WWE Royal Rumble 2013 Results

WWE Royal Rumble PPV Opener:

The 2013 WWE Royal Rumble opens with a video package highlighting the history of the Rumble, complete with statistics and records. The focus also shifts heavily to The Rock vs. CM Punk for the WWE Championship.

The pyro explodes and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. Lilian Garcia announces that the first match will be a Last Man Standing match, Big Show’s music plays and out he comes.

World Heavyweight Championship (Last Man Standing): Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Big Show

Alberto Del Rio starts walking to the ring with Ricardo Rodriguez. They run into WWE Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart. Hart wishes Del Rio luck and says he’s fought Show, and he’s big and bad. Hart says Del Rio reminds him of a Mexican Bret Hart, so he should go out and show that tub of goo what’s what. Del Rio says Hart reminds him of a Canadian Del Rio and they shake hands. Ricardo gushes over Hart and Del Rio says they need to go, but Hart puts a signature pair of his glasses on Ricardo. Ricardo makes his way out, with the Bret Hart glasses on, and does the ring introduction for Alberto Del Rio, who gets a somewhat decent reaction from the crowd. The bell rings and Show takes it right to Del Rio, backing him into the corner and hitting a couple of punches to the gut before head butting and chopping Del Rio. Del Rio tries to fight back with kicks and punches, but he runs right into a clothesline from the big man. Show slams Del Rio to the mat and wait for him to get to his feet.

Show takes Del Rio into the corner and chops him hard across the chest. Del Rio is able to get a boot up to kick Show in the throat, but when Del Rio heads to the middle rope, he jumps off into another big right hand. Show head butts Del Rio before whipping him into the corner and hitting a backsplash. Del Rio gets caught by a kick from Show, but he’s able to counter a powerbomb into a hurricanrana, and he even goes to the top for a seated senton to take the giant off his feet. Show pulls himself up in the corner, and Del Rio leaps up with a big enzugiri. Del Rio beats Show down and tries for the cross arm breaker, but Show simply picks Del Rio up and drives him down. Del Rio rolls to the outside to get to his feet, and Show follows, chopping Del Rio across the chest again. He tosses the champ into the ring and heads to the timekeeper’s area, grabbing a steel chair. Show climbs the ring steps and heads back into the ring with chair in hand. He winds up, but Del Rio catches him with a dropkick and Show drops the chair. Del Rio hits Show with the chair repeatedly, dropping him to his back and driving the chair down repeatedly into Show’s ribs. Del Rio heads to the middle rope with the chair in hand, but when he jumps off, Show catches him around the throat and takes him to the mat with a big chokeslam. Del Rio is able to make it to his feet at 9, but he falls right out of the ring onto the arena floor. Show heads out to the floor after Del Rio and asks if the ref’s going to resume his count. Del Rio gets to his feet and Show quickly slams him down on the floor. Del Rio stands up at 7 and Show takes him up the entrance ramp. Del Rio kicks Show in the groin and Show is stunned. Del Rio rears back and catches Show with a kick to the side of the head that drops the challenger.

Show stands at 9 and catches Del Rio with a boot to the gut. They fight up to the entrance area with Show hitting a weird DDT and then whipping Del Rio into the entrance set. Show tries to kick Del Rio, but Del Rio moves and Show kicks the set decoration. Show grabs one of the light tubes and hits Del Rio across the back before breaking it against the set. Show grabs a table and sets it up before chopping Del Rio across the chest. Show begins to climb the entrance set and hoists Del Rio up with one arm. The two fight on top of the set, about 8 feet in the air, and Show grabs Del Rio across the throat, tossing him to the arena floor through the table. The referee begins the count, but Del Rio makes it to his feet at 9. He immediately falls right back down, but gets up quickly this time. Show grabs Del Rio around the neck and brings him back toward the ring, kicking him in the stomach on the way. Del Rio pulls himself to his feet using the ring apron. Big Show jumps right back on him. Show calls for the KO punch, but Del Rio sees it coming and drops to the outside. Show follows out to the floor and takes the ring steps apart, grabbing the top stairs and chucking them at Del Rio’s head. Del Rio moves and the stairs crash into the ring post. Ricardo isn’t happy, and he attacks Show, but ends up thrown into the barricade hard. Show tries for a spear, but Del Rio moves and Show ends up crashing through the time keeper’s area. Show makes it to his feet at 9, but Del Rio grabs a chair and wears it out across Show’s back, hitting him repeatedly. Show’s arm ends up draped across the steel ring steps and Del Rio hits it with the chair. Del Rio grabs a fire extinguisher from somewhere and uses it to blast Show.

