Report: WWE Considering Filing Lawsuit Against CM Punk

The word going around in WWE is that things may not exactly be done yet as far as the CM Punk issue is concerned.

Punk, whose WWE contract officially expired recently, noted during a recent interview that he will “never” return to WWE again.

While nothing is official at this point, there is at least some talk going around the company regarding a possible lawsuit against Punk for breach of contract.

There aren’t a lot of specific details regarding this story as of right now, however it is known that there are many people very high up in WWE who are less than pleased with how everything went down with Punk.

If and when any updates become available, we will be sure to post them here on the website.

Matt Boone

Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

  • Fantasma Del Guapo

    This is not gonna get your millions back, Vince.

    • Yofiel Malachi Yacov

      I wouldn’t put it past Vince. He tried to bleed ultimate warrior dry . I expect the same for punk

    • clublord

      You have to understand my friend.. you have to milk the cow until its useless. Its business.. thats how we work in this country… Like it or not its capitalism.

  • The Cunninghammer

    WWE just won’t let Punk live his life. This is ridiculous.

    • raVen

      *dirtsheets* just won’t let Punk live his life.

      • injustice4all

        mushroomheadddddd – i’m still under the impression he will come back one day and this is a gigantic work. his “never returning to a squared circle” seemed too hokey “never ever ever!” with a smile? yea.. doubt it.

  • Stephen Wago

    This is most definitely a false report. – If someone chooses to not perform during their contract, the WWE holds the right to freeze said contract, and continue when the performer good and ready to go. They didn’t choose to do that, instead they let it run out and kept paying him.

    CM Punk didn’t breach the contract, he’s an independent contractor, you cannot force him to perform. If the WWE is sour about it, it’s their own damn fault for not acting on it with a release, or freezing it.

    I question a 100% this stories credibility.

    • Cujo999

      I’m sorry, if I hire an independent contractor to roof my house and pay him up front, and he fails to complete the job, any court in America is going to rule that he needs to either pay back the money or finish the job. Similarly, if I pay a landscaping service $50 a week to mow my lawn, and they don’t show up for a month even though I’m still paying my bill, any court in America is going to rule that they need to reimburse me. Failure to perform the duties outlined in Punk’s contract by Punk is most certainly breach of contract, and WWE is more than free to sue for any monies they paid Punk while he was failing to appear without notice.

      • Stephen Wago

        Again in said situation in which CM Punk refused or couldn’t perform (if it was health reasons) the WWE had plenty of time to act on this since it was … back in January?

        They could of released him for failing to uphold certain aspects of his contract, generally when that happens there is under writing which state terms of what if any money would be paid out to either party.

        Or they could of froze his contract. – Different situation, I don’t see how he has breached the contract. Edit: Especially when the situation is that someone tells you, that they’re not going to continue working for you, and you still keep them on the pay roll.

        • Cujo999

          WWE could have terminated Punk’s contract for breach of contract due to failure to appear. They also possibly could have frozen his contract due to breach of contract, however, if Punk tried to sign elsewhere, he could argue in court that WWE had stopped paying him and they broke the contract. IF Punk couldn’t perform due to health reasons, he needed to provide documentation of that to his employer, which he failed to do. Besides which, there were numerous witnesses who watched him walk out the Raw after the Rumble, which does not jive with the “injury” story. WWE could have let Punk out of the liability of breaching his contract by releasing him, but chose not to. Why is this a huge deal? If Punk was paid money for a job he did not do, then he should return the money.

          • Stephen Wago

            When a guy signs, generally it’s to do a set number of dates, and individual shows do effect how much you make. Dates or not, from interviews with Dreamer and several other wrestlers, you make money based on what appearances you do and don’t. – So I’m confident Punks been missing out on money for not showing up.

            A guy you contract to do your roof is playing under a different set of rules than a guy under a contract to perform. Much how you can’t make a boxer, MMA star, ect forcefully go out there and perform. You can’t force a wrestler to go out there and take bumps.

            From what we’re led to believe, CM Punk as of RAW following the Rumble sat down with Vince and told him he was done. We don’t know much more than that. But what we can get from that is, the WWE was made aware that he was no longer performing.

            Based off that, the WWE had a choice to act based on the terms of his contract, and they didn’t. Any money they continued paying him to sit at home instead of addressing the situation is on them to address.

