Roman Reigns’ Superman Punch On John Cena From SmackDown (.GIF)

On Friday’s SmackDown, Shield member Roman Reigns unleashed a Superman punch on John Cena that is getting a lot of attention online. Reigns has been making a strong case for the ‘Breakout Star of 2013’ in recent months – with a dominant display at Survivor Series and his Spear becoming more devastating each time he uses it. Reigns has used the Superman punch before, but now it’s clear he’s adopting it as the latest weapon in his offensive arsenal.

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  • Stranger

    So much better than Big Show’s boring WMD

    • Mr 561

      WWE usually doesn’t like guys having the same moves, I wouldn’t be surprised if Big Show didn’t do the WMD as much and went back to the chokeslam as his finisher

  • Dale C Twigg

    This guy has an amazing future. I hope they don’t try and make him the next Batista. He has a unique look and an awesome presence. He is going to go really far. Or get screwed over by creative.

    • Mr 561

      Dale – what do you mean by “the next Batista” ?

      • cm2013

        I think he just means… big guy that breaks out of the heel faction and gets over as a big babyface. That’s what Batista was, and Batista did it very well.

        • Dale C Twigg

          Indeed. Batista did it almost to good. I think Roman has the opportunity to be a real monster. I would like to see him as a tweener. Fight Cena one week and Ryburg the next.

    • Reality

      It’s not like Punk or Bryan. This guy has the look they want. Plus he’s not an indy guy. He won’t get the Bryan/Punk treatment.

  • Mr 561

    Reigns now has his second “Move of Doom” .. You can see the pieces are falling into place – this guy has megastar written all over him

    • GN-0015

      If the moves are believable, it’s not so bad. Cena’s moves are lame, that’s why so many people been complaining about him.

  • 9 year old boy

    That made me smile :)

  • partsunknownresident

    How ironic. Cena taken down by a Superman punch!

    • Mr 561

      The irony wasn’t lost on Cena …. or his face

    • IKeepsit100

      Roman is like…Shazam. Shazam can take superman down.

      • Orestis

        As much as I prefer Marver than Dc, Shazam is the original Captain Marvel, and the one that actually matters!

    • GN-0015

      It’s not Superman punch, it’s Kryptonite punch!!

  • Bryan

    Well I guess Cena just passed the torch and got out Superman’d.

  • Reality

    must… go… watch… smackdown

  • lolwut

    oh. i thought he was mocking cena at first.

  • Anonymous123

    And that’s why folks,that Reigns is going to be a world champion in the future.He has the looks and strength and he should one day collide with Cena in a match

    • Dale C Twigg

      Not to mention his family lineage.

  • Pozessed

    Love that someone used this in WWE, I always loved it in MMA but it isn’t able to be hit aswell as it could be in wrestling ofcourse with the selling and it suits the guy doing it, I hope this becomes a signature move though and not a legit finisher.

  • Matt Gallagher

    That’s so badass

  • JamieEvsxx

    pretty much watched that GIF for like 5-10 minutes…t’was pretty awesome…=)

  • Chad EpiK

    this proves cena is more Zod then superman

    • MadWolf

      more like Lex Luthor

  • Norman Osborne

    dude got a pick up taunt and everything

  • Bad News Buzzard Follower

    but is it better than this punch

    • Aperture

      He didn’t want to go to sleep anyways.

      It is too mainstream.

  • Johnny B Bad

    Reigns will be in the 2014 main events, if he has the superman punch AND the spear as finishers, the crowd will go crazy everytime he’s about to hit one of them, but they need to sell it that both will get the 3 count, and he can change it up weekly of what finisher he will use, but if they want to push him to the main event level, don’t make him use either move for just a 2 count for now, all he has to do is improve his mic skills, if he can get better on the mic, he will be WWE champion in 2014. People are done with seeing Cena and Orton as the champions all the time, time for some new faces to fight for the title without the corporate guys being involved in the matches.

  • Scott Dorian Dancer

    thats a tough sell. he better hit people for real with that one.

  • Trenton


  • Bro88

    Is it just me or isnt that the Iron Man pose hes doing before he attacks?

  • Gerald Dorsey


  • my what?

    superman punch punch to super cena?