Show rolls back into the ring and Del Rio follows. Del Rio grabs the same arm he assaulted earlier and locks it in the cross arm breaker. Ricardo is up and he has duct tape, taping the big man’s legs to the bottom rope at the ankles. The ref counts and Show can’t get the tape off in time to get back to his feet. The ref counts ten while the crown chants one-ten in Spanish. Del Rio retains.

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto Del Rio

Backstage: Matt Striker With AJ, Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston

Matt Striker is backstage with AJ, Dolph Ziggler, and Big E Langston. Striker brings up the Beat the Clock challenge. Ziggler says Vickie is so see through, and she’s jaded, bitter and pathetic. Ziggler says he’s choosing #1, because that’s exactly what he is. AJ asks if Striker thinks Dolph can’t do it, or he’s not good enough to be #1 and win the Rumble. AJ wants to know how fast and how far can Striker run in five seconds. Langston walks up and grabs the mic as Striker walks off. Langston puts on his best reporter voice and asks what Dolph will do after he wins here tonight. Ziggler says he’ll set the record for longest entrance, then win the Rumble, then cash in his briefcase, win the World Championship, and go to WrestleMania to win the WWE Championship and unify the titles on the grandest stage of them all.

In some pre-recorded video, Antonio Cesaro says the last three winners of the Rumble have been non-American, and that will continue tonight because all of those winners pale in comparison to Cesaro.

The Prime Time Players let us know that a win would mean millions of dollars.

Randy Orton says there’s no partners or allies in the Rumble, just like he likes it. He needs this win, and he’ll take it.

John Cena says there’s a target on his back, but at the end of the night, everyone will realize the champ is here.

Wade Barrett says he restores credibility to an event that hasn’t had it for a long time because no one can stop the Barrett barrage.

Sheamus says he’s going to win the Rumble match two years in a row because of the brogue kick. It’s the Rumble and time for talking is over.

Ryback asks who says he’s not the best in the world. He’s not the largest athlete, doesn’t eat fruity pebbles, and won’t have a pint after the match. He says feed me more.

WWE Tag-Team Titles: Team Hell No (c) vs. Team Rhodes Scolars

Rhodes catches Bryan with a boot to the gut before going to work on the arm. Bryan works his way out of it and hits Rhodes with a dropkick. Rhodes sends Bryan into the ropes and Bryan catches Rhodes by the leg, trapping him in a surfboard. Bryan tags out to Kane who hits Cody with a low running dropkick that’s good for a near fall. Kane drives Cody’s head into the turnbuckle before sending him into the ropes. Cody is able to catch Kane with a kick to the knee and a big dropkick before tagging out to Sandow. Kane is able to slam Sandow to the mat before tagging out to Bryan. Kane whips Bryan into Sandow in the corner for a big splash. Sandow gets to his knees and eats a series of kicks from Bryan to the chest. Bryan tags out to Kane who kicks Sandow in the side of the head and hits him with a big right.

Sandow is able to catch Kane with a back elbow, but Kane kicks Sandow in the face and sends him to the outside before tossing Rhodes out after him. Bryan tags in and leaps through the ropes, taking out Sandow and Rhodes. Bryan is thrown into the ring apron by Sandow and takes it back into the ring before Rhodes is tagged in. Rhodes comes in strong and takes Bryan to the mat putting him into a half-crab and Bryan counters for the two count. Rhodes is able to tag out to Sandow before the third count and gets Bryan with a splash. Bryan gets a Russian leg sweep by Sandow before getting back up. Sandow again gets another near fall on Bryan. Rhodes once again tags back in and is getting the upper hand on Bryan who is able to retaliate with a heel kick.