          • Cujo999

            Just because you can’t force someone to perform does not mean they are not liable for monies paid to them for services they did not render due to breach of contract. He didn’t have to perform. If he was paid to perform and didn’t, then he owes that money. WWE honored his contract. In what f’d up world do you live in where it’s ok to take money for a job you refuse to do?

          • Stephen Wago

            I don’t, I live in a world where the WWE chose to continue paying a talent rather than addressing a situation.

          • Cujo999

            Just because they continued to pay HIM doesn’t mean he was not in breach of contract, nor does it mean he doesn’t owe them that money back. WWE didn’t break the contract. Punk did. WWE chose to honor his deal, he continued to no show, so now he owes them. It’s not that difficult.

          • Stephen Wago

            And when one party no longer wishes to continue said agreement, there are steps to be taken. WWE chose not to do so. It’s up to them if they want to pay out or not, it’s not like they didn’t use him name and likeness to their benefit anyway. If they have an issue, it’s negligence on their part. – Womp womp.

          • Cujo999

            You do not even know if Punk requested his release, and even if he did WWE is fully within their legal rights to deny the request. Again, I think it’s funny how the fanboys cried that WWE pretended like never existed, now you want to say they used him to turn a profit when it suits your argument. Of course, I had to sit here and explain to you how he was in breach of contract, so that tells me the type of legal expert I’m dealing with, here.

          • Stephen Wago

            We’ve gotten to the point in a debate, where you’re throwing names around and beginning to get hostile. I don’t see how he’s breaching contract, apparently 52 people also don’t see it either. And you repeating the same point won’t make me think otherwise. – So this “fanboy” will have to agree to disagree, have a good night.

          • clublord

            Actually this is how performers are paid. I work in the entertainment industry and WWE has numerously stated its “Sports entertainment” An actor/ actress is hired to do their job, and theres alot of marketing and other things behind the scenes to work with talent, these people behind the scenes are paid a salary or hourly, this Talent, the SHOW HORSE, as i like to call them are for show, they are scheduled to appear, the people behind the scenes did their jobs, if for any reason cannot show, medical or death or transportation the entertainer is not obligated, while in WWE and in other companies you can not make it out of those circumstances, you are responsible to keep up your side of the bargin, Remember WWE likes to own characters, and everyone understands that WWE makes money off of Branding , Marketing and appearances. Punk in an interview said he did not like the WWE Network IDEA, because he would lose out on money, which i understand, But no one Forces him to work there. He can go to ROH, IWGP, NJPW and or TNA, but the money behind those organizations are lightyears behind the WWE.

            Please note: All wwe talent who participate in a PAY PER VIEW Get Paid 6 months after the PPV airs, What WWE does is put there money into an escrow to acrude interest, which benefits the talent, also another reason behind that it takes about 2 months for the various cable outlets to completely pay out there PPVs.

          • Truther

            He quit. That’s the same as someone asking for their release. One party wanted to continue with the deal and the other one didn’t. His release wasn’t granted so they kept his contract going on for their own agenda just to further prolong him from making appearances elsewhere if he chose to and to make money off his name as much as they could with Network specials and what not. That sounds pretty spiteful to me, but it’s the truth. I may not be a fan of punk, but I’m siding with him on this one. I really don’t see a reason to sue if they continued making money off of him.

          • Cujo999

            Obviously, he had no legal grounds to terminate his contract, or he would have. Whether WWE continued to profit off of him is irrelevant. As an an independent contractor, the copyright to any and all works he created within the WWE is property of WWE

          • willie b

            All im saying is if I tell u I dont want to work here anymore n I walk out, n a week goes by n then a month goes by n u havent seen me but u send me a check because u dont want me to get another gig, thats not my fault. If u you had a company n ur contractor breaches thier contract are u going to keep paying them? I know im not jus saying sound like some bs to me

          • john

            Cosign 100% with this comment. They tried to spite him by honouring the contract so he couldn’t make money elsewhere. I think they thought he woud eventually come back and now that it has backfired they want reparation.

          • Cujo999

            you’re world is more f’d up than whats under your moms underwear.

          • Ryan Walker

            Daniel Bryan has said in interviews that they get paid for the shows they do 3 months after the event. If they don’t perform or show up, then they don’t get paid. So there’s nothing for WWE to claim back in the first place. Punk wouldn’t owe them anything. Plus it’d be a stupid move by WWE. They’d well and truly burn the bridge to bringing him back if that were to ever be a possibility in the future.

