Pictures Of Batista Looking Very Small & Skinny

Check out these pictures fromm June 2011 of Batista at his MMA gym in Florida – looking MUCH smaller than when we last saw him on WWE television.

Since leaving WWE and not having to stay in body-builder shape, the former “Animal” is looking a lot thinner:

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • 10132002

    I have a hard time believing that this is Batista. The guy was supposed to be in training for MMA and we’re supposed to believe he’s lost most of his muscle mass? Plus, isn’t Batista 6’5″ or so?

  • hotdamnshortsales

    that’s him, amazing what happens when you cycle OFF of steroids, which is why he left wwe in first place

  • 10132002

    @ hotdamnshortsales

    That’s not the reson he left the WWE. He never got in trouble for steroids. Rumor has it that he was to be in a WWE movie, and they gave his part to HHH. Plus, he did not like the direction the company was going in. He did not like the PG rating and called in hokey.

  • 10132002

    Correction: Called it hokey.

  • MsBigRedMachine

    Sorry, still trying to pick my jaw off the floor. You have to be kidding me! Where did all that weight go? And height as well apparently, unless those girls are six feet tall too.

  • crossman555

    doesnt take a rocket scientist to see this is a fake photo…without my glasses on i can see that its a photoshop job, look at the shirt….its batistas head, neck and one of his deltoid muscles…lol u cant have just 1 deltoid muscle….and i just saw Batista hes still very yoked out….im ashamed to of even read or looked at this, this site is alot more reliable then to of believed anything like this was real

  • alterego894

    Well I’ll be a…Batista looks deflated! That pic is photoshopped, right? Right?

  • crossman555

    also look closer, the top part of the black shirt doesnt match the bottom part….come on guys dont be so easily fooled….if i show u a picture of umaga infront of a calendar that says 2011 will u all believe hes alive?

  • steevo240

    I dont give a rats ass if thats him or not! What I wanna know is who r them fine ass ladies in the pic with him?

  • dustdog

    look out, it’s an attractive woman, time to act macho and stuff

  • SoccerDomeJones

    Well Batista is 6’6″ so if this picture is legitimate, the women need to be at least 6’2″. An obvious shoop. I know this from seeing a lot of shoops in my day…

  • Xykon

    He’s just training for another run with the Divas title… :)

  • TheTruth

    first awhile batista is not 6foot6 its his billed height. meaning they increased his height by few inches. he is like 6foot 3. the women are probably 5foot10 both of them. and probably they r wearing those big heels to increase their height by 4 or 5 inches

  • MizfitZer0

    I refuse to believe that is Batista, he is waaaaaaay too small to be him, regardless of how tall he may or may not be, if you have 2 woman in high heels they do not come close to the heigh he is.

  • Cyber Criminal

    Lolz……..that photo editing…………I can easily make such fotos………….but lmao @SEScoops for not figuring that one out

  • randy hardy

    looks like e’s 50 already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • somewrestlingfansareidiots

    I read this about this a while back. That’s the main reason why he hasn’t come back to WWE yet, he’s rockin an MMA physique at the moment. Probably in much better shape for it. It is pretty crazy how big he was though.

  • leobuzzo666

    Besides the fake photo, Batista can get way hotter girls than that.

  • Coach

    Mason Ryan looks WAYYYY to much like Batista, they need a story line that ties them together i.e undertaker & kane.

  • somewrestlingfansareidiots

    How do you know it’s fake?

  • wrestlingfan007

    anyone who works with photoshop (which I’ve been using since 2005) or a higher level of graphics, will know this picture was altered. It’s what we call a ‘merger’ (there is also another name for it but can’t remember that atm). It’s fake! Not that it’s not believable that Batista could get that small, but one who has knowledge in the area of merger will say it’s fake.

  • bighoz99

    Sescoops, quit being stupid.

    Didn’t you just posted pics of him on a beach, less than a month ago looking as if he never left the WWE?

    That much muscle mass lost in that amount of time would have to mean he has some sort of deadly illness.

  • somewrestlingfansareidiots

    cool, ok. I noticed a while ago after he left WWE he started to lose most of his definition, but I don’t get how he could be smaller than Brock Lesnar when they’re both a similar height and build.

