Rosa Mendes Hospitalized After Car Wreck

WWE diva Rosa Mendes was involved in a car accident on Friday in Las Vegas, where she lives.

The WWE website reports that a car traveling at almost 50 MPH struck Rosa’s car while she was stopped at a red light. As many as 6 cars were involved in the collision.

Police declared Rosa Mendes was not at fault in the accident.

Update: Rosa Mendes Comments On Her Car Accident

Rosa was taken immediately to the hospital for further evaluation after complaining of pain in her neck and back. She was found to not have any broken bones and was later released.

WWE provided the following photo from the scene:

Brad Davis

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    Glad that she is fine! But Whiplash can be an absolute pain!

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    Oh snap the front of the car looks horrid, hope she’s okay.

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    Looks like it’s A.W.’s time to shine…

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    Im thankful shes safe and sound.

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