            I’m guessing this is a fabricated story to get hits on their site.

          • Buzzard Follower

            in an age of guaranteed contracts you can bet punk got payed regardless of him showing up or not. nash set the standard in wcw to get paid full money no exceptions theres no way a star the level of punk would not have a similar contract in wwe. that said you bring up some good points but it would seem punk got payed

          • Giahead33

            The fact of the matter is none of us know what punks contract entailed, so speculate all you want but only WWE and punk know what his contract called for….i am leaning towards this report being bs, punk’s way too smart to just leave knowing he could be in breach and risk having to pay back all the money he earned….Vinnie Mac is just butthurt cuz one of his biggest superstars walked out and screwed Vince over….how does it feel to be screwed over Vince???!!!

        • Bully FU

          How are we sure his contract has actually expired? Dirtsheet reports as well as him appearing some, they could have extended it without his knowledge or he just decided to quit being a hermit. No one really knows except those in the WWE and Punk himself. To believe one report about his contract expiring and to discredit this one when they come from the same source is ridiculous really, you have no reason to believe one more than the other. So to say this is 100% false is ignorant on your behalf.

          • Stephen Wago

            Fair point, but the reason I assume is because he told MMA Fighting himself in a video interview that his contract is up in July. So the fact they are now reporting this, actually adds up.

            So I wouldn’t say it’s a 100% ignorant.

      • Jake

        There was notice that’s why he was pulled out of all future promos since his contract ended.

      • Funji

        But you were not making money selling the lawn service’s jersey’s either. I understand your metaphor but this is a different animal.

      • krakeon

        That’s not how contracting works. If you hire a contractor to do your house and he runs off with the money, closes his business and starts a new one, you’re out of luck. Especially if he does it from a different state.

    • pwnez

      Bingo! WWE isn’t going to win (if this report is even true.)

      • Bushwald Sexyface

        I hope you don’t sue me for slander re: Miz

    • Triple H’s Shovel

      He can’t be an ‘independent contractor’ if he under contract with a company. lol That would be more like an Indy wrestler who gets paid from show to show with different organizations.

      • Stephen Wago

        All professional wrestlers are independent contractors as oppose to being an “employee.” It can be a bit of grey area, but certain criteria separates the two. – Look it up if you’re interested.

        • clublord

          actually he is not a 1099, which is an independent contractor. They provide benefits and hotels and airfare.. how independent is that??? WWE stars stay at hilton properties or while here in the Bay Area at the Fairmont Hotel. which is 400 a night..

          • Stephen Wago

            WWE has said that their employees are independent contractors…

            Here is a direct quote from when they came under flak of the media:

            “WWE has more than 625 full-time employees and 120 performers who are independent contractors, the same as actors or actresses on television dramas, soaps or comedies. They do not have corporate responsibilities or duties. WWE’s main roster talent work and travel four and a half days a week with annual compensation ranging from $250,000 to millions. WWE pays for all in-ring related injuries and any associated rehabilitation. Additionally, WWE leads the entertainment industry with its Talent Wellness Program, which is administered independently by renowned medical professionals and includes cardiovascular testing, ImPACT™, testing for brain function, substance abuse and drug testing, annual physicals, and health care referrals. The performers are contractually responsible for securing their own insurance to cover everyday health maintenance and ailments.”

            There are several other reports you can find, that was directly from an article on

          • clublord

            remember not all contracts are shapped the same. WWE can discuss some of their talents contracts but do not have to divulge all of them. In business its all smoke and mirrors.. Just like sports we can know how much they are suppose to earn but there are guidelines which they must stick by to earn what is in the contract. IE Collin kaepernick.

          • davidbix

            All in-ring talent, including referees, are 1099s without benefits. WWE covers airfare but not rental cars or hotel rooms. The exception is that if you’re still on a developmental contract while working on the main roster, WWE covers your expenses.

            Announcers are employees. If a talent is also an employee (a referee who’s also on the ring crew or a wrestler who doubled as a road agent, like Finlay or Jamie Noble), they get benefits through the employee gig.

    • essinodub

      We don’t know the specifics of that contract

    • rrr

      NO ITS false he is independent worker but is still obligated to pay back for the time he was slected to work. they don’t have to freeze . in the end he must show that he had a valid reason for breaking contact

    • rrr

      they must sue him for every penny he made the n punk will get whats coming to him that sucka

    • rrr

      cm punk is weak let that suckka go

  • ibeBrave

    He was sarcastic in the video though he said he bets people will actually hold that to him and laughed it off. He’ll be back I bet 2015. And with whatever lawcase. I’m pretty sure thats chump change to punk.

