Ric Flair Wishes Batista Good Luck, Seth Rollins Makes TMZ Headlines

– WWE Superstar and Shield member Seth Rollins made headlines on TMZ for admitting that he once urinated during a live wrestling match. The headline emanates from an interview Rollins did on “Talking With Soup,” which we posted earlier today.

You can check out the TMZ article online at TMZ.com.

– WWE Hall Of Famer “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair recently posted the following tweet to his former Evolution running-buddy Batista:

  • Update On The Shield Breaking Up, Major WWE Star In Trouble, WMXXX Updates
  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for MMANews.com and 24Wrestling.com

    • Aperture

      At this point, all wrestlers have soiled themselves. Punk, Cena, Natalya and now Rollins? This seems like a natural thing.

      • Bushwald Sexyface

        I do it quite often when reading these stories.

      • brad

        Ha cena Poopeed, himself and I think that Austin did too.

        • Progressed_Now

          Cena’s full of shiit so what else did you expect?

      • Guest

        Most wrestlers soil themselves at one point or another. Sometimes, you don’t have time to hit the restroom before your match and you hope for the best.

        It’s not isolated to just WWE wrestlers. Happens far more frequently than you’d think.

        • Progressed_Now

          sounds like you have a personal story to tell. go on, we won’t laugh at you…….kikiki

      • bambam

        “your not cool, unless you pee your pants”

        Billy Maddison

    • ballz

      u either pee or shat in the ring same thing or when fighting a women u get a bonner. supposed to tape it down, or do what what dusty rhodes did the muffler.

      • JDawg

        Rene Dupree popped a bo0ner all the time and he didn’t wrestle women..

        • ballz

          he wrestled women in japan but just didn’t tape it down, also does turn the rats at ringside on.

      • Progressed_Now

        Simon Dean never wrestled women, explain DAT!

        • ballz

          so did iron shiek happens on contact, hugging girls does it to me lol never family,friends never, even just sitting down the little guy just pops up. just to say high and see his shadow.

    • AVPredator4985

      I’d crap/piss myself too if I took some of the bumps they take

    • Dzon

      Batista wins Royal Rumble! 100%

    • WCWPunk

      Next time WWE goes ‘Old School RAW’, we so should see a reunion of EVOLUTION

      • Aperture

        Evolution is a mystery…

    • Jack
      • Aperture

        That explains why he needs to go pee after he buries somebody…I get it.

    • bambam

      “Your not cool, unless you pee your pants.”

      Billy Maddison

    • 9 year old boy

      I still sometimes pee in my pants.