Rey Mysterio Receives Special Offer From WWE To Re-Sign With The Company

Rey Mysterio was at WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut on April 30th to discuss a new contract with the company.

He was reportedly offered a deal to be somewhat of an ambassador for the company, particularly in Spanish language markets, as well as the opportunity to still wrestle part time.

While Mysterio’s future with the company is still uncertain, Vince McMahon does want to keep him on board.

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    (Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Matt Boone

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    • James Davis

      Rey has to do better… He can’t keep failing drug tests and what not smh..

      • Jay

        Rey isnt on drugs, the only reason he failed the test one because he didnt know that one of the medications that he was using contain bad substances, to be honest Rey have earn credit when credit is due. He has been with WWE for 12 years he aint going anywhere any time soon.

        • Jay

          one time*

          • cw

            Its actually twice hes been caught onthe wwe wellness program

          • becker014

            No matter if that one time was his fault or not, you have to know what is in everything you put in your body. If in doubt, call and find out. Remember- it is sports entertainment and it is scripted. Acting!!!!!

    • onekneetoe

      I don’t think it’s that. I’m pretty sure that it’s due to all his knee injuries. I appreciate everything rey has done but he needs to start thinking about retirement before can’t walk without a cane.

      • MarioEdwards

        Or can’t walk with a cane either

    • Vince McMahon

      Rey is an all-time wrestling great. Like Chavo and Jericho said, there will never be another Rey Mysterio. Rey deserves any role he wants.

      • Jay Strongbow

        Except wrestler.

        Hope he doesn’t break his knee promoting the sport.

      • chika

        its indeed true mr mcmahon,”rey deserves any role he wants”

        • GN-0015

          He should apply to be the new COO of the company.

      • Randy James Crawford

        You should hire me.

    • omega riddler

      They should just have Rey Mysterio on the Spanish announce team so Ricardo Rodriguez can actually have a career.

    • cumba

      TNA should do everything in their power to sign him & cm punk. That would turn that company around.

      • Brandon Burton

        Funny. Stone Cold couldn’t resurrect TNA by himself at this point, let alone that B-level wrestler Punk.

        • punk lover

          If punk is a B wrestler why was he paid 4 million a year plus expenses?

          • askbillmitchell

            The same reason why A-Rod was given 275M dollars and he was a B level player. F now that he is off the field for the entire 2014 season.

            • Mike Lyent.

              Horrible analogy to prove your point, since A-Rod was the best player in baseball then. In reality, The yankees are probably glad that he’s out for the season, since they’re not paying him this year. Anyway, Punk was not a B-player either.

            • askbillmitchell

              He is a good player but not worth $275M. Which was more to the point.

          • Brandon Burton

            Because he got a bunch of supermarks like yourself to see far more in him than was actually there, and WWE is more than willing to pay someone that will get them the money of ignorant fans; it is actually the same thing as D-Bryan, except Bryan is only overrated in the ring, while Punk is/was overrated with a mic in his hand AND in the ring.

            • Mike Lyent.

              You’re insane. I won’t even sit here and argue as to why Punk and Bryan are/were good wrestlers, I’ll just say that they have people like Stone Cold (for Punk) and Mick Foley (for Bryan) endorsing them, and, forgive me, but I’ll go ahead and take their opinion over yours as to what is or isn’t “there”.

            • Brandon Burton

              I didn’t say they aren’t good; just massively overrated. They are perfect for the upper mid-card, but they are NOT main eventers.

            • punk lover

              Well opinions are like assholes everyone has one but seems you have 2 because you definitely don’t know what the hell your talking about. Arod shattered tons of records
              I see your very lonely and need a friend

            • Brandon Burton

              You can’t be serious. I’m not the one who mentioned Rodriguez, but he wasn’t worth that contract. Anyway, make sure you reply to the right person next time, buddy.

          • Randy James Crawford

            He wasn’t paid 4 million a year not even 2 million, he was paid 1 million just like other people like John Cena, Triple H, Undertaker they make 1-2 million a year.

        • Droppo

          Being a pro wrestler involves in-ring wrestling talent, mic skills, acting ability, and forming a connection with the crowd. ALL of those things are required to be at the top of the profession. If Punk were a B-level wrestler, he could not have done as you say and just been pushed to the top because of “supermarks.” As I said, it takes all of those things to get to the top. And when you have it all, you certainly DO gather a lot of fans to your side, cheering for you.

          • Brandon Burton

            If you need all these things, then why is D-Bryan,who makes Tyson Kidd look/sound like Paul Heyman on the mic, at the top of the company?

      • bambam’s ghost

        maybe if it was 2007

    • raVen

      Rey Mysterio in wwe has been an absolute failure. Knowing the Rey Mysterio jr of ecw and wcw this entire wwe run has almost been insulting even.

      • Bryan

        It turned out a lot better than everyone initial thought as people thought “Oh boy another WCW talent going to get buried by WWE” but no it turned out very well for Rey as he’s had very memorable feuds and even won the WWE WHC granted WWE only gave him that because Eddie just died.

      • Booyaka

        Wcw or ecw didn’t make ray champ wcw threw Ray in the side of a semi truck

        • raVen

          in one of the most remembered moments of pro wrestling history. They also let rey become “the giant killer” in wcw. Rey being WHC, the way it happened, and his run w/the belt is the biggest blemish on his career to me.

    • Scott Kinnard

      If Rey is smart, he will take the deal. I’m sure he will still make great money. I wouldn’t mind see him come back for a match here and there. Be nice to see him get one more singles Wrrstlemania match.

    • bambam’s ghost

      Rey tore his ACL trying to sign the contract!!!

      • Craig


    • Rockfan84

      In winning the title at wrestlemania he achieved something that the rock, Kurt angle, not sure about y2j, couldn’t manage to do. How fair is that. I know he only got that cause of eddies passing but that still sucks ass that they never gave these 2 maybe 3 the opportunity to close out a mania as the champion.

    • Charvi3

      Vince wonders why he has suffered $8 Million loss in WWE’S 2014 first quarter it is because of his sick son-in-law and that bi-polar daughter for real…they might be stealing for Vince…but, how he had the, Undertaker, throw that match between him and, Brock Lesnar”…was not good either…and when you treat others cruel…it comes back to he treated, Daniel Bryan, all that “Bad Karma” is returning…

    • Charvi3

      I have been praying a recipe of Psalms 22 of them for three to four hours a day as I do a lot of people…I pray over petitions…Rey deserves all good to come back on him…he is one of the greatest wrestlers ever….I promised him good things…will happen for him and to him…

    • Normando782

      Rey has been a phenomenal entertainer and deserves to be a part of professional wrestling.