Recent Picture Of Vince & Shane McMahon

The following is a recent photo of Vince McMahon (67) and his son Shane McMahon (43) with a fan:


Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • d1l2g3

    looks like Bernie Madoff

  • bayarea08

    Shane looks like Albert Eintstein.

  • Lee Morris

    Holy crap, I did not expect him to look like that.

  • BrahmaBullRKO

    His face hasn’t changed much, but holy shit that hair.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    I feel old now after seeing this. Time goes by fast. ugh.

    • Peer Pressure

      Me too bro. Shane needs that Just For Men.

      • Marvin B.


      • Andrew Outlaw

        You ain’t lying

        • G.I.R.L.

          Why is it that you have a thumbs down when the other three do not and you have all essentially written the SAME thing? I’m gonna have to fix this.

          • WWEFan4Life

            lol, look now!

          • G.I.R.L.

            Yes, i fixed it.

  • ashley

    Shane…dye ur hair…u look like a 90yr old man. Ur dad looks younger than u

  • Zam

    someone needs a haircut..

  • The bits

    I remember Shane doing a elbow drop from 40 ft (at least that) now he looks like if he fell 4ft he would brake a hip

    • Best Comment

      I just watched that today 2. Backlash 2001

    • Anthony Veneno

      shane looks 80 not 43 vince looks younger than 67

      • JamieEvsxx

        what?!…I thought Vince was in his early 70s!…xD

  • Aziz

    shane looks old

  • GN-0015

    His hair… almost made me think that someone photoshopped this.

  • Peer Pressure

    I did not know Vinny was 67 years old. LOL! He had that awesome street fight with Punk just a few moths ago.

  • 9 year old boy

    shane looks like that guy from back to the future lol.

    • SJP315

      ” that guy” from back to the future, really? Are you really that young you don’t know his name?

      • Mr. Honesty

        Well, he’s only 9.

      • Jeremy-County Roberts

        I’m sure you can teach him the guys name as you invite him into your creepy white van………………RUN 9 YEAR OLD BOY RUN.

    • NWO blood

      his name is Christopher Lloyd

      • Adam Michael

        …or Doc Brown

        • Jay Jayerson

          GREAT SCOTT!

          • Mr_Shrimp_Vendor

            This is heavy.

          • Adam Michael

            best movie trilogy ever made

          • Hitmaniac

            Star Wars: The Original Trilogy. Checkmate.

          • bestintheworld666

            Star wars the worst trilogy checkmate


        is it just me or did the 7 year old boy completely break kayfabe and skip 8 years old?

    • CJCarter

      Great Scott!

    • 7 year old boy

      The name, seriously this is not cool.

      • Progress_Now

        it’s your half brother from Goldust’s side of the family. don’t tell him that tho, unless you want him to block you on Tweetie

      • Jay Jayerson

        Its a work! You guys are just setting up your feud for wrestlemania!

    • TrueFan

      thought the exact some thing my friend

    • Knightrider80

      So this is what happens to kids nowadays when all they do is go on facebook and twitter….you turn into a damn mushroom and only watch crap like reality TV lol, so glad i was a kid in the 80’s and teenager in the 90’s, twentys in the 00’s when movies were proper movies and when wrestling was entertaining and had good storyline, then we had the NWO and the attitude era lol

      kids enjoy being mushrooms and the pg era go cena go lololllollolol

  • AVPredator4985

    Premature grey hair must run in the family. Vince has had grey hair forever

  • case of fire use stairs

    I can understand some people don’t care for hair dyes, gels and suchs… but at least trim or comb the f’ing thing…

    • lunchbox87

      come on he is Shane o mac he needs no comb

  • Deante320

    Don’t know who’s the youngest, Vince or Shane.

  • wwetnadudez

    Damn, Shane seriously needs to dye his hair or something, my dad is 47 and his hair is nothing like that.

  • ac1d

    He looks like Vince McMahon Sr.

    • Progress_Now

      lmfao that’s what I was GONNA post too!!! damn damn damn you know it

  • KevinW

    His face still looks young. It’s just his hair.

  • lou

    Shane looks awful- looks 53..damn

  • Rocky1978

    holy crap, Shane-O-mac is looking a bit OLD there lol

  • Big George

    i see a nipple


    Here comes the MONEY… money money money money money money

  • Marko

    To borrow the expression from ”Only Fools and Horses”, Shane looks like a SLOPPY OLD GIT!

  • Rawwrds

    Crazy how shane was a ligit wrestler once and is not a hall of famer

    • G.I.R.L.


  • Adam Michael

    Shane O’ Mac. Too rich to care… about his hair… woo woo woo. HERE COMES THA MONEY

  • Jay

    That awkward moment when the son looks older than the father…

  • EdwartF

    why does vince look in better shape than shane

  • pharmxy

    Bed head?…….. or just for men and a $100 haircut

  • TakerWillReturn

    OK, I’ll bring it up.

    Shane’s man nipples through TWO layers of clothing.

    • G.I.R.L.

      Yes! This!

  • Poop

    Missing second exclusive photo of Shane today

    • G.I.R.L.

      Very handsome.

    • Progress_Now

      hey I used to have several of those when I was a kid in the 90s. used to stick them on top of pens, they were really cool at the time. they were called “Wishers”

  • Michael Cannon

    I would love shane to come back to the wwe and take over his fathers company. Even if it was just for tv. Shame he moved on to other stuff cause shane o mac was amazing. The bumps he took for the business has gained him so much respect from everyone that its such a shame hes not on tv anymore.

  • G.I.R.L.

    He looks so old @ 43 (well, his hair anyways). I like how human Shane looks.

  • WWEFan4Life

    Jesus….. new tag stable, maybe? No Grey Hair In Extreme? lol, worst tag name ever

  • Ninjastar

    Vince is getting so old, he can barely give a thumbs up, and why is Vince looking down at the camera mans crotch ?

  • morph_3

    Shane-O-Mac looks old – very old.

  • Nate

    Shane looks older than Vince now

  • Clare McFadden

    oh my goodness, Shane looks OLDER than Vince!

  • Cyber Criminal

    ooooohhhh! Is that Vince McMahon’s father on the right???

  • John Michael Hall

    Here comes the gray hair!!!

  • appleaction


  • Hitmaniac

    Shane looks a bit like Brian May now.

  • JamieEvsxx

    that hair though…o_O