Reactions To Curtis Axel On Backstage Fallout, Lawler Apologizes To Triple H

– WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter will be appearing at an MDA fundraiser today in Charlotte, N.C. today.

– WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler tweeted the following apology after suggesting that Triple H might have suffered a stroke during his match with Curis Axel on RAW:

– Here’s the latest installment of WWE Backstage Fallout, featuring WWE superstars reacting to Paul Heyman announcing Curtis Axel as his newest client:

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  • WWEFan4Life

    I still do not understand… Michael Mgillicutty… why him? Sure, he is a 3rd generation superstar but he sucks and has no potential… Cesaro would of been way better than this joke.

    • Craig DeBoard

      ^^^This guy will be claiming he supported Joe Hennig from the very beginning in a few years when he’s huge. Just like every IWC guy does about every Heyman guy. So sad, “give us new superstars blah blah blah cry cry cry whine whine whine” and then you guys complain when they do. Absolutely ridiculous. I suggest actually watching some of Curtis Axel’s matches other than the 4 minutes he might have gotten on WWE Superstars in the past.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    With all the good top NXT talent they have…………….why this guy? He bores me already. He clearly has none of his fathers talent. Guys like Randy, Cody and Ted…………they were passed down their fathers talent. Seriously Curtis Axel? Yeah because a guy with a ring name like that will ever main event. They should of just let him used his real name. But typical WWE they can’t copyright someones birth name in the event he does become big and jumps ship.

    • WWEFan4Life

      Thank you, someone who agrees with me! Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Big Show and… Curtis Axel… what a joke.

      • Progress_Now

        you forgot to add Khali among the first 3 :)

        but don’t tell MVP that

    • Stranger

      Is it really that big of a deal? Stone Cold’s name is Steven Anderson, not “Stone Cold Steve Austin”… Chris Jericho’s name is really Christopher Irvine, Shawn Michaels’ name is Michael Hickenbottom for crying out loud! It’s just a name. It could’ve been worse… at least he didn’t keep McGuillicutty. Curtis Axel actually sounds pretty cool and as long as he’s pushed properly I don’t see why the name should hold him back at all.

      • Progress_Now

        actually it’s Steve WILLIAMS, not Anderson. why else you think Debra McMichael became Debra Williams? maybe if she became Debra Rattlesnake, then you might’ve gotten the hint.

        • John Jenkins

          She became Debra Williams because she wanted Stone Cold’s money.

          • Progress_Now

            don’t they all? too bad Triple H forgot to change his last name to McMahon. now it’s the reverse and Stephanie will be getting his nose.

      • askbillmitchell

        Stone Cold, legally changed his last name some years ago. Yes he was born Steven James Anderson, but he is legally Steve Austin.

        • Erol

          Yes but it was Steve Williams his birth name..

    • Progress_Now

      well lots of people felt the same way about Edge back in the day. they just couldn’t fathom an average midcarder being thrown into the main event setting.

      I’m damn glad he was given the chance because I just couldn’t get enough of the Rated R era. it’s still early days, give a chance and you might be pleasantly surprised.

      and hey, it’s Paul Heyman. not Big Johnny.

      • Jeremy-County Roberts

        See I never felt that way about Edge, i always liked the guy and knew he could be the next big thing. But you’re right………I’m not gonna judge too hard yet on this kid. I don’t like him but i also hated Dolph at first………………… I mark out everything I hear his theme song.

    • Craig DeBoard

      1. You don’t copyright a name. You trademark it. Please learn the difference between the two if you’re going to comment on such things. Because otherwise you just look foolish. Seriously.

      2. Have you actually watched any of Joe Hennig’s matches other than the 3 or 4 minute jobs he does to put people over on Superstars? Because if you have actually watched him then you already know that you’re full of crap.

      3. You don’t think “Curtis Axel” works as a ring name yet something like “Triple H” (a name that is literally a nickname of nickname of a gimmik) does work? I bet you’re also one of those guys that also said names like Steve Austin or Brian Pillman would never work too.

  • Darth

    So Triple H has a storyline about a concussion but Jerry feels the need to apologize over a comment about a stroke?

    • Super dude

      he is probably apologizing because after the show ended triple h and steph yelled at him for saying that, otherwise he wouldnt be apologizing

  • Anthrax

    Seriously, what is it with you IWC? You are CONSTANTLY wanting Superstars to be put over and it’s almost like as soon as someone finally makes it, you find one reason to not like them. This kid has great potential and is just a victim of bad WWE booking last night but who knows? Maybe it will improve. I see him being a World champion like his father. Just give him more than one show and what he’s done on NXT

    • Kayne Corey

      Well you asked yourself a question and you answered it somewhat too.

  • Deante320

    More and more I’m liking Matt Striker lol

  • Scott Kinnard

    Well Matt Striker would know about not making it…lol… But seriously, I remember people saying that Randy Orton would go nowhere. They put him in Evolution and let Flair do a lot of talking for him and he took off. Joe will never be his dad and to expect that is unfair. But I do think he has enormous potential.

  • IVAN


    • Progress_Now

      Capslock key broken? get a new keyboard you cheap donkey!

      PS: lol who needs profanity to get their point across? it’s time to get REAL creative.

  • blake

    did i miss something? i didn’t hear jerry lawler suggest that.

  • Steve Williams

    Try grow a pair lawler.

  • Y2J

    The same ones who say he sucks, he’s boring etc. Will be the same ones d!ck riding him when he blows up.

    • Craig DeBoard

      They always do.

  • Erol

    IWC always complaining….always talking about how they need to put newer fresh talent over and when it happens…”I don’t like him.” “Why him?” “He had a chance but he sucked.” etc. You know how many superstars got a gimmick revamp majority of the greats have at some point.

    • Vince

      This just proves why Vince doesn’t give a damn about the IWC.

      • Craig DeBoard

        And why should he? They’re morons.

  • yes

    Is it just me or does Axel look like Ben Rothlessburger?

  • Craig DeBoard

    The idiots in the IWC crack me up. They crap all over Curtis Axel, a guy who is easily every bit as good as his father was if he was just given the time to show it, but will cheer Roman Reigns, a guy with NO EXPERIENCE virtually, all because he’s in a tag team with two other guys. IWC must now stand for Idiot Wrestling Community. Hey I like Roman too, but really, you’re going to cheer a never made it to the NFL guy over a guy like Joe Hennig? That’s just stupid.


    Mattt Striker and Big E literally made me LOL

  • Adam-Michael

    I think Axel has great potential to be a big time player and possible future champion with Heyman by his side as he has all the tools but just lacks that certain something his father had when it comes to talking but my only gripe is his name… everyone crapped over McGuillicutty which in itself isn’t exactly a bad name as there was Beulah in ECW…. people just hated it because they wanted him to pay homage to his father… which he is now doing… but the name Curtis Axel isn’t very… good? catchy? I don’t know, there’s just something about I don’t like… even WWE are unsure as when he 1st came out his nameplate on the tron said CURT Axel then when he came out for his match later is was changed to CURTIS, youtube it if you don’t believe me lol… I think he should just be Joe Hennig, but hey ho. I hope the guy does well either way.