Sandow then tags back in and is able to keep Bryan from tagging out as Rhodes tags back in. Rhodes slams him to the mat refusing to let him tag out. Sandow is able to avoid a choke slam from Kane. Kane gets to the top rope but misses a clothesline from the top rope on Sandow. Sandow gets a quick two count on Kane with a neckbreaker. Sandow and Rhodes fight out of a double chokeslam. Bryan makes a blind tag. Sandow and Rhodes get a double suplex on Kane. Kane chokeslams Rhodes following Bryan getting Sandow with a missile dropkick. Sandow taps out from the No Lock clamped on by Bryan.

Winner and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: Team Hell No


Vickie Guerrero breaks up the short lived victory celebration between Kane and Daniel Bryan who gives both of them their Royal Rumble entry numbers. After calling Bryan’s number “interesting”, Kane refuses to show Bryan his number saying no. Bryan explains that it’s in the rules and Kane is supposed to show him. Kane responsed that Bryan would feel “very inadequate” and it’s a bad strategy, but he’ll see Bryan out there. Bryan says not if he sees him first, in which Kane says that’s highly unlikely.

30-Man Royal Rumble

Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring in the #1 spot, as he claimed earlier. He’s flanked by Big E, and AJ. AJ makes out with him for a bit at the top of the entranceway before Ziggler peels off and heads to the ring by himself. Ziggler has a mic, and he says he stands before the crowd all alone in the spotlight exactly where he belongs. And tonight when the Rumble match comes to a close it’ll be exactly the same. Him standing in the ring by himself as the winner of the Rumble match. And he doesn’t even care who #2 is, so just send him out already. Ziggler is answered with the return of Y2J, Chris Jericho himself! Ziggler and Jericho lock up and Jericho clamps on a headlock. Ziggler sends Jericho into the ropes, and eats a shoulder block.

Ziggler tosses Jericho to the apron, but he heads right up to the top and comes off with an axe handle smash before sending Ziggler out to the apron. Ziggler punches Jericho away and heads to the top but he’s stopped by Jericho. Jericho tries to shove Ziggler to the floor, but Ziggler fights it off. Jericho hits a superplex as #3 is announced, and it’s Cody Rhodes. Jericho goes right after Rhodes, but Ziggler teams up with Rhodes and they take it to the veteran. Rhodes and Ziggler try to toss Jericho over the top, but he’s able to hold on to the ropes. Cody catches him with a nasty kick to the gut, but Jericho recovers quickly and locks Cody in the walls of Jericho. Ziggler attacks from behind and chokes Jericho against the bottom rope. Ziggler slingshots Jericho against the bottom rope throat first. The clock counts down. #4 is Kofi Kingston. Kingston comes in with a giant dropkick to Rhodes before mounting him in the corner for ten punches.

Kofi misses trouble in paradise on Ziggler, but he’s able to send Ziggler out to the apron. Rhodes tries to get Cody out, and Jericho tries to get Rhodes out in turn. Jericho takes Rhodes into the corner and chokes him with his boot as Kofi tries to get Ziggler over the top rope a second time. Rhodes helps Ziggler as the clock winds down again. #5 is Santino Marella. Marella comes in and has already broken his record, tossing everyone out to the apron, but not eliminating anyone. Santino reaches for the Cobra, but it doesn’t help him as Rhodes is able to toss him over the top rope to the outside. Santino has been eliminated. Ziggler continues to focus on Kingston and Rhodes teams up to help him. Kingston kicks them both away as the crowd counts down from ten another time. 3MB’s music hits. Drew McIntyre is #6. McIntyre comes in hot, trying to eliminate Kofi right off the bat, but things break down as Jericho comes in from behind.

Jericho peels off and walks right into a dropkick from Ziggler, and he ends up tossed over the ropes, almost falling out to the floor. He’s able to pull himself back up as the clock counts down once more. #7 is Titus O’Neal. Titus comes in quick and goes right for Kofi and Rhodes, fighting off both off them. Titus picks up Kofi for a big backbreaker before throwing him aside. Jericho tosses McIntyre to the apron and dropkicks him to the outside. Drew McIntyre has been eliminated. Ziggler comes close to being eliminated again, but sneaks back into the ring as Rhodes and Titus focus on Jericho. #8 is Goldust! Cody doesn’t look happy, and Goldust goes right for him, catching him right a right hand, and sending him out to the ring apron, stomping away at him. The crowd’s happy to see Goldust as he unloads on his brother in the corner.

