Roman Reigns Sends A Message To Sting, Talks About Possibly Acting In Movies

The following are highlights of a CBS Los Angeles interview with Roman Reigns:

On if he has any ambitions to work in Hollywood: “I’m willing to try anything and gain a little experience in anything. Is it something that is a big goal of mine? I can’t say that it is right now because I’m so caught up in WWE. (I’m) trying to be the face of this company and the top guy and have the WWE World Championship.”

On a message he has for Sting: “For his sake, if he steps in the ring, I hope he stays away from me. I’m not the guy to run into these days. I think it’s pretty cool just to be on the (SummerSlam) panel with him. Just to chat and BS a little bit with all those guys. It’s going to be a good time and anything can happen. But if he steps in the ring, he’s a seasoned veteran, he knows what he’s doing. But there’s a whole bunch of youngins on this roster that are hungry and we’re not trying to give any space for anybody else.”

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  • Matt Boone

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    • brad

      I love Reigns but I personally think that Sting should only wrestle one more match and that should be against either Taker or Cena.

      • ronjon 1000

        Why Cena? That would be terrible. From the idiocy of the promos to the fact that Sting wouldn’t have made Cena look decent in 95 much less 2015. Cena doesn’t deserve to beat Sting. Cena doesn’t mean enough to the biz to even have the honor of losing to him.

        Personally I’ve always seen Cena as a well built over hyped version of the Road Dog meets Heidenreich. Looks the part, has the corny lines and two or three moves, and can’t get over no matter how much time is invested in him. Unless you’re talking about the Bieber demographic.

        If not Taker, let it be HHH or even Randy. The in-ring equivalent of the McMahons or the legend killer’s greatest hurdle. What would Cena stand for? The ruins of a once exciting product and a generation of fans not knowing the joys of days past? Yeah, no. I’ll pass.

    • Undertaker316

      yes go do movies and stay away from wrestling

      • CM_Rules

        get used to seing Reigns succeed because if you don’t… well… i was gonna suggested watching a different promotion but there are no other promotions. So yeah, you are screwed

        • REALITY

          Reigns won’t last long, his move set is very limited, has no mic skills, and won’t even last long as champion once they see the flop.

          • Shades

            He must not have been paying attention in promo class. That viper and worm line last week was laughable.

          • Gotstodobetter

            People said that about Cena and look as what he is at lol. Also I don’t know why people keep bringing up move sets in the this WWE era like that really means something.

            • nBonThaBeat

              Yeah, even someone as talented as DB has a limited move set. It’s just his move set has a diving head butt and a suicide dive so people cheer for him.

          • mac888

            They’ll force him on us until the very end no matter what, he’s a HHH guy and thats better than being in the mafia in the wrestling world

      • Ace

        I can’t believe this is ‘the next big thing’ either..

    • CM_Rules

      You tell hem Roman. You tha man and nobody and i mean nobody can touch you right now

    • LACenaFan

      I don’t think Reigns would do good in the acting business, unless he’s a major heel. I liked him better as a heel than a face. WWE’s making a bad choice with Reigns. Reigns is a good wrestler, but he’s a not Face of the WWE type.

    • Ace

      The only messages Roman Reigns should be sending are phone calls directed at an acting school. lol Get some acting classes and work on that delivery man..

    • Undertaker316
      • CM_Rules

        talk to me in a year and you’ll see who is carrying who LOL. Actually talk to me at Wrestlemania when Reigns wins the title in the main event.

        • Undertaker316

          do you even know what carrying means?

          • CM_Rules

            you say Rollins carried Reigns for 2 years (which is BS btw) and i’m telling you that Reigns is gonna carry the COMPANY for the next 10/15 years… Now tell me, which one of those is more important…? Oh and btw stop trying to make Reigns not happening.

            • Undertaker316

              roman reigns as next face wont happen just like ryback didn’t happen

            • CM_Rules

              you keep telling yourself that mate lol

            • Undertaker316

              you keep telling your self that

            • CM_Rules

              no mate for real. once you get past denial the process is easier. And if you don’t like it, maybe just watch TNA. (while you still can lol)

            • TheRealish


            • ronjon 1000

              I hate to say it, but he’s probably right…Cena has ‘carried’ the company for a while. Tells ya all you need to know about WWE these days :(

            • rudy

              No offense but brits are poor judges of pro wrestling talent and concept.

