Reactions To Jack Swagger’s Arrest, Original Plans For Swagger vs. Del Rio

– WWE’s original plans for the Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio World Heavyweight title match at WrestleMania 29 was for it to be built up as an Ankle Lock vs. Arm Breaker submission storyline. After Swagger’s Tuesday night DUI & drug arrest, it remains to be seen whether WWE changes course with this match.

Also planned for Swagger, WWE recently contacted conservative talk show host Alex Jones about making an appearance at WrestleMania 29 for angle with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. Jones mentioned the proposal on his radio show this week, but did not say whether he’d be doing it or not.

– Here are some reactions to Jack Swagger’s Tuesday night DUI & drug arrest:

Jim Ross: Lots of legal experts on Twitter. Almost gleeful that a #WWE star made an apparent bonehead mistake. Due process/facts appear ill relevant … Now being lectured by people I don’t even know 4 Swagger’s mistakes. He made an error. Don’t know the consequences but I won’t bail on him.

The Iron Sheik: The Jack Swagger ready for push he look good and he have good manager the dirty dutch. Still if I want I can beat the f*ck out oh him. The Jack Swagger cant handle the moderation Iron Sheik class. Still i respect him and he be ready one day or I f*ck his ass make him humble.

MVP: “I wish he had been pulled over in Washington or Colorado.”

Lance Storm: To everyone asking about Swagger. A very unfortunate mistake, I have no idea what the fall out will be, but DUIs R irresponsible & Stupid … Could be very costly mistake.

Tommy Dreamer: Don’t kick a man when he is down We have all made mistakes nobody feeling worse than @RealJackSwagger I’m sure. Offer support not hate

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • C’mon Dirtysheets

    That submission vs submission gimmick is 100% made up created by Dirtsheets in an attempt to create something realistic for you to believe. Never think twice about when they report “original plans” it’s almost entirely made up by them.

    • Kris Mystery

      So if you show such distrust towards the “dirt sheets”….why are you here? Or are you just trying to be that “cool” guy that disses everything? Guess what? It ain’t workin!!

      • C’mon Dirtysheets

        I’m here for spoilers and YouTube vids – you know, 2 things they can’t fake.

        It’s also a blast calling out fake journalists making up news as they try to make a living.

        Kris Mystery is a really sweet name.

        • Jeremy Gordon

          Agree 100%.

  • Andrew Campbell

    What’s up with The Iron Sheik and his fascination with always wanting to f*ck dudes in the ass??

    • Pozessed

      It was funny the first times he said it but now he is just like a broken record “bla bla I fuck him in ass”.

      • Andrew Campbell

        Lol Even though it’s repetitive, I still get a good laugh out of his tweets. They’re so random. I bet a lot of stars during ’80s were afraid to drop the soap around the Iron Sheik.

        • Andrew Outlaw

          I bet he has a reputation in prison

          • Andrew Campbell

            I wonder who has raped more dudes, The Iron Sheik or JBL?

          • Cottrell Atwood

            i guess Sheik he like to make men humble like old country

      • Ahmed Naseer

        it was funny only first 1000 times*

    • Cottrell Atwood

      to make them humble like in old country

      • JamieEvsxx

        damnit you beat me to it!…xD

      • Andrew Campbell

        Remind me to never visit the “old country”.

        • Cottrell Atwood

          but old country make you humble lol

          • raVen

            best reply ever!

          • smith


    • Andrew Outlaw

      He is a rapist. Either do it of he’ll make u do it

    • Roger Penland

      has anyone ever heard of a catchphrase? shit, he’s one of the most homophobic former wrestlers i’ve seen, there’s no way he’d actually do this shit, it’s just that; Talking shit.

      • Kris Mystery

        “I’ll fuck you in the ass” is a ctachphrase?? lol. No… it’s not.

        • Krispen Wah

          lol. That be a great fucken catchphrase. Especially if the guy was heated made a swaying upwards pointing motion when saying so.

    • Gavin Lopez

      Iron Sheik doesn’t actually put out those Tweets. Some guy in Canada who works for Sheik’s management team does them all. Sheik talked about it on Howard Stern a couple of years ago.

    • Luis Alejandro

      He is getting soooooooo shit-canned!!!

