Royal Rumble 2013: Main Event Spoiled By DVD Promo Material?

Warning: The following contains a major possible *SPOILER* for the Royal Rumble:

WWE has sent out promotional material for the 2013 Royal Rumble DVD & Blu-Ray packages – and it appears they’ve spoiled the pay-per-view’s main event in the process.

WWE is advertising that the main event for WrestleMania 29 will be The Rock vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship. The ad notes, “Buzz is already building after the main event match-up announcement placing two mega-watt Superstars face-to-face for the first time since WrestleMania 28.”

While it’s always possible this could be an error … it appears that CM Punk’s 400+ day title reign will be ending at the Rumble, with John Cena getting his “twice in a lifetime” shot at The Rock on April 7th.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • John Enuch Heaney

    I think I speak for everyone when I say “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    • MariosG1987

      That, you do sir.

    • pwnez

      I am not looking foward to Cena vs Rock II. A rematch as a main event for WrestleMania, very disappointing. I expect Cena and Rock to cut the same type of promos as they did last year.

      • Adam “Dwaybe The Rock” Demamp

        then dont watch bitch

        • pwnez

          “Dwaybe,” nice fail, troll. Lol!

          • Al Oli

            I think he meant to put Dwaybe. Its off of a tv show. Workaholics. Best show on cable.

          • James Harding

            yeah you dumbass!!!

        • Sisisi!

          Fuck off.

      • Leviathan

        I think this bears repeating….

        You proved my point. You dont like any mainstream guys. You would say that Davey Richards is better than the Rock. The rock is every bit as entertaining in the ring not to mention more entertaining in every other way. You think you have indie cred bc you dont like The Rock? Dude its the Rock everybody liked him at one point. Youre like a black person who wont admitt they like fried chicken and watermelon because of what people think about them. The thing is if you dont like fried chicked and watermelon there is actually something wrong with “you”. All you ever say is how you dont care what people on here think of you yet you comment on every post where your name comes up. You actually do care and its a disturbing amount how much you do. Dude at they end of they day nobody is impressed how much you know about obscure wrestling facts (and quite honestly youre more often wrong than not). You should focus on your spirituality, and the energy you are putting out in the universe, or hell at least try to get laid son. Moving into your own place and dropping a few pounds will help, you’ll even be surprised how your complextion will clear

        • The Guest

          I don’t always agree with what pwnez says either but the fact that you took the time to write a very dull paragraph about him is borderline pathetic. Maybe i’m just wasting my time replying to a troll, who knows.

          • The Guest

            ^ Not “The Guest.” I guess I have to make a goddamned account. *smh

        • Donte Shoshona Gopual

          what the fuck i hate watermelon and dont care for fried chicken and i live in the hood

          • Donte Shoshona Gopual

            and im black

          • The Guest

            Hes acting like a racist, just ignore the troll.

        • G.I.R.L.

          What the fuck did I just read? Everyone likes fried chicken, not just black people. Get out of here with that racist crap. Whatever your point was, you lost it with that jab.

          You call yourself a fan of Rock yet forget that he’s also black. No koof.

          • Stoops Nic

            I think you mean couth. But you are spot on.

        • JonzoNYC

          Sorry Buddy. Not everybody liked Rock at one point. I never liked him much but I can see why people do. But c’mon, does he need the Championship belt? He’s a friggin’ movie star. Let the guys who are there all year round headline Wrestlemania. I wouldn’t even mind Cena v.s. Punk for the belt. Again. But this sucks. That basically means that this whole year and some change that Punk has been trying to make the focal point the Belt completely irrelevent. Cuz someone whose not even working fulltime can just Win it. I know for a fact that no one on this forum would like another Hulkster title reign. But it’s ok for Rock to win it? So sad. Rock wins only to drop it to Cena cuz u know Cena wont lose twice in a row. Boo WWE for this. Boo.