            • Scott

              And Ryback is better than Reigns

            • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

              Rollins did career their tag team. 10-15 years? that would put him at age 40, minimum. IF reigns “caries” the company it’ll be like 2-4 years, transitional at best.

        • K Dot

          Jesus Christ. You weren’t lying about the hate he gets on this site.

          • CM_Rules

            you see where i come from now?

          • Scott

            Isnt it deserved? Whats to like about the dude. His promos suck and his moveset sucks.

            • meh

              I just think it’s a little too early. If the guy is smart hopefully he will fix what’s wrong. You can’t expect someone to be perfect right away.

            • Scott

              I can agree to that but WWE limits wrestlers movesets we’ve seen it time and time again. We also have seen guys get complacent and not change things up as well. I certainly hope he gets better because eventually people are going to start realizing how bad his promos really are, and realizing how boring his moveset is to watch.

            • K Dot

              The ridiculous amount of potential he has for one thing

            • Scott

              Potential is Cesaro, not Reigns

            • Guest

              Oh I forgot only one person can have potential at one time. Your right. Carry on with your life wrestling genius.

            • Gotstodobetter

              Not really

            • Scott

              You obviously didnt see Del Rio when he first turned face a couple years ago, you’ve seen that they are all but banning Cesaro from using his swing because he supposed to be a heel right now. Thats just 2 examples

          • raVen

            It’s some cheese

        • pwnez

          I don’t think you understand what “carrying” means when it comes to wrestling. To carry someone means to guide them along; make them look better than they actually are. Just because Reigns may become champion doesn’t mean he is “carrying” everyone.

          I can’t think of a time Reigns (while solo of course) has made another wrestler look good in the ring.

        • Bray

          Damn you’re dumb

        • Scott

          Its only going to be a matter of time before WWE wakes up and realizes that this guy isnt as good as they are portraying him to be. I dont see any chance he’s the Champ walking out at Wrestlemania. Its going to be a little guy 2 years in a row either Rollins or Daniel Bryan if he gets healthy

      • pwnez

        It’s amazing how Rollins and Ambrose made Reigns look like a star in the Shield. Now that they are all solo, Reigns seems completely lost. Rollins is the entire package and say what you want about Ambrose but he is pretty damn entertaining. Yes, his matches can be either good or bad but his character is great. I can’t wait until Ambrose turns heel; I think that is where we will really see him shine.

        The main reason the Shield was a complete success was because everyone brought something to the table. Rollins was the best wrestler, Ambrose had the charisma and mic skills and Reigns was the power house. They all worked perfectly together but it always made me wonder how they would do by themselves. Since breaking up, I swear Rollins and Ambrose have improved the most while Reigns has not.

        • The Man From Jonestown

          Such truth. I remember when I couldn’t decide who was my favorite amongst the three of them during the Shield. Now, Roman is not even in the discussion. While Ambrose is still my favorite, I am blown away by the fantastic heel performances Rollins is able to deliver on the mic, in backstage segments, and in his matches. Even in completely dead audiences, Rollins still manages to get heat on him. You’d never know that he was a natural face.

          As for Dean, he too has stepped it up a notch in his matches. He actually didn’t have that many moves he displayed while in the Shield. But, he’s clearly tried to double his repertoire now that he’s not working with Roman and Seth. He’s always been gold on the mic. And, like Rollins, he’s doing such a great job as a tough-as-nails psycho face, you’d never know his natural ability is that of a heel.

          Both men have been fantastic.

          Reigns, however, has not. He has added nothing to his moveset, and he has not improved one iota in his mic skills. In fact, to me, he seems to have regressed and doesn’t even have the same intensity in his moveset during his matches. He only uses one leg on the drop kick when he used to use two, he barely gets guys up on his shoulders when he does his Samoan Drop, and he’s going from drilling guys to hitting lighter spears.

        • QuiteFrankly2k

          It is funny how people bash us for bashing on Roman Reigns but to be honest we are calling it like we see it and how we have seen it. Rollins has been a huge favorite of mine since he was Tyler Black in ROH – Ambrose well never really watched him but heard him being praised all over. Reigns on the other hand was new to me and The Shield made him look great.

          Now that we are seeing them by themselves Rollins & Ambrose are shining and Reigns is being polished but they’ve, as in the WWE, have shined him a little to much that we just want to close our eyes.