  • phoenix

    Iron Sheik? WTF?

  • Spike_Spiegel

    I understand he made a mistake but this mistake is at the worst time. The other thing that bothers me is lets say Swagger never got pulled over and got away with driving under the influence. Eventually he was gonna get in trouble with the wwe what with the wellness policy and all. So is he intentionally trying to f#ck his own career or what?

  • Darren King

    hahaha Iron Shiek’s a bawse!

  • Elgwyn

    Iron Sheik for Pope! Man, that dude sure knows how to crack me up.

    • Andrew Outlaw

      So he would be fucking guys in the ass if they didn’t do what he wanted them to do

      • Zach Darrah

        Better than little boys lol

  • AJ

    And the award for the best tweet goes to…..the iron sheik.

  • Aiii

    Driving while intoxicated is not a “mistake.” It is wilfully risking your life and more importantly the lives of other innocent people. People that do this stuff are assholes, call a damn cab you prick.

    Defending this by minimizing it as something as simple as a mistake takes the piss out of every victim of a DUI driver.

  • GMpunk

    Sheiky is so insightful..

  • DerrekSolaris

    Look, if someone’s in the middle of the biggest push of his career and decides that it’s time to be a f*cktard and drive around drunk and carry weed with him – regardless if he smoked it or not – he deserves to knocked down a few notches to spend some(more) time in midcard hell.

    That’s not being harsh, just realistic. Not only do people like this jeopardize major plans WWE has heading into their grandest PPV, it also robs other superstars of the same privilege, and wastes the time of fans who are invested in an angle. Not to mention, if Swagger gets the boot, Zeb will have to find another “real American”, which will just look really stupid at this point. The guy was actually getting some heat and doing a great job at being a prick. You either respect the opportunity you’ve been given or walk out the door and leave the reigns to someone more deserving.

  • Jay Jayerson

    Im all for not kicking a man while he’s down as per Tommy Dreamers suggestion – but anyone who doesnt respect cars for the potential killing machines they are is on my naughty list. If WWE buried him now I wouldnt shed a tear.

    • Name

      So you’ve ALWAYS driven the speed limit?

      • uhmmm

        prob not high and a possible DUI idiot!!!

  • raVen

    earlier this week i called the swagger flop but i never thought it would happen this fast.
    good job fucking up ANOTHER main event push you talentless lisping fucktard

  • You Wish

    Sheiky-baby, gotta love em. He should run for Congress…

  • WWEFan4Life

    All right…. Iron Sheik likes to rape men to make them humble? Thats one fucked up story line right there, especially if he returns and gets in a feud with Big Show but personally, If I watch any WWE shows, I wouldn’t want to watch if it was just Iron Sheik and JBL raping everyone on the roster.

  • Chris Herbert

    It was his choice to drive drunk and carry Marijuana. I have no sympathy for the dude

  • joe

    JR is such a company man bitch, what alleged, he got arrested for DUI, had weed and was booked.

  • Vince

    I’m surprised that the IWC isn’t blaming John Cena for this.

  • Jeremy Gordon

    When people do stupid things, they should be called out for it, not get a pass.

  • 5er

    I think swagger should win at wrestlemania. Then blaze one up right there in the ring to celebrate.

  • QuoteTheRaven

    Maybe Swagger was holding the weed for his buddy Zeb Coulter. You know for his “cateracts” lol

  • ?.?.

    i do not support anybody who does drugs that includes swagger,my point is wwe tried for years to get bruno sammartino to agree to be inducted into the hof.after finaly this year bruno agreed because he was pleased with the direction wwe was going and importanly its wellness would be a slap in the face to a living legend for swagger to wrestle at mania the next night after the hof.due to him breaking the wellness program code.

  • Kenneth Ingalls

    get rid of him FIRE HIM

  • Liz DiGregorio

    The match between Swagger and Delrio isn’t going to happen.They are replacing him with Ziggler who has done just as much to get there. As for swagger what a ASS . The WWE brings you back after 6 mons off. And gives you a Huge push right WM29 for a title shoot and you decide to get drunk, and drive a car. On top of that possession of weed. Smart move JACK. What a LOSER!