Reason For Batista’s RAW Return On 1/20, Sandow Cancels 2014

– Apparently WWE came up with the idea of having Batista return on the January 20th edition of WWE RAW early last week. The idea behind it is an attempt to try and spike the RAW rating for that night. If true, apparently the advertising issues with local arena websites had no impact on WWE’s plans to have him return on RAW on January 20th.

– The following is the RAW Backstage Fallout video for this week:

Matt Boone

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  • QuiteFrankly

    Well what ever it was, the fact that they announced it is jut for rating. Most of Batista’s big returns have been announced rather than surprise. I remember when Legacy was beating down on Triple H and he came out for the save. That was the last and don’t quote me but his only surprise return.

    Even if WWE is just using this because the information was leaked then yeah..they are smart. Personally i just like surprise returns. The Rock, Taker and Triple H on the same night 2 or 3 manias ago. Jericho. Brock Lesnar. Who’m ever it may have been surprise returns are just awesome.

  • Valo

    i believe the leak had alot to do with it.

  • Mr_DJ

    Hmm…Batista vs. Lesnar possibly in the works.

  • Universe

    Batista vs Randy Orton for WWE World Heavyweight championship!

  • iambillmiller

    ok be gentle on me wwe universe.. why the heck are they holding back on daniel bryan.. anyone here think it should be punk vs orton? for the wwe title at royal rumble… with punk winning & then have punk vs bryan for the wwe title at wrestlemania???

    • fatneal

      it would be a good match (punk vs bryan) but its not going to happen…i can see punk and orton feuding for a while after punk beat hhh at whatever ppv they book it…i think daniel bryan is gonna war with cena and anbrose for a while until next years mania where he will finally win it

    • Ben Jones

      Wow great idea, too bad every other idiot on here has already suggested that 1000 times.

  • Ben Jones

    A spike in ratings is the reason for batista returning on the 20th. Haha no way I would never guessed the wwe would want higher ratings. Real ground breaking reporting. In other news John cena ate a sandwich because he was hungry

  • Progressed_Now

    that’s stupid, they should’ve kept him as a surprise entrance in the Rumble. people always expect surprises in the Rumble…..and don’t Rumble PPVs “usually” sell well because of the surprise factor?

  • voiceofreason

    I miss the old days when there actually was surprise comebacks.