      • Leviathan

        as does this

        pwnez Leviathan•2 hours ago

        Lolololol @ 3 accounts posting within 2 minutes of each other. Fake account alerrrrrrrt. I didn’t bother reading your irrelevant paragraph of nonesense. I know more than you and that pisses you off LOL! You care alot about me, you follow me around constantly. Bwaaahhhaaaa you suck at trolololin’ though. If anyone needs a life it’s you, sir. Oh, Davey Richards >>> teh Rawk. 00You must sign in to down-vote this post.

        Leviathan pwnez•23 minutes ago



        and I dont need to have anyone else say I owned you or make a fake account (as you wrongly claim) because I know it in my heart. Im willing to show my face. Are you?
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        Leviathan pwnez•25 minutes ago

        Wow you didnt bother reading my comment yet you are able to not only reference my arguments but quote specific lines. That sir is impressive. It also show how much of a hypocrite and liar you are. Not that I care, but I assure you I have forgotten more about wrestling than you will ever know. Not only that but I’ve managed to enjoy it, not just be a grumpy Gene Shalot (google him) and criticize every aspect of a show no one is making you watch. I couldnt imagine my wife going on a message board and saying how frustrated she was with the charecter development on Greys anatomy. Also please beleive me when I say I am not using more than one account, people just genuinely dislike you. I am sure thats why u have so much free time if you spent as much time in the gym or bettering yourself as u do on wrestlezone and sescoops you would be able to lead a full life. At which point I’m guessing you would probably care less about how much tv time drew mcintyre is getting. I worry for you. There is more to life than pizza rolls the internet and world of warcraft.10You must sign in to down-vote this post.

        • pwnez

          “Not that I care.” I stopped reading once you typed that. You do care, you obviously care enough to follow me around like a loser. See where i’m going with this? You’re just a little hypocrite, aren’t ya? No one cares what you have to say on your little troll rants.

          Admit it, you are my biggest fan and someone who cares very much about what I have to say.

        • DarylGrimes

          You went from having valid points to sounding like a twelve year old, and personally I don’t think you have a wife because you’re on a WWE dirt sheet website getting into arguments with people. Besides, everybody’s a hypocrite in their own way.

      • plg

        People didn’t seem to mind HBK v Taker WM 26. Granted I was at 26 and 27, and I liked 26 but 27 was ehh and last years was pretty good but seemed better on paper.

        • plg

          So I’m willing to give them a shot with this. The Rock/Cena program is the biggest thing they can do right now and Vince is all about money so he will milk this as dry as he can.

      • Chris Savage

        for the first time ever……. since last year fml wwe

    • morrisonfanone

      Yep, you do.

    • lisa

      too bad..

    • Kevin Fydrych

      Not me

  • MariosG1987

    So there goes your once in a lifetime lads.

  • Frank


  • Terry Bull

    This is a shitty way for them to go. It was also the main storyline of WM27 over Miz/Cena.

  • OhNo!


  • HRMA

    The image seems to have been taken down, there’s a [?] in it’s place.

    Either way, dammit WWE I’m tired of reruns.

    • Andrew Campbell

      Same here. I don’t want to see Lesnar vs Triple H again either.

      • G.I.R.L.

        Taker vs Lesnar is what I expected. This mania is looking to be a big rehash of previous matches.

        • Andrew Campbell

          Yeah, Lesnar vs Taker is the match I want to see. It would be a much bigger draw than HHH vs Lesnar. But that said, I would also like to see Punk vs Taker aswell.

          • Craig DeBoard

            Lesnar vs. Taker has already happened too. More than once.

          • morrisonfanone

            Lesnar/Taker 2 would almost have to be better then HHH/Taker 2. I would think.

  • Elroy

    Well *jacks off*

  • Dey_See_Me_Trollin

    Maybe but i doubt it. I think it is more likely the Cena wins the RR and Dolph cashes in on Del Rio winning the title and Cena will challenge Dolph for his title. Or Cena wins challenges Del Rio for his title at Mania, wins and then Dolph cashes in on Cena. It makes no sense for WWE to randomly end the Dolph/Cena feud to start a repeat of the Cena/Rock feud….but then again look who I am talking about

  • Puppet H

    Photo taken down?

