Reactions To Jack Swagger’s Arrest, Original Plans For Swagger vs. Del Rio

– WWE’s original plans for the Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio World Heavyweight title match at WrestleMania 29 was for it to be built up as an Ankle Lock vs. Arm Breaker submission storyline. After Swagger’s Tuesday night DUI & drug arrest, it remains to be seen whether WWE changes course with this match.

Also planned for Swagger, WWE recently contacted conservative talk show host Alex Jones about making an appearance at WrestleMania 29 for angle with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. Jones mentioned the proposal on his radio show this week, but did not say whether he’d be doing it or not.

– Here are some reactions to Jack Swagger’s Tuesday night DUI & drug arrest:

Jim Ross: Lots of legal experts on Twitter. Almost gleeful that a #WWE star made an apparent bonehead mistake. Due process/facts appear ill relevant … Now being lectured by people I don’t even know 4 Swagger’s mistakes. He made an error. Don’t know the consequences but I won’t bail on him.

The Iron Sheik: The Jack Swagger ready for push he look good and he have good manager the dirty dutch. Still if I want I can beat the f*ck out oh him. The Jack Swagger cant handle the moderation Iron Sheik class. Still i respect him and he be ready one day or I f*ck his ass make him humble.

MVP: “I wish he had been pulled over in Washington or Colorado.”

Lance Storm: To everyone asking about Swagger. A very unfortunate mistake, I have no idea what the fall out will be, but DUIs R irresponsible & Stupid … Could be very costly mistake.

Tommy Dreamer: Don’t kick a man when he is down We have all made mistakes nobody feeling worse than @RealJackSwagger I’m sure. Offer support not hate