Results & Notes From WWE Fan Axxess On April 6, 2013

The following are results from the matches held at Saturday’s WWE WrestleMania 29 Fan Axxess event in New Jersey:

-Mason Ryan defeated Percy Watson

-Leo Kruger defeated Sami Zayn (aka El Generico)

-Kassius Ohno defeated Xavier Woods

-Audrey Marie defeated Summer Rae

-Bo Dallas defeated Corey Graves

-Adrian Neville (aka PAC) defeated Luke Harper


-Some WWE Superstars and WWE Legends in attendance included: The Shield, R-Truth, Fandango, Christian, Santino Marella, Rikishi, Tyson Kidd, Tensai, Paige and Bray Wyatt.

-Fans noted that both The Shield and Fandango left early, much to the disappointment of the fans in attendance.

-According to live correspondents, fans were asked to leave the area due to potential fire hazards caused by the congestion of people.

Matt Boone

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  • Pozessed

    If I was the fans I’d be disappointed too, why Faaaaaaaaannn… Daaaaaarrrrnnnnnn.. Goooooooooo have to leave so early? It ruined the whole thing.. =[
    (Sarcasm for the win!)

    • RadicalRhys

      Looks like he had to Fandango be somewhere else…
      *gets slapped*

  • JamieEvsxx

    guys, Fandango probably left early because no one was letting the A’s breathe when they were pronouncing his name…and Ryback probably left early because no one would feed him more…=P

  • AVPredator4985

    Man I wish I was there… On an unrelated note, does anyone else think that the current NXT is somewhat more entertaining than RAW and Smackdown? I’m not talking about Road to Wrestlemania Raw and Smackdown, just what it’s normally like. The guys on NXT are extremely talented wrestlers, but I cringe when I think about the WWE turning them into “Superstars”.

  • ddp

    lol i completely forgot mason ryan even existed