    • yrabadi

      Hm, I just saw it, and you’re absolutely right. He’s totally light-hearted about answering it and even mentions it will get people talking. Heck, when first asked he’s just got this sly smirk. I too, think he will be back. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if something was worked out and they’re just keeping it quiet. When he does return, people are going to go absolutely nuts. Dude is a star.

      • Undertaker316

        yeah i found it amazing how many people didnt notice how sarcastic he was when he said he would never come back also isn’t there a raw in chicago this september

        • yrabadi

          It’s possible a lot of people didn’t even watch the video… I didn’t till now. The headline puts its own spin on it.

  • Forceton Banfodder

    Didn’t they try to bury Brock Lesnar in a lawsuit for breaking his non-compete? If memory serves me, that didn’t pan out so well for them. What legal standing do they think they have to sue him?

    Though, it doesn’t really matter. WWE has enough money to bury CM Punk in litigation for years if they wanted to, justified or not.

    • Stephen Wago

      They dropped the case with Brock Lesnar because what court is going to agree to not let a man provide for himself for 30 or more days? They had the realisation that if they lost, it means other talent would fight them on the same clause. – Though in CM Punks case, I don’t see anyway he breached said contract.

      • Forceton Banfodder

        Can you imagine the sour grapes they’d sow if they sued Punk just for leaving? Talk about a morale crusher in the locker room.

        • Stephen Wago

          Definitely wouldn’t be a wise move, one they’d more than likely loose any case they made. It would be bad publicity, poor morale backstage, and if Vince is trying to avoid spending, a legal case is probably a bad idea.

        • Bushwald Sexyface

          You would think they would learn from their past mistakes. Suing Punk would pretty much end any chance of him returning in the future knowing how Punk reacts to things. Personally, I don’t buy it happening at all and think F4W is looking for a traffic boost.

    • Cujo999

      WWE’s strongest legal standing that they can easily prove is any monies they paid Punk while he was in breach of contract. If he was still getting checks while he was failing to appear, that’s simple to prove. They could also try to sue him for damages due to loss of income for events he was advertised to appear for, but failed to appear at, but that’s a lot harder to prove and they technically already cover themselves for backlash against people who had already bought tickets with the “Card Subject to Change” disclaimer.

      • Forceton Banfodder

        They could’ve just let him go and not paid him if that were the case. Plenty of superstars ask for release and are granted such. However most who ask to leave aren’t pushing a ton of merchandise.

        The fact is they used Punk’s music and his departure to push other story lines and they kept him on contract because it allowed them to continue to profit off his merchandise and likeness. So as long as they profited off him, active or not, they have no legal leg to stand on as far as monies paid.

        • Cujo999

          Punk has no legal right to “Cult of Personality,” and neither does WWE. That’s why they have to pay royalties to Living Color every time they use it. It was a popular rock hit years before they started using it as his theme. I think it’s hilarious that all the Punk marks cried about how WWE pretended lime he never existed after he walked out, and now you’re saying that they turned a profit off of him? Besides which, WWE talent is paid quarterly for merchandising revenue, which is seperate from their salary.

          • Forceton Banfodder

            I was not talking about the music royalties, they had paid the royalties for some duration and were taking advantage of it. I was talking about using his entrance as a draw and a jumping point for Paul Heyman and Lesnar.

            The “profit” they’re turning is getting viewers to tune in and butts in the seats. They used his leaving to their advantage, thus turning a “profit”

  • Patrick Treanor

    Just let him go.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    Report: We just want something else to report on CM Punk so we’re reporting made up stuff now just to report it. Follow up report will be reported soon so stay tuned for that report.

    • Pappy

      Report: Tightwad F**kface is a professional journalist graduate and knows when stuff is being made up. Nothing is concrete about this story yet and I bet if you go to other wrestling news sites they’re saying the same thing cause it’s just speculation right now.

      • Bushwald Sexyface

        I know enough that I wouldn’t have posted this story just based on F4W’s report. There’s a reason why Powell’s site hasn’t posted anything about it yet: It’s not anything other than something someone made up at this point.

        You sort of contradicted yourself by the way. Not sure if you knew that or not but I’m going to guess you didn’t. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have posted something that made yourself look so ignorant to the obvious.