          Listen I understand Reigns has great potential, many people on the roster do, but the point of the potential is to show it. If we are not seeing something, then how can we say that a year from now when he is holding that championship he will be really amazing, I mean from what I am seeing so far, Reigns is Cena 2. 5 moves of doom, corny promos, wins against all odds. But what can I say, not everyone is a supporter of Rollins & Ambrose like you and I are. Some just buy what WWE gives them..well I mean it is only 9.99 so why not? Haha..sorry bad joke

        • satishwarne708

          I think Ambrose is a “hace” a heel face currently yet the crowd love him which forces him into baby face zone.Ambrose looks a bit uncomfortable as a baby face.I agree with you sir that a heel Ambrose will be a completely different phenomenon.But unless Seth turns face I don’t see it happing but I know it will happen soon.

          • For Da Rock

            “hace?” It’s called a tweener, don’t try to make up your own terms.

            • rudy


            • rudy

              Nothing wrong with trying though;)

            • satishwarne708

              hace hater

        • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

          I told people to listen to my great words of wisdom regarding Roman Stains being a mediocre superstar with no mic skills, but a VERY few only agreed with me.

          Surprisingly, Rollins improved overall and Ambrose is still good to an extent.

      • rudy

        Hahahaha sore? More like broken!

      • satishwarne708

        True story,Shield=Rollins’ wrestling+Ambrose proms( all ending with a superman punch and sphere)and Reigns’ baggage.

    • The Man From Jonestown

      Is he in character? Tell me he’s in character…

      Son, you couldn’t lace the boots of the guy who couldn’t lace Sting’s boots.

      • Leather Face

        Sting is in his mid 50s. Be realistic dude.

        • The Man From Jonestown

          I’m talking career and talent wise.

          And Sting in his 50s?

          Still has more moves than Roman Reigns. That’s not even an exaggeration. Look at his final matches in TNA.

          • Leather Face

            You cant compare a 30 year career to a 3 year career. That’s just ridiculous.

            • The Man From Jonestown

              Sure you can. Brock Lesnar debuted in 2002, left in 2004, and in 2 years became one of the biggest stars the WWE had ever seen. Brock Lesnar could certainly lace Sting’s boots.

              Contrarily, there are plenty of nobody’s who’ve been in wrestling for 30 years, and couldn’t hold a candle to brock.

              It’s what you’ve done and how good you are at doing it, not how long you’ve been doing it.

              And the only way Roman could be considered a better talker than Sting is if Sting had a stroke. The only way Roman could be considered a better wrestler is if Sting lost a leg.

            • Leather Face

              Lesnar is a decorated collegiate wrestler. Almost no one can compare with his abilities in the ring. But he’s terrible on the mic. What is your criteria for talent? In ring and mic or one or the other? Because hogan was always a terrible wrestler but amazing on the mic. Sting was great in the ring but he wasn’t top 5 on the mic. Reigns is pretty good in the ring and getting better. His mic work needs work but lesnar has been around since 2002 as you say and still can barely speak for himself. And that’s not part of his gimmick. He just sucks on the mic. Everyone keeps saying reigns only has a few moves. Mostly all wrestlers use a certain set of moves. It’s called their trademark. Cena has the 5 moves of doom. Stone cold had the thesz press, elbows, mud stomp, stunner. Rock has the elbow, spine buster, rock bottom. Sure they do more than that, but they’re going to have a set of moves to get the fans excited and engaged. This isn’t a question of reigns being able to take on sting, which would never happen. That comparison can’t be made. That’s like Fandango saying the undertaker better watch out. A young new guy has to be and sound hungry even if the person he’s calling out is a legend. Does it mean he can lace takers boots? Of course not. It’s a way to get people talking about him. And seeing how he’s being pushed to the moon right now, I see nothing wrong with this OBVIOUSLY IN CHARACTER interview. It’s still real to you damn it!

            • The Man From Jonestown

              No need to get all offended and throwing out “It’s still real to you.” nonsense. Because reading that interview and comparing it to his past interviews, I see no distinction here at all that says he’s in character. He always seems to talk like he’s the hungriest guy in the room.

              And I don’t know what happened to Brock’s mic skills, but if you watched him back in 2002-2004, he could actually cut a promo. He wasn’t great, but he wasn’t as bad as he is now and he was better than Reigns. And quite frankly, I think it’s the introduction of scripts for everyone that’s ruining his mic ability. Because even Kevin Nash was forced to use a script and it killed his charisma when he feuded with Punk. I’ll even give Reigns the benefit of the doubt and say maybe scripts are hurting him, but I’ve never heard him shoot on his own, so who’s to say?