  • sescoops

    Bighoz, no – we did not post pictures of Batista on a beach within the last few months


    i dont think its real, those chicks would be like 6,3 or so to be that close to his height

  • somewrestlingfansareidiots

    I’f you’re going to photoshop something atleast make it funny. He just looks odd.

  • rockmark

    100% photo shopped…see his area joining the neck and shoulders..has used magic lasso tool..also the stomach area is too flat and straight..u can easily find tat the head is not proportional to the body… its too large for that shoulder frame…i cant believe so many of u fell for this trick

  • mrtorrex

    Dont be so quick to call this a photoshop Google “Batista Skinny” Slumz has an article with a much more convincing picture.

  • mrtorrex

    add the usual (http:) to the front of this for the direct link ( //

  • justmyopinion

    Randy hardy is right, he looks 10 years older. good to see him in good spirits, but i doubt he is headed back to the wwe any time soon…

  • somewrestlingfansareidiots

    Ok the new pic on the right hand side looks legit. Damn, he’s taking MMA training serious.

  • luaith

    Guys the photo isn’t shopped. Just go to tmz. They have some pics of him looking thin..

  • 09Shan

    This guy has been training to be a MMA FIghter its likely he dropped to his normal weight so he can be at his best. Its clear when he was in WWE that wasn’t his natural weight or he wouldn’t have been injured every few months with muscle tears.

  • CaptainCharisma21

    I guess he forgot to take roids, np. Come back to WWE Dave and get big again.

  • rockmark

    *sign* ya guys. . The photo isn’t photoshopped. . Now i know wat it takes to be a cena fan. . Lol

  • Ahn

    Didn’t Brock Lesner look quite smaller after he left WWE for MMA? Were those images shopped as well?

  • steevo240

    dustdog u must be gay & lookin 2 hard @ Dave instead of them 2 lovely ladies. Something tells me you wish it was just Dave in the pic flexing while your looking @ it 1 handed

    • Panchang810

      Batista has kids and not gay.  He’s divorced and very heterosexual.

  • Superlative

    These photos aren’t fake, that’s even the T-Shirt for The Gracie Family that he’s affiliated with. And Batista is past 40 for those of who forgot, you actually start to lose muscle mass once you start aging, and he’s been MMA training any won who has done amateur wrestling or mma know how intense the workouts are and it would contribute as to why he’s slimmer.

  • pwnez

    I hate to say it, but I don’t think this photo is fake lmao. Roidtista isn’t all roided up now hahahahaha. His head looks waaaaaaaay too big now.

  • donkey

    WWE cameras add 90+ pounds of muscle…?

  • MachoManNRock

    Batista must’ve slept with Magic Johnson….and @ Ahn,yes ur right,Lesnar did change appearance wise.He added more body mass n became less cut.N those facts r straight

  • noypi5zitro

    this is photoshopped. its too obvious.. dont be fooled.

  • partsunknownresident

    Damn! Mason Ryan looks more like Batista than Batista does!

    If it is photoshopped, then the question I have is why? Who would want to photoshop a picture of Batista to make him look so much smaller than what we are all used to seeing? Is it such a slow news day that someone out there decided to waste who-knows-how-many-minutes photoshopping two pictures of Batista, just for the hell of it? I doubt Batista himself would’ve done such a thing because it only invites the “he’s not on steroids anymore” comments from the masses.

    I don’t get what’s to be gained by anybody doing such a pointless exercise.

  • Cyber Criminal

    @ above

    The girls besides him must have photoshopped it……..just to show ppl that they hang out with Batista

  • partsunknownresident

    @ Cyber Criminal

    A reasonable assumption. However, I just checked the photos on another site, and someone said that the women in the first photo were Georgia Smith (on the left), David Hart Smith’s sister, and Shelby Smith, their cousin. That could possibly explain the height issue (genetics could have given both women some kind of height advantage, and factoring in the fact that perhaps both were wearing high heels, it’s possible they could both be almost as tall as 6’5″ Batista).

    Even if they were photoshopping it so they could show that they hang out with Batista, it still doesn’t explain why they would photoshop him being slimmer than what he truly is. Unless, of course, he annoyed the photographer in some way, and the photographer decided to retaliate by making it look like Dave was smaller than what we all remember.