    Search with same title, since Sescoops copy-and-paste, found out that The Rock and Cena for the championship at wrestlemania?, Ok, TIME FOR ME TO sell my Wrestlemania ticket .

    • morrisonfanone

      I’ll take it. I’d still go.

  • Lorenzo Dozier

    Still don’t think Rock vs. Cena 2 is going to take place. Having a part 2 only means a three is on the horizon. Some matches don’t necessary need to happen a second time. For an example, Brock vs. HHH 2, which is rumored to be penciled for WM 29. If Cena wants to cross paths with Rock again, let it be at Elimination Chamber that way it kills the tag line “Once in a life time” . It will be Cena, Rock and four others competing at the same time. That’s how I’ll write it.

  • umeer ahmad

    What I hope will happen:

    The Rock wins the title at Rumble. Punk comes in as the 30th entry at rumble and wins it.

    Cena wins the title from Rock by pinning him at Elimination Chamber. Rock uses his rematch clause at Mania, and Punk goes for the WWE championship because he won the Rumble. And there you have it: Triple threat match for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP: THE ROCK VS JOHN CENA VS CM PUNK.

    And the Punk takes it by pinning The Rock as a kind of revenge

    • Randy James Crawford

      Or in a shocking twist CM Punk pins The Rock and John Cena making him The Best In The World lol.

    • Jacob Hauter

      why isnt this joe schmo (no offense) writing for wwe? thats awesome.

    • G.I.R.L.

      I actually love it…

    • morrisonfanone

      That is the best thing I have ever heard for WM. Nicely done.

  • Leonard Jackson

    Wwe spoils everything >:(

  • Rico A. Johnson

    Everyone should start a twitter trendng Topic that says @wwe #NoRockVsCena2

    • morrisonfanone

      Okay, I’ll do that right now.

    • dae

      Rock v. Cena is much better than having to listen to Crying Man Dump whine about the lack of respect or some crazy crap like that for one more day!

    • Kevin Fydrych

      Yea cause WWE would probably listen

  • FOLEY_is_GOD

    I have a good idea WWE, let’s take 2 huge superstars that are only back for Wrestlemania and put them in rematches!
    Vince you’re a fucking idiot.

    • Craig DeBoard

      His bank account says otherwise, moron.

      • Kevin Fydrych


  • Lee Morris

    Let’s hope that they change it because of the leak.

    • morrisonfanone

      I doubt it. It’d be nice, but once it’s written, it’s written.

      • Lee Morris

        Yep, the funny thing about creative at WWE is that they are not very creative. I mean, I’ve never been one to post on SEScoops before, but I’ve seen people commenting and calling this match for the past year. There is still time before the Rumble, the EC and Mania, so MAYBE…just maybe…WWE will actually do something creative.

        Anyway, let’s all look forward to Once In A Lifetime 2… sigh.

        • morrisonfanone

          It would be nice. VInce has been lowering expections for 20 years now. It’s just sad that they keep booking the same junk they think will work again. It’s like they have no logic.

          • Lee Morris

            Truth couldn’t be said any better than that. I mean, all the matches they make will no doubt make a tonne of money, but it seems things are just being made with money in mind and nothing else.

            I suppose the WWE know they can get away with it at this point, but the product is becoming very stale indeed. Hopefully HHH will make amends for Vince’s mistakes.

      • G.I.R.L.

        Not really, Vince has been known to drastically alter things at the last minute.

        • morrisonfanone

          Not when it comes to big matches that will leave him rolling in money.

  • Randy James Crawford

    John Cena vs The Rock 2 might not be bad, put a stipulation in that if John Cena wins The Rock has to appear alot more because of what he has done there is still Mark Henry vs The Rock, Big Show vs The Rock, ect, ect.

  • Lou

    Cena should face undertaker

  • TeamLolMan

    so this means they spoiled the royal rumble winner ? John Cena?

    • morrisonfanone


    • Leonard Jackson

      yep, thats why i hate WWE >:( screw vince mcmahon

  • Fister

    Because the Rock is sooo deserving for a championship match. What about the guys who are there more than once or twice a year?