        • davidbix

          Who do you think made it up and why?

  • Droppo

    Hadn’t he already performed more dates than were required of him in his contract?

    • Pozessed

      I doubt it to be honest, since well he did leave a few months before his contract ran out, I dunno if he could have put in extra time to fill up them months…

      • Cujo999

        I doubt it, too, especially when you consider the breaks he took after beating Cena for the strap at MitB and working ‘taker at WM. Plus, he took a lot of personal time off, too, to go to UFC events and such.

        • Therealslimshady

          He took eight days off after mitb

        • Pozessed

          I think the WWE can sue him perhaps for the money they paid him for the days that he didn’t wrestle.. But not for more I don’t think. Since, it would be stupid to go up against a company as rich as the WWE.

  • Jesse

    Come on. This is ridiculous.

  • yrabadi

    I too, question the reliability of said ‘report’… what I don’t question is people who aren’t high on the guy for the way things ended. That much, is probably true. A dude exited WWE on his own terms and seems to be totally content. WWE, obviously, is not pleased.

  • B. T.

    Umm, Punk didn’t say he would never return to WWE again . He was asked if he’d ever be back in the squared circle again. But hey, don’t let the truth get in the way of your story.

  • Shades

    Does anyone else think that Punk left because the lower PPV payoffs due to WWE Network? I remember reading about that here on the SEScoops. Why work harder for less? I think he wanted to throw a monkey wrench into things and see how they do without him. What else does he have to prove? He’s done everything except for main event WM.

  • Kjhaltz

    He said he would be returning to the square circle.

  • lunchbox87

    I dont think this is true…but if it is WWE is just sour.Learn to treat your stars better and stop giving part timers the bigger spots

    • Progressed_Now

      the part-timers can’t help that this is a C-level star era. maybe if they knew how to preserve youth, they could stay in the WWE forever lol.

      • lunchbox87

        Maybe if the WWE took the time to let guys shine and build on them they would have better stars. They have talent but they take a back seat to movie promotions and who ever is buddies with HHH,its getting old seeing guys who are legit stars get screwed over

  • NXTAmbrose

    Simple. Vince McMahon launches WWE Network. WWE projected subscribers to make profit, 2 million. WWE gains 660,000 subscribers. Vince McMahon and WWE loses $350 million in one day. WWE budget cuts. And simply because CM Punk left 6 months before his contract expired. Heck yes WWE is out to get anything profitable to the company at this point. Phil Brooks better hire a really good attorney because this one is about to get ugly and very costly $$$$$

  • Progressed_Now

    oh they should!!!

  • Cadolots

    Let see.. They promise Punk to be main event at Wrestlemania, they promised hima WWE Ice Cream bar. Punk should considering suing them

    • Progressed_Now

      those were all delusions of grandeur. he should sue HIMSELF in this case. he’s not as good as he likes to think he is.

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      Unless it was in the contract, he would have no ground to stand on.

  • Herman

    Under the terms of Lack of Consideration and Promissory Estoppel Punk leaving back in January was already a past consideration and according the the UCC 2-207 we need to consider the framework of which was involved and finally under the Adequacy of Consideration WWE cannot sue for getting a bad deal.

    • WilliamYancey

      Too bad the UCC only applies to sales of goods.

  • Hasan Sameeh

    You see this all ain’t true, I saw a copy of CM Punk’s contract a while ago, and it said that Punk has the right to walk out whenever he wants if he didn’t like his turn.

    • Brandon Burton

      No company, in any situation anywhere would EVER agree to a stipulation like that. Combine that with the fact that the chances you ever saw anything even resembling his contract are closer to none than slim, and I believe we have a lair on our hands, and an ignorant one at that.