              Also, Lesnar being a collegiate wrestler means nothing. There are tons of guys who have come through the WWE with amateur backgrounds in combat sports and it didn’t put them a cut above the rest of the field like it did Angle, Lesnar and Benjamin. Guys like Vladamir Kozlov and Santino Marella had backgrounds, as does Jack Swagger, Charlie Haas, Steve Blackman, Rusev, on and on. Being a collegiate wrestler or fighter doesn’t translate to wrestling success and ability.

              For me, talent is described as only two things:

              Can you kill it on the mic?
              Can you kill it in the ring, either by telling a story or being an athletic freak.

              That’s all. And Reigns can do neither. I would let him slide on his limited moveset if he could tell a story in the ring. If he could even convincingly sell, or just had some nuance about himself. Hogan couldn’t wrestle to save his life, but he knew how to tell a story and sell it.

              You seem to think I’m saying Roman is a pure scrub. That he should be released or fired or that he’s a talentless hack. I’m not.

              I think he’s green as grass, needs several more years of development, needs to take some public speaking and acting classes and then he’ll be a credible, not-at-all-overrated main eventer.

              In the end, Roman Reigns could be as big a star as Batista in his prime. Which is good. He’ll never be a Hogan, Brock, Rock, Sting or even a Cena. Not everybody can be. But he can be a star.

              He just needs to realize, as do his fans, that if he’s going to take shots at the Stinger, be it in or out of character, he’s going to be compared to the Stinger.

              And there’s no contest who’s better.

            • Noah

              Yeah from 2002 to 2004,Brock Lesnar became a big star.Then he left after only 2 years.If he stayed,He could of been a bigger star.Brock Lesnar could not lace Sting’s boots.Sting is a legend.Brock is not.Brock is not in the same league as Sting.

            • The Man From Jonestown

              You seem to be forgetting that when Brock left the WWE, he landed in the UFC and became the second biggest mainstream star birthed from the WWE at the time, only second to the Rock. And he did it by legitimately wrestling, which would only add to his overall legacy like the olympic medal adds to Kurt’s.

              And there’s nobody in the world, who would say, that Sting can outwrestle Brock Lesnar from 2002-2004. Sting comes from an era where you could win matches with a bodyslam. Lesnar could go toe-to-toe in technical matches with guys like Angle, Eddie and Benoit and not miss a beat.

              Sting is more iconic and a FAR better speaker, but Brock is definitely in his league as a performer, or rather, was in his league back in 2002-2004.

        • satishwarne708

          Sting still got 8 or 9 moves unlike the 3 or 4 of Roman(I don’t count punch, kick and clothesline as moves)

    • Steve Cold Stone Austin

      who the hell does this guy think he is disrespecting a legend like that i dare him to say anything about stone cold steve austin i will stunner that sum bi ch right out of the wwe

    • Hulk_Hogan_spaghetti_O’s

      Now that’s funny brother. Roman Reigns talking stuff about the stinger? Romans Reigns wouldn’t be able to wipe the stingers @s$ #hoganknowsbest

    • Land of the SMARKS

      Roman Reigns to me is a combo of Kevin Nash when he was Big Daddy Cool back in 94-95 and Cena. Not in terms of talent, ring work, etc. More in the terms of how’s he’s being pushed and they way of his promos.

      Many people are already using the term Cena 2.0. WWE is known to re-use a good idea and I won’t be shocked to see if the WWE swerves the audience the way they did back at Survivor Series 1998 with the Rock and Mankind.

      • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

        lol WWE swerving the audience…. right.

        • Land of the SMARKS

          Well the last I can remember when they did a swerve was back in June with Rollins. No one really saw that coming did they? Even throw the Jericho return in there as well. Maybe not a full blown “Swerve” but he sure did save the crowd from a boring Miz promo.

          • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

            Jericho wasnt a swerve really. I’ll give you the Rollins one, seeing as he wasnt the one expected to turn on them

    • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

      Operation Kill Roman Reigns appeal before he is the top guy is complete.

    • rudy

      One thing is for sure, wwe doesn’t hassle their talent about move sets. We have a roster full of examples. Wouldn’t surprise me If reigns keeps his current repertoire til he retires! Come on Triple H do something about this!