  • 7 year old boy

    Calm your horses everyone. WWE ain’t that stupid to spoil it.

    • morrisonfanone

      You must really be 7.

    • The Guest

      WWE just spoiled their WHC match that happened on SD, so yes, they would be that stupid to spoil it. Fans will order the royal rumble to see the Rock win the title.

      • Leonard Jackson

        i know wwe has to spoil everything that happens. god wwe needs to quit spoiling everything.

  • peter

    they wil call it once in a lifetime part 2

  • peter

    so wwe nows we are sick of cena so the think trollo
    lets give him a rumble win over a workhorse like rhodes
    and give him another facking wrestlemania main event against again fucking rock were he will win the damn wwe title again
    well wwe your more stupid than a rats ass.

    your welcome.

  • HBK

    Twice in a Lifetime, ha.

  • Andrew Campbell

    WWE, how about you give us a WrestleMania WITHOUT John Cena wrestling in the main event once in a while.

    • Leonard Jackson

      i agree

    • BOOCH

      Wrestlemania 19, 20, 21, 24, 25, and 26. All Wrestlemanias without Cena in the Main Event. This is since he came to the WWE of course.

      • Andrew Campbell

        He wrestled for a World Title at all of those PPV’s except for 19 and 20.

        • BOOCH

          True. But the those matches weren’t The Main Event. The Main Event is the last match of the night. Even though he’s fought for world titles at those Wrestlemanias they weren’t The Main Event.

          • Mr_DJ

            There can be more than one main event.

          • Craig DeBoard

            They usually have at least 3, sometimes 4 main events at Mania.

          • morrisonfanone

            Sometimes every match is the main event.

  • The Rock Fan

    I don’t think it would be that bad if the ROck career is on the line it would make it more epic because i’m sure Cena would like to be the one to end the career of a legend like the rock so i wouldn’t mind that, and i think people are overreacting because for the past few wrestlemania their have been rematches undertaker vs shawn micheals WM 25 & 26, undertaker vs hhh WM 27 & 28. Im sure it would not be headlining as the main event either Punk would be main eventing in his first WM with whatever wrestler.

  • Chris

    Rock vs Brock [HBK guest referee, heavyweight championship]. Cena vs Taker. [streak vs career, HBK guest referee] Punk vs Austin. [no DQ] Orton vs Sheamus vs Del Rio vs Ziggler vs Antonio Cesaro [money in the bank] Show vs Ryback. [wwe championship] Team Hell No and Mick Foley (as Mankind) vs the Shield [elimination match]

    • umeer ahmad

      You really think that’s gonna happen`? And HBK as guest referee in two matches? Hahahahah

      • Chris

        oops, meant to say HHH ref’ing for rock vs brock. Its not gonna happen, but id vote for this instead for repeating last year..

        • umeer ahmad

          Would love to see this at WM29:

          Taker vs Rock – Streak vs Career

          HHH vs Cena

          Punk vs Brock – WWE Championship, Brock winning the rumble!

          Orton vs Sheamus vs Del Rio vs Big Show – World Heavywight championship, Ziggler cashing in and getting his WM moment

          Jericho vs Ryback

          Miz vs Ziggler – Could be a really good match IMO

          Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio vs Wade Barret vs Kofi Kingston

          Cesaro vs Truth – US Championship

          Layla vs Eve vs Natalya vs Kaitlyn – Divas Championship

          DAMMN, would’ve been a great Wrestlemania!

  • Guest2187

    Super. Weve got whats going to feel like a lifetime of awkward Star Wars references vs dated rambling promos featuring random food item and pgish curse word.

  • J Rashad Davis

    The Rock and John Cena are my two all time favorite wrestlers and even I don’t want to see a rematch. That should say something.. Smh

  • Tofur

    This just insinuates that the winner might face The Rock, meaning he MIGHT win and if he does the Rumble winner MIGHT choose to fight him.

  • Strike

    If Cena and Rock happens again. Im turning off my tv once the main event begins. Last years match wasnt even good. Pure garbage if you ask me.