  • Leather Face

    I didn’t realize how many attorneys were a part of the iwc

  • Scott

    Really desperate to talk about CM Punk aren’t we

  • Jack
  • Tamara Davis

    It was definitely a breach of contract. And if not for the whole time he was absent, then especially for the dates he was advertised to appear at. If he was advertised it means he agreed to perform, was paid, and then didn’t perform. Breach.Of.Contract. And even if he did ask for a release, if WWE doesn’t grant it then it’s sad day for Punk. He’ll have to suck it up. Otherwise he’s in legal trouble, and he chose said path. Plus WWE is a BUSINESS. They are suppose to make money off of they’re talent. Making money off of your employees name is not wrong. It isn’t rocket science. There were no sneaky business tactics here that would be hard to understand. Punk asked for a release, allegedly, WWE didn’t think this was best for the company and didn’t grant it.
    It was best for business to keep him under contract. Punk was looking out for what was best for himself. WWE was looking out for what was best for the company as a whole. That’s they’re job. It’s what they are suppose to do. No one is bigger than the company. And for who think thisis morally wrong, which it isn’t, morals aren’t what hold up in court. Laws and documentation hold up in court. And even if morals did hold up in court, punk took the money knowing he had no intentions of performing. Why would you want to accept money for a job you refuse to do, knowing it was given to yoj for a specific reason? WWE kept his contract going because it was best for business. They didn’t give him a release and I believe they made it clear they weren’t going to. Punk decided he would release himself which was unlawful. It’s just like being denied a promotion to manager then taking it upon yourself to act as manager anyway. If your employer decides to go against your wishes, reasonably, then you still have to fulfill your duties. Punk could have done the dates he was advertised for and agreed to do, then opted out no issue. But he obviously didn’t do this. I’m not sure how many dates he agreed to do but he certainly didn’t perform at many shows he was advertised and paid to appear.

    • davidbix

      He wouldn’t have been paid for dates he didn’t perform on, just his guarantee and merchandise royalties.

  • essinodub

    If this is true, I wouldn’t blame them.

  • 10YearOldBoy

    lol just let it go wwe if this article is any way shape or form accurate

  • brad

    I don’t believe this article it seems a little far fetched I mean how do you they are talking about Mr. brooks. With that said C.M. Punk is still the B.I.T.W.

    • Matthew

      And you’re still the most delusional in the world. He’s a hack. He married himself a nice hole to rest in at night and I guarantee in a few months once whatever work his agent has lined up for him runs out he’ll get desperate for money and his true colors will show up on AJ’s face.

      • brad

        Well I personally don’t see all the hate man I’m all about peace and you have to know that it was Mr. Brooks decision to leave and no one else. So with that said I think we all should remember the great times that punk gave us and he is the sole reason that I decided to start watching wrestling again in 2011, so in my opinion he is one the best to have ever did it any you never know maybe one day he will be back there have been crazier things happen you know.

  • Mitch

    Until any of you have a WWE contract you have no clue how it works.

  • clublord

    Actually this is how performers are paid. I work in the entertainment industry and WWE has numerously stated its “Sports entertainment” An actor/ actress is hired to do their job, and theres alot of marketing and other things behind the scenes to work with talent, these people behind the scenes are paid a salary or hourly, this Talent, the SHOW HORSE, as i like to call them are for show, they are scheduled to appear, the people behind the scenes did their jobs, if for any reason cannot show, medical or death or transportation the entertainer is not obligated, while in WWE and in other companies you can not make it out of those circumstances, you are responsible to keep up your side of the bargin, Remember WWE likes to own characters, and everyone understands that WWE makes money off of Branding , Marketing and appearances. Punk in an interview said he did not like the WWE Network IDEA, because he would lose out on money, which i understand, But no one Forces him to work there. He can go to ROH, IWGP, NJPW and or TNA, but the money behind those organizations are lightyears behind the WWE.

    Please note: All wwe talent who participate in a PAY PER VIEW Get Paid 6 months after the PPV airs, What WWE does is put there money into an escrow to acrude interest, which benefits the talent, also another reason behind that it takes about 2 months for the various cable outlets to completely pay out there PPVs.

  • Mickey Blankenship

    Here’s my two cents if they wanted to sue they already would have. Two others come to mind and they didn’t get sued Steve Austin and Gail Kim.

  • sniperv1

    Ugh so sick of cm punk. All you people kissing his ass, applauding him and supporting him are the same people he would tell “go f yourself” if you asked him for a autograph, he a selfish arrogant jerk. We all hate our jobs, we all get mad when management brings new employees or specialist in that make more money. We don’t go on social media and blast our employer at every time they don’t do what we like. He took his ball and went home because he’s a selfish baby, his big pipebomb he cried that he wasn’t promoted or put in main events etc, then when he was he still cried like a little baby, even complaining about going on talk shows and granting wishes for make a wish foundation. He turned into what he said he wasn’t a douchebag. Good riddance hope he stays retired and wwe sues him for breach of contract.

    • Matthew

      This guy for the win.

