Report: Prince Devitt Officially Signs With WWE

As previously reported, Prince Devitt, while not officially signed to WWE yet, is rumored to be starting with the company in August. According to new reports, Devitt has now officially signed with WWE.

Devitt will report to WWE developmental in Orlando, Florida once his work visa is officially approved. Devitt could begin working in developmental as soon as one-or-two months, but is now reportedly officially under a contract.

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

    • pwnez

      Good! This guy is a great wrestler so hopefully he will be given a gimmick that can work.

      • Matt Gallagher

        Hopefully the one he already had

      • Aperture

        That is what they said about Xavier Woods, Adam Rose, Drew Mcintyre, Santino, Tyson Kidd, and Yoshi Tatsu. I really do hope that we are right about this, but you cannot dismiss WWE’s history of giving the worst gimmicks to extremely respected wrestlers. I really hope that he receives nothing, but success in the future…

        • Chris Savage

          Drew’s gimmick wast that bad when they brought him in as the “chosen one” the arrogance that that character portrayed intriguing to watch

    • kc prodigy

      THIS IS AWESOME! What a huge week for WWE. Can’t wait to see Devitt in action in the US

    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      get him and two other guys and you got The Irish Mafia.

      • Richmond

        Sheamus maybe?

        • I’ve Lost My Smile

          keep him the hell away from Sheamus i beg of thee WWE

          • Richmond

            It could actually work. Turn Sheamus, Prince Devitt and another guy heel and we’ve got a decent squad. Shield vs The Irish Mafia..

            • raVen

              yeah cause sheamus is so over and really great at elevating other talent…

            • riphawk592

              You must have missed his last match from NXT because he did his best to put over his opponent.

      • Killthecrown

        Finlay can be the Don ;D

    • Summer Rae Dudley


    • Buzzard Follower

      Never seen him, ive heard of him but never saw him in action. good sighing far as i can tell

    • jccox01

      is this the same source who has been telling you sting has signed for 6 months?

      • raVen

        technically Sting did sign something to be on the wwe network..

    • A Realist

      And what about Sting?

    • mac888

      He’ll go to NXT first for sure. They already called up Adam Rose, Bo Dallas, Paige…there’s no room for another new guy for now. He’ll probably debut in 3-4 months or so as WWE will do everything and anything at that time to make sure subscribers renew the network

      • mac888

        And before you hardcore Devitt fans jump all over me saying “he’s better than NXT!!!” lets not forget Vince and Trips don’t care about your independent achievements it all means nothing when you enter the WWE universe. You gotta prove yourself all over again, which I’m sure he’ll do he’s a fantastic wrestler.

      • Diablo130356

        @ mac888: By the time Po faced Dallas eventually appears he will be TOO OLD to compete in the ring!

        WHY does WWE have to drag out their incoming wrestlers so long, so often, like Fandango and others that by building so much hype they are disappointing when they do eventually show up!
        Just get on with it, a couple of weeks pre promo on all WWE shows is plenty, especially when they are already known from NXT.

    • Poofy Penguin

      He kinda looks like edge

      • Progressed_Now

        Edge wishes he looked like that :)

    • Ajk Lewis


      As previously reported, Prince Devitt, while not officially signed to WWE yet, is rumored to be starting with the company in August. WHAT???

      • Mikal

        You forgot further down when they say “but is now reportedly officially under a contract.” Its like watching a tennis match.

        • Ajk Lewis

          I read it, in it’s entirety, However, that is definitely not the way to report something, it could be put as “While prince Devitt had not signed with the WWE earlier, it is now confirmed that he has now officially signed with the company and is expected to report to developmental………………….”

          The copy paste old thread to new thread makes for a very confusing and poor write up. Would expect people to have a better command over their mother-tongue.

          • yrabadi

            I hear ya, actually. I kind of wish more IWC sites would put their own word to news/rumours. It would set them apart from others. Change your headlines. Report on the same story but re-write it in your own words. Stop this copy/paste bs.

            • bri

              the problem is, they didn’t copy and past. Mike Johnson didn’t type it up that way.

            • yrabadi

              Well what the heck do I know? :P

          • bri

            they should have just copied it exactly he way Mike Johnson over at PWInsider wrote it.

    • heterosexual

      i’d french him

    • Iron Sheik

      Who the hell is that?

      • bri

        He’s a guy that can wrestling better than Iron Sheik any day.

        • Iron Sheik

          Fack you.

          • bri

            no thanks. Im not into old arab men.

    • Levioshock


      • bri

        He was the leader of the Bullet Club in Japan. The Lighted Jacket gimmick Jericho was doing. He stole from Divett

    • Sigma ?

      Just something about this guy that screams superhero or something like that.

    • CSSA

      and he shall Job for 5 months.

    • I’ve Lost My Smile

      I hope they put the IC belt on him for a good long time, he held his belt in NJPW for 14 months. Don’t see them moving him to the WWE title because he is a bit undersized. With their growing international roster the IC belt needs to be elevated to supporting / co-main event slot.

    • B+ wrestler

      King Jeoffrey ( GOT) type of gimmick what do you guys think?

    • steven harris

      If they give him a good simple gimmick with no bull I could see him being a big deal.

    • Adam-Michael

      all i ever seen him do is dropkicks and double foot stomps. extremely over rated and generic… people mark out for his body art… which won’t be able to use because he always paints himself like spiderman or venom or something of that likeness… that wont fly in wwe for copyright reasons. so he will just look generic… and do dropkicks… yay how exciting…