    Time will tell, I suppose.

  • TheBlue808

    He looks like lou diampnd phillips now wth

  • ygh494

    Look at the tattoo on his right arm. Now google a picture of batitsta, it doesn’t matter when the photo was taken. Now do those tattoos match up? Fake Photo!!!! i do think so. come on sescoops, dont be trying to fool people. and look and the poster for his new movie, he is still pretty big.

    • Guest

      That movie was filmed MONTHS before these pics were taken.

  • ApexViper23

    Plus wasn’t Batista bald when he left WWE he just magically grew out his hair and got a goatee?!?

  • Rsuel

    good to see his hair again

  • jhawk2020

    Guys, it is possible to become this small. Look at Goldberg or even Bobby. While both r still huge by a normal man’s standards, they r smaller than they were on tv. In fact, most of the stars u see on tv r much smaller in person. Go to a live event and shake hands with Cena or come face to face with Batista and u will see that they arent that tall. They r big, but their billed weight is “endorsed”. Batista has changed his diet and workout regimen. He is training for fitness rather than size, so that includes more running and less fat and carbs. Therefore, he is smaller.

    • Wmpa311

      Yes stopping anabolic steriods is a very quick way to trim way down.

    • brian takemoto

      yeah, they both were huge users. 


    he doesnt look very small in the 2 new pics

  • KKA

    he never comes back to wwe!

    • Micheal401

      you dont know if he will or will not return idiot only batista know what next for him shut up looser

  • Jmanwithplan

    same tattoo’s so it must be him

  • Catapult

    Look how small Arnold is now compared to what he was. It is easy to get small, just stop training and the muscle will shrink.

    • Stopmeifucan420

      arnold took roids back in the 80’s,read a book!

  • Micheal401

    sorry to say batista is the same size he was when he left the wwe and is no smaller then he ever was get alife damn the man wieght over 270 pounds that not skinner then he ever was just tone up got rid of body fat 

  • Lehandeepsingh

    please come back wwe.

  • the Brawler

    No Driods , No muscle Mass .

  • Billy2fucku

    That happens when you go off your steroid / growth hormone  cycles.

    • rxinbowdxsh

      he wasn’t dumb as

  • Bha6a10

    super body

  • Shannonjohnsteele888



    he is coming down to a fighting weight NICE

  • Tidalwave

    why is wwe telling lies saying that none of his wrestlers are using steroids they’re number 1 client everybody is using steroids look kane when he return if you remember he was a monster big arms chest when he come back omg he was very skin can you belive it nobody is using steroids

    • Amrit

      if u take steroids and take ur pct so wont lose your size gains, the max u will lose if about 5 percent. 

      • Chesszzombie

        your full of shit! when you stop using roids you loose MOST of your gains! No strength left, you miss the rage that roids give you. Hell, you want to die! Live it before you speak oh stupid one!!!

  • Smohed911

    it is not Batista
    it is just a guy looks like him

  • Sourov00

    This photos were taken 10 years ago.

  • Sdfnskdfs

    ptin …. quesqu il a ?

    • TAPOUT


      • John

        fuck off you racist cunt… i will rape and kill your whole family

  • niki

    uuuuuuhhhhh! do realy love wwwe



      • TAPOUT

        u must be a female. wrestling is for pussies. real men love ufc.


    poppin juice for 20yrs has shortened his life by that much atleast…if not more.

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  • Joijgj

    he wants to get in MMA…. year right… 

    he’d be a big flop like lesnar

  • untamed

    watched a movie with this guy last night, he played a bad cop turned good and is clumsy, slow, and in the fight scenes cant hardly keep from falling down,what a clutz.

  • Dpgrego

    Seriously ! He lost the weight because he is training differently for MMA. He is still in great shape. All of you haters need to stfu! Get off the couch before you talk about an athlete like Dave Batista!

  • Permatanet

    too much steroid on wwf

  • Hemantakalita

    where u gone gold beurge.. come again on wwe..

  • Mandatourian08

    aw. . is he studying jujuitsu?

  • Mandatourian08

    AW . . he is at Gracies’ . . >:) niceeeee

  • Magen David

    Skinny Batista can still kick our collective asses. Man! Lol