    • Dixie Carter

      Damn! If Sting doesn’t appear on WWE TV then they company is going to go bust! WWE need our TNA legends and Hall of Famers to keep the company floating, not sinking like WWEs ECW! Now give me a shell yeah!

      • WTF

        TNA still exist??? On my tv guide they didn’t appear on thursday nights any more.

        • Undertaker316

          they moved tna to a 2 am time slot on sundays

        • Dixie Carter

          Whatever darlin’ keep living the lies that you somehow validate your existance by commenting on my posts.

    • The Connor

      I really hope WWE drops the ball with this guy. He has no talent at all and relies on that stupid superman punch too much. Out of all the other wrestlers who have so much more to offer they’re going to push this piece of garbage. Why? Because he’s related to Dwayne. F*cking ridiculous.

      • Noah

        No.There not pushing Roman Reigns just because he’s related to The Rock.

    • Jamie

      He’s been around 5 minutes and he’s trying to be the face of the company, what a joke.

    • Pfc Mark Kevin Apalisok

      Roman Reigns Vs Goldberg – should happen soon by Wrestlemania 31!

    • Sigma ?

      Reigns can only dream of emulating Sting’s legendary career. He’s not even worthy to hold the man’s jockstrap.

    • rudy

      Reigns needs to stop talking like hes a made man. Hes anything but. In the words of the rock, “stay humble and stay hungry”
      Honestly hes neither. If he was hungry we would have seen a stellar move set by now and moderate improvement on the mic. The only thing he’s hungry for is the top spot. No bueno. You have to EARN your way to the top.

      On that note, ambrose and rollins are much closer to EARNING their place than reigns is because of their years of, literally, sweat, blood and tears in the backyard and indy scene. Just saying. Reigns hasn’t earned anything. Reminds me of Orton: the heavyweight championship and main event scene on a silver platter. Even triple h, a blue blood, earned his spot on top (just ask mick foley who made sure of it). Even Cena deserves it because he shows up and delivers on a daily and yearly basis, a statement only Cena and maybe a couple others could say (CM Punk, before he left, comes to mind). But Reigns? Hmm. .

    • KenKen KillT iT

      Don’t know why folks are flipping out like he disrespected anyone. Its called cutting a promo in character. As for the Reigns hate, to each his own. Rollins is and has always been a done deal. Dean is boring in the ring but has a great persona to make up for it.

      Reigns has the look….and thats it. He looks great on TV and I do enjoy seeing him, but he needs work in Ring and Promo areas. I feel we as fans put way to much hate on the wrestlers instead of the creative team behind the wrestlers. Remember only aselect few wrestlers actually run themselfs if you feel me. We complain about wrestlers like Orton, Cena and Reigns only using a couple moves…but they haven’t been told to use a whole bunch of moves like Cesaro because they don’t know them. They haven’t been made to learn anything new because creative thinks what they’ve got is fine. So yes while some blame goes to the wrestler, not all of it imo. This is simply another case in which WWE thinks something’s good enough. You may not particularly like him now but i personally have faith he’ll get better (Just as Ryback was trying before…well the inevitable Cena feeding)

    • Jonathon Wolland

      Hilarious that roman reigns thinks he would even get the chance to step in the ring with the icon sting! Sorry roman your not your cousin The Rock and sorry you will never be as big a star as your cousin either! Your a good brawler, but you don’t have the charisma to be in the ring with sting bud, you well be a superstar in WWE no doubt! But their are few wrestlers who deserve to wrestle sting on wwe’s roster and you are surely not one of them. The only ones deemed worthy to wrestle sting: in this order The Undertaker which will probably never happen given takers health, The Rock, SCSA, Shawn Michaels, John Cena, Triple H and maybe Randy Orton! But roman your a rising star but your not even close yet in your young career to face the legend Sting! He is a true icon of the business and only the elite will get the chance to face sting! And if the WWE wants to send my man Sting out the way he deserves for what he has done for this business he needs to face The Rock at Wrestlemania 31 in stings home state of California!

    • Jonathon Wolland

      You guys are all right in your saying the only reason WWE gave Reigns a shot is cause of the family blood line he comes from! Let’s be honest he is their cause Dwayne The Rock Johnson is his cousin! Sad but true but I do prefer Rollins and ambrose as awesome heels! Reigns will be good if WWE does it right with him as a baby face!