    • SavageBomber

      If it happens, just don’t pay for it. Turning off your TV wouldn’t mean anything if you paid for the PPV. Vince would still have your money and that’s all he cares about. However, I agree that last year’s match was, in a way, very anticlimactic.

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      Pure garbage? If you really, honestly, think that, I feel sorry for you. Was it the best technical wrestled match ever? No. But the atmosphere alone made it much better than a lot of us expected and the 2 actually fed off one another pretty well. And when you consider one of the guys hadnt had a singles match like that in 7+ years, it made it even that much better.

  • Chris Maverick

    WWE don’t know what “once in a lifetime” means.


    I just tweeted CM Punk asking him about it.

    I’m @TheBradShepard.

  • Sisisi!

    Hopefully this is the WWE’s way of surprising us with a different outcome, but I highly…..highly doubt that.

  • Phil Dennett

    For the first time since the last time!!

  • umeer ahmad

    Taker vs Rock – Streak vs Career in Hell in a Cell

    HHH vs Cena – I quit match – HBK Guest referee

    Punk vs Brock – WWE Championship, Brock winning the rumble!

    Orton vs Sheamus vs Del Rio vs Big Show – World Heavywight championship, Ziggler cashing in and getting his WM moment

    Jericho vs Ryback

    Miz vs Ziggler – Could be a really good match IMO

    Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio vs Wade Barret vs Kofi Kingston – Intercontinental Championship

    Cesaro vs Truth – US Championship

    Layla vs Eve vs Natalya vs Kaitlyn – Divas Championship

    DAMMN, would’ve been a great Wrestlemania!

  • Annonymus

    So Vince had to bring back The Rock after 7 years to face Cena twice? Goood!! I dont know why Cena exists .. 3 guys in the WWE i can not stand Cena , Miz and Kofi .. 2of them takes the word “wrestling” as if its fashion and talk show and the last one all he knowa is fly and delivering fake moves with Boom Boom Boom to put smiles in kids faces.. Your Welcome.

  • HatetheCenarace

    Wow and its sooooo boring cause its so predictable whos gonna win john cena i had a feeling from last years wrestlemania that its not the end its so unfair to punk hes never main evented wrestlemania god i hate cena

  • justrockit

    #rematchamania smh…I know people travel all over to see mania(myself included for last years) but I hope my fellow New Yorkers Troll the crap out of this mania if we are getting rock cena, lesnar hhh, punk taker. ” been here saw that” clap clap clap clap clap

  • Forceton Banfodder

    Has it occurred to anyone that this was possibly written to create an already preexisting swerve. Fans are predictably falling over themselves to complain about Cena and Rock 2 which (if I was the WWE) is what I would want to happen to prevent anyone from guessing the possible outcome.

    • Reality

      This is what I was thinking indeed. But well, I think it’s 85% goint to be Rock vs Cena 2 and 15% something else.

  • JaffaJoose

    The Rock beats CM Punk for the title at the Royal Rumble. The Rock beats John Cena at Wrestlemania for the title. The Rock leaves, retiring the spinner belt, and they introduce the new championship belt that’s been rumored.

  • Matthew Redd MacLean

    Punk wins at rr then loses at elimination chamber watch

  • james

    your mom has a cookiepuss

  • CenaForKissMyAssClub!

    So their ending punks reign just so rock can “pass the torch” to cena since he didn’t do that back in 2004, Poor Punk, guys a fucking workhorse yet he gets fucked every ppv because that fagget cena keeps givin vince bjs and kissing ass

  • Mr_DJ



  • Craig DeBoard

    I swear people will believe anything as long as it’s on the internet. A DVD’s promotional material doesn’t mean anything. An injury could happen between now and then PLUS there’s still ELIMINATION CHAMBER.

    Punk could still beat The Rock at Royal Rumble and lose the title at Elimination Chamber. Cena may not win the Rumble. It could be someone from Smackdown that challenges Del Rio and Cena just happens to be Raw’s #1 Contender at Mania.

    This doesn’t mean anything. All of the people crying and whining like little bitches about Cena vs. Rock II need to relax.

