Reid Flair, 25-Year-Old Son Of Ric Flair, Passes Away

Reid Flair, the 25-year-old son of legendary wrestler Ric Flair, has been found dead on Friday, according to multiple sources.  Details concerning his passing have not been disclosed.

With his background, Flair was hailed as future wrestling star dating back to high school as he was an accomplished amateur wrestler who achieved numerous awards. His career, however, was sidetracked in 2009 due to a slew of personal issues, including an arrest that found him in possession of black tar heroin.

Following a hiatus from the squared circle, Reid made his in-ring debut for All Japan Wrestling in January, replacing his sick father in a tag team match due to the WWE Hall of Famer suffering a blood clot in his leg. Last month, Reid competed in All Japan’s Excite Series tour, wrestling undercard tag team matches. On March 15, Flair wrestled his first singles match in All Japan, causing Yasufumi Nakanoue to submit with the Figure Four Leglock.

In recent months, there was talk of Reid joining WWE developmental along with his sister, Ashley (NXT Diva Charlotte). WWE did take a look at him, but he was never signed to a contract.

He was scheduled to make independent appearances in Maryland this weekend with his father.

Our deepest condolences go out to the friends and family of Reid Flair.

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  • Steve Williams

    That is so sad. I wish no parents go through this pain.

    • Nicolai

      Terrible. And if you were one of the childish dipshits who gave Steve a thumbs down for his comment your a real piece of garbage. Prayers are with flair and the fam.

  • Sal

    Wow, that’s really unfortunate.


  • askbillmitchell

    I am shocked. My prayers and thoughts are with the Fliehr family. Just absolutely speechless.

  • IKeepsit100

    WHEN WILL PEOPLE LEARN…..DRUGS ARE BAD…ITS NOT HARD TO STAY AWAY(heroin? who the hell does heroin anymore).Smoke weed god damnit.

    • ricflairfan

      kinda wonder…when will people learn,IF YOU ARE ON A DRUG,ITS NOT ALWAYS EASY TO STAY AWAY.FOR MOST YOU CANT JUST TURN DRUG ADDICTION ON AND OFF LIKE A LIGHT SWITCH!! i’ve been there before,i about choosing your words a little wiser next time you type

      • IKeepsit100

        My apologize if you took it the wrong way but i’m talking about Before the fact. Before even thinking of doing heroin obviously. I know what an addict is and they can’t fight it but when you are NOT an addict…lets be real…your choice to fuck up your own life. He was only 24.

      • Paul Kersey

        The key is having enough sense not to start in the first place.

    • Seth Bob

      Says drugs are bad, then says smoke weed. LOL. Moron.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    Well that all go in 3’s as the old saying goes. First Paul, then ricks son, and next?

    sad story indeed.

    • Psychonigma

      Seaking of 3s. 3 Likes, 3 Dislikes.. Maybe it’s you.

      • Roger

        You win the internet today, Sir.

  • The Optimist

    Deserves a mention on RAW to honour his death. A great talent in a great wrestling family. May you rest in peace Reid.

    • IKeepsit100

      A mention on RAW? I hate to say it but nobody knows him. He didn’t have star power just because his father did.

      • The Optimist

        True, but in a world where a 19 year old’s pet Hamster dying is a global discussion, Reid deserves much recognition and tribute.

        • IKeepsit100

          I understand. If they are going to do it,atleast don’t make it look like a filler cause WWE is known for fillers.

          • The Optimist

            Yeah, definitely not a filler. Or a tribute show for that matter! Just a nice 5-10 minute segment where the commentators acknowledge his death and Flair can come out and thank the fans for their support.

          • Kris Mystery

            Don’t imagine Ric will be at RAW this week…considering his youngest son just died!!

    • Kris Mystery

      Has he ever done anything in WWE that any fans would remember? Not that i can remember. I wouldn’t expect anything except perhaps a quick mention by the commentators..if that.

  • roadrunner

    No parent should have to bury their child. My prayers are with the Flair family.

    • [email protected]

      Yes, they should. It’s Satan’s way of Appraisal so respect his ways & you’ll live!

      • breakfastinbed

        what a faggot

        • BitchPwnezIZBackBoi


  • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

    Damn man. sad news to hear.

  • Rest In Peace

    I’m shocked. 24 is such a young age to die at. People deserve to live longer, so that they can experience everything before they pass away. There would have been so much Reid felt he could achieve as a wrestler, and why not? His dad was the best wrestler of all time! Really feel for Ric right now. He’s been my favourite wrestler since I was a child and I’m sure Reid would have been just as good. Rest in peace.

  • jccox01

    :O He was so young and was about to become a WWE star, so sad.

    • truth

      They sure didn’t sound all that interested in him.

  • TheKillingMoon

    Last time I saw him was back when he was in WCW as a kid in a segment with Bischoff. Shocking really.

  • cbo

    RIP Reid I personally dont know what you did in the ring, but my prayers are with your family Ric, David and the rest of the Flair family this is shocking you were so young I hope your in a better place where personal demons are gone and you can be happy

  • Paul Kersey

    We was previously arrested for possessing black tar heroin. Why is anyone surprised he’s dead? I feel bad for Ric, but chances are this kid died because of his own actions.

    • Tang_35

      thats what I think as well, for someone famous to die that young, it is usually drug related

  • 12th Man

    Why does every single post have a vote down?? Can’t people let Reid Flair rest in peace!!

    • 12th Man

      Obviously someone is trolling! I posted that, and not even 10 seconds passed and it got a vote down. Get a life to the person who’s doing it!!

      • detonate

        Chill out. If anyone here gave a fuck about votes, we wouldn’t have to hear Jeremycountywhatever’s fancy thoughts all the time.

  • Bee

    Thoughts and Prayers are with Ric Flair and his family……R.I.P. Reid Flair….u will always and forever be missed….

  • Jason

    Meth is a hell of a drug.

  • Conner Cdawg Jones

    Rip Reid Flair and my paryer goes to the Flair Family

  • Eric Zeigher

    Way too young.

  • TheUndertakerFan

    He Died Before Ric Wow Weird anyways R.I.P

  • Rashad Jackson

    i mean u can def. look at him n tell he is on drugs…no surprise…this is what drugs do to people…he def. OD on something…

    • Kris Mystery

      What a dumb thing to say. Personally i can’t look at him and see he is on drugs. Maybe the health care field could use you in trying to determine who is on drugs and who isn’t. Now i’m not suggesting that he didn’t die of an OD… but you certainly can’t tell that by “looking” at him.

  • Scott Kinnard

    Very tragic. Reid has unbelievable potential. He could have had a great run in the WWE. Prayers and deepest condolences go out to the Flair family.

  • Sam

    No child should die before their parents. This is heartbreaking,, I cannot imagine what it must be like for Ric and his family….

  • GodsLoyalSon

    No one should die at 24 and no father should ever have to bury his child, RIP Reid

  • Mr. Honesty

    Believe it or not, the other day i was looking him up. this is absolutely tragic. RIP Reid

  • BitchSpamPwnez45

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    • BitchAssPwnez45

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      • BGJames09


  • Ric Flair

    I’ll be doing the WOOOOOOOOOOOOlogy!!!

  • Noach

    I’m sorry that I can’t be sad over this. He did it to himself.