  • Bryan

    Punk was clearly joking and having fun if not he wouldn’t have said it in a not so serious tone but this is just ridiculous WWE believing anything as Punk wasn’t serious and was just having fun.

  • jake

    In all honesty of opinion its a ploy and if you watched the interview it was all heat of the moment yes his contract is up he lost his passion of wrestling I don’t think the tirades need to continue they won’t sue punk period if he fails they have up to 60 days of end of contract to renew his contact for said missed days to make what they lost they didn’t so they won’t sue punk since he owns his name rights

  • Mark

    Ok none of us are sure what was in CM Punks contract and what was said behind closed doors between Vince and Punk. So knowing if he was in breach of contract or not is only known between the parties involved. All we can do is assume, nobody knows exactly what the circumstances are.

  • fatneal

    this article is the epitome of made up dirt sheet garbage

  • Mr_DJ
  • The Real Fan

    Oh well there goes every cent he ever made, that’s what you get for f*ckin us fans out of good wrestling

  • Jimmy James

    You don’t play, you pay. The big boy ran off and took his ball home, and now he has to pay like a big boy.

  • banham33

    still think that it’s a storyline

  • Steve Williams

    WWE is just butt hurt that their top star walked out on them. I am with CM Punk and supports his decision.

  • raVen

    no they aren’t shut up with this garbage sescoop

  • iowaman52

    This is for all the armchair lawyers out there, you can all sit back and speculate, but in the end your opinion does not matter, The final decision rests with the Judge/Jury.

    • WilliamYancey

      The judge/jury? More like the fudge/furry.

  • Tim Johnson

    I am certainly no expert on this matter regarding CM Punk being under contract but applying common sense to the situation I imagine this latest episode stems from the arrogant way Punk commented on never ever returning if there is any truth to this at all. The WWE seems to let wrestlers out of their contracts all the time. Many things Punk could do or say like, for instance being injured, which technically he was at the time he left so it makes any effort to recover anything really worthless at this point. Both parties need to move on. Punk, or his body, just never was cut out for the longevity of the business. Don’t know what other talents he thinks he really has but if he has plenty of money I would not continue to punish my body any longer either. Perhaps he will get bored when he no longer is associated with anything but wrestling. I seriously doubt he will ever attain the popularity he recently had in wrestling ever again in anything else he chooses to do, straight edge or not.

  • WWEwillgetbetter

    If they do file a lawsuit maybe they can garnish enough money to start doing pyros every week again and stop letting good talent go

  • guest

    I don’t think WWE even has a case here even if this story was real. We don’t know if Punk was paid for jobs he didn’t do. Punk probably wasn’t paid for the times he didn’t show up. Also, it was WWE who chose to stop booking Punk for events. If Punk wasn’t booked for an event, he doesn’t get paid for it. It’s not like Curt Hawkins was breaching his contract when he was out starting his own wrestling school. Punk not showing up to an event he wasn’t booked for is not breaching his contract. You can’t no show something you’re not invited to. If WWE decided to keep paying him despite having the knowledge that Punk wasn’t going to show up, that’s their own fault. They had 6 months to act on him and they chose to do nothing.

    And when Steve Austin said he found out Punk was still getting paid, he meant paid for merchandise. Punk owns the rights to the name “CM Punk”. Punk still made money off of all merchandise sold that said “CM Punk” on it. He didn’t make money off of events he didn’t show up to and he didn’t make money off of events he wasn’t booked for. Pro wrestlers make money off of appearances. Punk didn’t make appearances at the end of his contract, so it’s safe to assume he didn’t get paid for them. If he did, again, that’s WWE’s fault for still paying him despite having the knowledge that he wasn’t going to show up.

    That said, I don’t see why WWE would keep paying Punk for shows he wasn’t booked to perform at. Especially during a time where they lost $350 million in one night. I mean, they cut what like 10 wrestlers and started to add fines to people who were late or weren’t dressed professionally? On top of that they took away the production busses to now the production team gets like no sleep. They had their chance to cut Punk’s contract. They didn’t take it. I highly doubt Punk is anywhere close to being in the wrong here.

    Because there’s literally no chance WWE wins this, especially at a point where they’re losing money, I highly doubt this story is even real. Not even the higher ups at WWE are dumb enough to try.

  • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

    I can’t wait to see Punk wearing a suit in court!

  • WilliamYancey

    CM Punk? More like CM Junk.