    • Craig DeBoard

      And another thing, people complaining about “re-runs” because this match has already taken place, none of you bitched any of the several times Rock and Austin faced each other or when HBK went against Undertaker for the billionth time.

      Seriously, you’d think the “smart” fans on here might actually try to write something, oh I don’t know, smart?

  • Donte Shoshona Gopual

    Im gonna get killed but Im gonna love it when cena takes the title off the rock at WM

  • Martin Cortez

    cena vs rock agian. thats a sorry ass match just n case any of u didnt c the match the first time u can totally tell that cena threw that match and let the rock win, and they think the second time would b any better COME ON i rather c cm punk beat the rock, and cm punk still wwe champ

    • Martin Cortez


  • pvvnez

    another screw up by the wwe. why am i not surprised

  • wwf fan

    i will always hate WWE if the rock does not win Cena vs Rock II – vince / hhh take note!

  • chris keller

    “once in a lifetime”, somehow I KNEW that was a bunch of bs for the simple minded fools who actually believed it.

  • morph_3

    Punk loses to Rock at the Rumble.
    Punk has rematch and loses again.
    Cena wins Rumble.
    Cena challenges Rock at Wrestlemania.
    Cena wins at Wrestlemania.

  • Steve James

    Am I happy that Rock will be ending Babbling Brooks’ title reign? Yes. Should we have to see another Rock/Cena match at a Wrestlemania? NO. I get the Rock coming back as an Attitude nostalgia act and being Champion for a few months- helps WWE put asses in seats and numbers on the ratings board, and helps Rock sell a few more ‘GI Joe’ tickets… but wouldn’t people rather see Rock face someone like Undertaker? A match between two established fan favorites, that we’ve never seen at WM, “The Hollywood Champion vs. The Streak”, sounds way more interesting and profitable than “The Frooty Pebble vs. The Guy Who’s Never Here, Part 2.”

  • Bean Town

    u know what WWE has been fucked up now for the longest time
    u can not advertise cena VS rock once in a LIFE TIME
    at last years WM & then the FOLLOWING year book the SAME MATCH
    its the hole point that WWE advertised that match would only happen once
    in life time just to make $ if it was at any other PPV i prob would not care
    u can not have the SAME 2 people Wrestle 2 WWE PPV back back years
    that fucks up the SHOW
    and idk about any one else but i do not PAY $ to watch these PPV anyway
    or watch it on TV they don’t get my ratings

    • Kris Mystery

      If you don’t pay then you have no right to bitch.

  • Liz DiGregorio

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I love it and hope this is real. Thank the good lord No more COOKIEPUSS CrackHead!

  • king khan

    wwe should do this:
    – lesnar costs rock the title leading to rock vs brock at mania.
    – show loses to del rio attacks ricardo who is about to enter the rumble and takes his place only for delrio to interfere and throw show over the rope- show then knocks out delrio and as no one is in the ring ziggler enters and then cashes in to pin the champ and win the title only to be eliminated by the next entrant (CENA) who shouts i will c u at mania.
    – the shield cost ryback/orton and shaemus somehow and also at elimination chamber leading to the shield vs ryback/orton and shaemus in a street fight at mania.
    – ziggler and big e cost cena his match at elimination chamber so cena returns the favour distracting ziggler so he gets pinned in the chamber new champion the now heel turned del rio (del rio needs to be an established heel for a little while yet maybe a year or more and as the champ til atleast royal rumble).
    – @ WM Cena vs ziggler and big e in two on one match.
    – Miz wins rumble gets drafted to smackdown and chooses del rio.
    – For weeks leading upto wm though ppl think Miz will face punk but when it doesn’t happen Punk comes out a few weeks before mania braggs about his lengthy reign and since no one has dethroned him yet and most definitely will NEVER be able to dethrone him the wwe champ will take a night off at mania. Just then Austin comes out and tells him punk will face someone at mania since punk has a great streak as champ there can only be one match at mania streak vs streak so his opponent will be THE UNDERTAKER and Taker dethrones punk at mania ( deending on his health of course) Taker gets attacked on raw the next night and the title is vacantand Raw’s new darft shaemus wins the title. but i think this all wish full thinking.

