Rollins Gets IC Title Shot, Jericho’s Jacket Malfunctions

– Seth Rollins, a WWE developmental wrestler, challenged Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinental Championship at Sunday’s SmackDown live event in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It was a back and forth match which concluded with Rhodes hitting Cross Rhodes on Rollins for the pinfall victory.

Rollins is touring with the SmackDown roster this week. He beat Drew McIntyre the previous night in East Lansing, Michigan.

– Chris Jericho stated on Twitter that his light-up jacket malfunctioned at Sunday’s Raw live event in Buffalo, New York. He wrote,

“Great show and crowd in Buffalo tonight! No casualties either…except for my jacket. Time to call in the electronic pit crew at #raw….”

– Former WWE manager Paul Bearer has been announced to appear at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con, which takes place June 1-3 at Pennsylvania Convention Center 1101 Arch St. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is being advertised under his real name, Bill Moody.


Daniel Pena

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  • pwnez

    Good, I was hoping Rollins would be leaning towards being a face while Ambrose is a heel. This must have been a pretty good match. YOUTUBE IT!

  • Jeremy Gordon

     Ambrose/Rollins are two of my favorites in FCW. More people should check FCW out.


    Damn I would love to see a feud between seth rollins and cody rhodes. I bet it was a good match.
    The guy Im really waiting for is DEAN AMBROSE. The guy needs to be on tv now.

  • Elgwyn

    This would have been hell of a match on live Raw. :)

    • Adam Michael

      No, it would of been a sqush match that lasts 30 seconds.
      Do you really think they would have a 15 minute match with some nobody being a real challenge for 1 of the longest reigning champs on the roster? Highly unlikely.

  • Drpepper

    How many Seth Rollins stories are you gonna Post….Geez     Breaking News: Seth Rollins is spotted Being relevant for the first time in History Millions are in Shock

    • ProgressNow2012

      you read my mind, does anyone really give a fuck?

      • DigitalWWE

        I do.  Shaddap KPB

    • Shashy626

      it’s just like porn to the IWC, gives them their kicks as i’m sure plenty of guys just exploded on here

      • Heaney

        Imagine that, people being excited about the rise of a talented worker. Disgraceful.

  • SynKara

    Seth, Trent B, Reks and Hawkins, Titus o Neil, Percy Watson and Johnny Curtis all need some more TV time so that WWE can freshen up its roster for the first time since Nexus 2010.   One episode of NXT I think Tyson Kidd and Trent Baretta talked of forming a tag team. That team vs The USOs would be good for a few matches on Smackdown.

    • Adam Michael

      Trent, Reks, Hawkins, Titus, percy and Curtis all need to be released, they all suck, I could care less about any of them at all.

  • Team Awesome

    Seen the match impressed, hopefully  this leads to a televised match, which could only mean Big Show does not win the championship at WrestleMania. Would like to see Seth and Rhodes feud

  • Ranney5150

    So I was at the show last night when jerichos jacket “malfunctioned” idk how it malfunctioned I didn’t catch anything wrong with it… and what are people hating on Seth Rolling. The guy has crazy talent. He faced Tyson Kidd in Buffalo in December and they tore the house down…

  • Darren

    Jericho had a waldrobe malfunction.. alert the presses! No, not like that you sick bastards…

  • King_Of_Kingz18

    wow, cnt wait for rollins to debut