the Texans by the second quarter, so yeah people changed channels. However, the blame can easily be placed on the WWE Champion. When Cena was champ, it was oh Raw ratings drops, Cena’s the problem. Now Punk has been champ for over a year, the ratings is was at a 15 year low last week and Punk is not the problem. No he’s just the head of the problem. Like I said below. Less Punk, high ratings, can’t deny it.

      • pwnez

        It wasn’t an important game lol. Pats didn’t need this win, they’ve been doing great. Funny, I didn’t put all the blame on Cena…that wouldn’t make sense. The product sucked then and it still does now. You simply cannot put all the blame on one guy, that’s just stupidity.

        • Fighter

          B.S. Pats needed this win, actually both teams need this win if they want to take control the Post Season. And this was one of the more talked about games when you read comments etc on the NFL sites/blogs. This game was important, Pats simply wiped out the Texans with ease. What it was, it was not a competitive game as everybody was thinking it were going to be. You can put MOST of the blame on one guy especially when he’s your WWE Champion for over a year and simply can’t gain or keep viewers when he’s on television and ratings drop to a 15 year low (yes lower than when Cena or even nobody was champion). Meanwhile the IWC makes him out to be the greatest thing on tv, which he is clearly not. If that was the case, he would be keeping viewers and gaining at the same time, instead of ALL the time other than when Cena and or Vince gets into the ring with him. While others like Ziggler, Cena, AJ, Vickie, Ryback all gain thousands when they are on. What is stupid, is you people sticking with a failing champion, who cannot keep viewers.

          • pwnez

            Wait a minute, Ryback and Vickie are gaining thousands of viewers? Where are you getting this information from since apparently no one shows breakdowns of the ratings anymore. For the past few weeks we’ve only seen Ryback appear during a Punk match/segment so how do you know he is gaining viewership? Maybe he is the problem but i’m sure you’ll disagree with that

            I love when someone defends a wrestler and they are labeled as a fanboy or when someone dislikes something they are called haters. It’s such an internet mentality. The IWC makes alot of stars out to be better than they actually are, get use to it.

          • Fighter

            This very site showed that very break down about a month ago. Go look it up. What now you’re going to say this site report false rating information? I read the information on this site and other sites, go look it up before you come on here trying to defend a rating killing champion.

          • pwnez

            You never answered my question. Ryback has been featured during CM Punk segments/matches so how do we know the channel doesn’t change because of Ryback making appearances? The breakdown shows how each hour does and sometimes will show how many viewers their are during matches but not always. Admit it, you’re just a typical hater.

          • Fighter

            Ryback’s match with Brad Maddox ratings went up, while CM Punk saw losses. Like I said you need to to go look for actual break downs and not the crappy hour break downs these sites been posting as of late to cover CM Punk’s behind. You need to admit you’re just a typical IWC ignoramus that will back certain people no matter what, even when their ratings are worse than others you claim is not in his league.

          • Heresy

            I remember when I was watching and a unicorn was on the show and how I
            spoke with my friends on how this was going to be the best thing ever.
            The ratings skyrocketed after that and were never achieved again.

    • morrisonfanone

      Exactly. Everyone should have a fair share of the blame. Why does it feel if it was bad, Punk’s to blame, and if it was good, it was because of Cena?

  • MalaysianInvasion

    Well of cause it would improve after such a low rating as last week! DUHHHH!!! lol

  • Gr8ness

    I guess a ass whooping on MNF helps, and I think it’ll help that next weeks MNF game is basically useless also. I for one thought that moving to 3 hours would be a good thing but I now I can barely sit through a whole show, even if its a good night I still zone out around the 3rd hour or stop caring and changing the channel all together, and judging from their 3rd hour viewership I’m not the only one.

  • Jason Ross

    something about a 42-14 non competetive beatdown will make people turn the station from the NFL. I would say thank the Patriots for this “rise”

  • http://twitter.com/AJCampbellNYG Andrew Campbell

    RAW was terrible. Cena vs Big Show almost put me to sleep. I wasn’t into the match at all until Ryback, Kane, and Bryan appeared.

    I like The Shield and have enjoyed their stuff so far but WWE needs to do something new with them. They’ve been running the same Shield beatdown segments for the past 3 weeks now.

    It’s the same thing. Bryan and Kane enter to attempt to make the save, they get beat down for their trouble, fans chant “FEED ME MORE”, Ryback appears. Constantly running the same segment week-to-week on RAW and Smackdown is just lazy.

  • Q-Ball

    MNF will always do large numbers because of what it is. RAW is not on MNF’s level AT ALL. WWE fans shouldn’t be thinking about MNF ratings because its laughable. RAW realistically isn’t in competition with them as that would be a joke. These are two completely different worlds with different fans for the most part. So the comparisons between RAW and MNF shouldn’t be.

  • fan

    2.6-2.7 still isnt good? Over 3 million 500 thousand still isnt good? wtf?

    • Reality

      Of course not. It’s good that it’s up from last week. But it’s still a bad. A few months ago they were doing above 3 regularly.

  • Bro88

    Gotta say this isn’t all that much of an improvement considering they use to do consistent 3.3 not all that long ago.

  • Feel_the_heat

    Punk is hardly the problem. There is a whole mix of things that aren’t quite right with WWE right now, they’re in a rebuilding phase. Times will get better, the product will grow. This social media crap needs to go though. It’s boring and overdone, there’s no need for all of it. Bringing back a few mid-carders to bulk the roster a bit will go a long way. Shelton Benjamin and MVP would be a good start. I think Raw ratings are going to pick up soon, Vince also needs to back off a bit. What was the point of him being on the show? They build it up like it’s going to be something great and then he does nothing worth watching. He seems to have lost his touch on the mic or it may be him holding back trying to be “fan friendly” with his character. I think if Vince is going to be on the show often, he’s better as a “heel” than a “face” persona. He’s a natural heel and plays it well. The same with Randy Orton. That’s a whole story in itself.

  • Kevin

    Any Punk-less RAW is good in my book ;)

  • askbillmitchell

    Well the numbers will stabilize once John Cena wins the WHC at TLC, or perhaps Smackdown will get an influx of new viewers.

  • Trevor

    Isn’t football boring? What makes a football game interesting? I really would like to know.

    The helmets block the guy’s faces. There’s no storyline.(other than past game references, player’s record, or rivalries) And there’s no one-on-one combat. I just don’t get it.

    And be honest, do we really know that NFL football games aren’t predetermined? Do we REALLY know that?

    • wresting is fake and gay

      no football is not fake like wrestling you dickhead. you’re probably a 12 year old or a 40 year old virgin or some soccer loving euro trash. football is much more entertaining than fake ass wrestling that is why they get higher ratings than 2.67.

  • morrisonfanone

    That’s much better then it was last week. Advertise that John Cena won’t be appearing and see what happens to the ratings.