  • Wahab Qaisar

    wwe lacks creativity so cena will prb win rumble but i think punk will keep his title and lose to cena at mania

  • Wahab Qaisar

    what wwe should do: brock costs the rock his match leading to rock vs brock at mania.
    show loses to del rio thanks to ricardo – then attacks ricardo as he is entering the rumble and takes his place – del rio comes out and gets show eliinated even though he isn’t in the rumble – show attacks del rio knocks him out and with no one in the ring the next enterant ZIGGLER enters and with del rio knocked out casehs in his title chance and pins del rio. Ziggler in last 4 in the rumble eliminates cena who ala HOGAN 1992 costs ZIGGLER.
    Last two men in barret and an injured MIZ. MIZ wins rumble.
    shield cost orton/ryback and attack shaemus at chamber leading to 3 on 3 street fight shield vs orton/ryback and shaemus at mania.
    Miz picks ziggler at mania after playing with both champions leading up to mania.
    PUNK declares no one good enough to face him so he will take night off at mania. Austin comes out tells him he has an opponent for punk at mania UNDERTAKER. Tkaer beats punk for title at mania austin special ref. but i don’t think that will happen.

  • Johnjon

    WTF MAN!!!! WTF MCMahon!!! Dammit All To Hell………..BoyCott WrestleMania!!!

  • Rick

    My Wrestlemania Deam Card for this year;
    1) Rock vs Brock Lesnar
    2) Dolph Ziggler Vs Jericho
    3) CM Punk VS Austin or Undertaker
    4) Cena/RYBack/Sheamus Vs The Shield
    5) Road Schloars VS Miz/Morrison
    6) Del Rio VS Orton
    7) Daniel Bryan Vs Kane
    8) Antonio Cesaro VS /Open Challenge
    9) Wade Barrett VS Kofi Kingston
    10) Kaithlyn vs Tamania
    11) Big Show vs Booker T

  • Chad V

    Cena will interfere on Punks behalf because of the idea of Rock getting a title shot without being an active member of the WWE is an insult. It’s not a heel turn, but a way to get heat on Cena and put him with Rock while Punk moves on to Mania to defend against Ryback who will win the Rumble. Either Cena or Brock interferes and costs Rock… book it!

  • Thomas-24/7 (Mutascale)

    Undertaker vs The Rock; Undertaker vs. John Cena; Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock probably be a more high-profile match. Have The Rock vs John Cena at Elimination Chamber; better than doing a repeat.

  • Diego Torres


  • the miz

    i predict christian will win the rumble……..and cm punk to retain …maina main event will be a 3 way between rock, punk and cena

  • dann

    when punk rising,wwe make him a heel.tired of cena,rock’s actions

  • Nightmare

    NOOOOOOO NOOOOO NOOOO NOOOOO NOOOO NOOOOOO! for god’s sake someone need’s to send Bryan to Creative office to give them a little advice.

  • john p

    i would like cm punk fight stone cold at wrestlemania with him being world heavy weight champion the rock wwe champion against the undertaker thier so many story they can go with this to make wrestlemania good this year and not john and rock again please hell no i wish i could write for these guys.

  • Rashad Jackson

    the fact that they said ONCE IN A LIFE TIME at WM last year pissed me off…if they fight again at WM this year FACT i will be pissed off…i wud def. rather see rock vs. taker at WM! that wud be better…i really really really hope cena doesnt win the rumble tonight..ill be mad!! give it to some1 else please…and if shield is in the rumble…all the guys they hurt are gonna get payback tonight!…as for punk,..i want him to keep the title but then again i want him to lose it…want him to keep it cuz hes held it for a long time which i think is cool and for the fact that rock is only here for a few more months then leaving..just cause hes back he has to win the title? for wwe ratings..BS man..i think punk shud lose cuz i wanna see him vs. taker…or have him lose n have taker win the rumble n face rock for the title..but that wont happen cuz undertaker is and always will be a smackdown superstar…but yes i just tweeted that “@wwe NoCenaVSRock2