Rollins vs. Ziggler At WWE Main Event, Reigns-Ambrose Address Rollins (Video)

– Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler was announced as the featured match for this week’s edition of WWE Main Event on Monday’s RAW. Main Event airs live on the WWE Network on Tuesday night.

– Here is a video of the segment from Monday’s RAW where Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose address the actions of Seth Rollins from last Monday night.

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  • Matt Boone

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    • Matt Gallagher

      All 3=$$$$$$

    • Ouch

      Ambrose killed it.

    • insomniacreviewer

      I don’t know why everyone thinks Ambrose’s promo was awesome, it was nothing special at all. He was just trying to act crazy but he just sounds dumb and not believable at all.

      • just saying

        it doesn’t have to be awesome as long as he is able to speak on the microphone. look at reigns the only thing he could come up with is recycled words from ambrose.

        • insomniacreviewer

          I thought Reigns did okay on the microphone but you’re right about the recycling word part, Reigns definitely needs to improve on the mic.

        • Reality

          Everyone here already knows this guy’s a troll and has stopped replying to him long ago. Please don’t feed

        • Bully FU

          Ambrose is better on the mic than Reigns is now so they gave him more time. However when Ambrose got the mic first and had the majority of the segments time then all Reigns had was like 1 minute where he just summarized what Ambrose said. It’s all scripted, Reigns didn’t write what he said. He had good delivery, which is what’s important.

    • Undertaker316

      dean ambrose is the king of promos

      • Pozessed

        About time they let him work to his strengths… I have a feeling that if he breaks off as a singles guy they would let him use a more brawler-esque moveset.

        • Jose Mourinho

          I like his fighting style as it is very realistic and wild.

          • Pozessed

            Yeah, the use of the fork was genius to be honest, PURE savage.

    • A-Dubs


    • ibeBrave

      Ambrose has so much Fu***** charisma. It’s amazing….. This guy is our future badass

    • Jose Mourinho

      Seth Rollins vs Ziggler hair vs hair match.

    • TheCandela15 .

      Dean… Dean… Finally. *applause*
      It’s no surprise Roman feels a little bit uncomfortable when he has to talk right after the master.
      Both matches between Ziggler and Rollins were really freaking good, by the way!