Goldust tries to elminate Cody, but Cody fight his brother off. The clock winds down again. #9 is David Otunga. Otunga comes in and heads after Goldust and then Jericho, choking him in the corner with his boot. Titus beats on Goldust in the corner as Ziggler tries to send Kofi to the outside. Rhodes and Goldust team up on Titus, trying to dump him over the top rope. They get him out to the apron, but Rhodes turns on Goldust, and screws up the plan for everyone. #10 is another 3MB entrant, Heath Slater. Slater heads into the ring and goes after Goldust, then Otunga, stomping away at his former partner in the corner. Slater is able to pepper Kofi with a couple of rights before getting caught by Titus. Ziggler is once again in a precarious position, due to Jericho this time. Rhodes finds his way on the apron courtesy of Titus as the clock counts down again. #11 is Sheamus. Sheamus comes in and hits a couple of Irish curse backbreakers, then a couple of nasty roll throughs. Sheamus sends Titus out to the apron, and launches Otunga into him, sending Titus to the outside. Titus O’Neal has been eliminated.

Sheamus catches Otunga with a couple of blows to the chest and a brogue kick that sends him to the floor. David Otunga has been eliminated. #12 is Tensai. Tensai comes in and attacks everyone, but quickly pairs up with Sheamus, fighting him in the corner. Everything breaks down into random brawling with people splitting off every now and then and Ziggler ending up on the ring apron almost eliminated. Another entrant gets counted down. #13 is Brodus Clay. Brodus makes his way into the Rumble and heads right after Jericho before trading blows with Tensai for a bit. Rhodes sends Goldust flying across the ring, but Goldust as able to backdrop Rhodes to the apron. Goldust charges, but Rhodes drags him out to the apron. Goldust clothesline Rhodes into the ring, and Rhodes sends ‘dust into the ring post and to the outside. Goldust has been eliminated. The clock counts down once more. #14 is Rey Mysterio. Mysterio comes in and blasts Ziggler with a nasty kick before hitting Jericho with a 619 and dropping the dime on the returning superstar. Everyone tries to clump up on Tensai, but it doesn’t last too long. Sheamus tries to get him out on his own, but Tensai fight it off. #15 is Darren Young.

Everyone teams up on Brodus Clay, and he’s dumped over the top, Tensai is sent out by Kofi shortly after. Brodus Clay and Tensai have been eliminated. Ziggler sends Kofi to the apron and he lands on Tensai’s back. Kofi lands on the announcer’s table. Kofi stands on the table and asks for JBL’s chair. JBL hands it to him as the clock counts down. #16 is Bo Dallas. Kingston uses the chair like a pogo stick and hops his way over to the ring. He the low bridges Darren Young and eats a disaster kick from Rhodes. Darren Young and Kofi Kingston have been eliminated. Dallas blasts Slater with a back elbow as the clock counts down. #17 is THE GODFATHER! The Godfather makes his way down to the ring with a couple of his ladies in tow, getting a great pop from the crowd. Ziggler dropkicks him right over the top and to the outside. The Godfather has been eliminated. Godfather doesn’t look too upset as he puts his glasses and hat back on and struts out with his ladies.

Jericho slams Dallas to the mat and hits him with a second rope knee drop as the timer counts down. Wade Barrett is #18. Barrett comes in and goes right after Jericho, stomping away at him in the corner before catching Sheamus with a black hole slam. Barrett tries to get Sheamus over the top and he’s helped by Jericho, but they just can’t manage to get him out. Barrett fights with Slater as the crowd counts down once more. #19 is John Cena. Cena does not get a welcoming reaction on his way into the match as everyone gangs up on him from the get go. Cena fights off everyone, sending Heath Slater and Cody Rhodes over the top and to the outside. Heath Slater and Cody Rhodes have been eliminated. Cena tries to eliminate Jericho, but it’s broken up by Ziggler. Bo Dallas tries to eliminate Cena in the corner, but Cena fights it off. #20 is Damien Sandow. Mysterio heads up to the top and catches Barrett with a hurricanrana that takes both to the apron. Barrett heads back in and kicks Mysterio from the apron.

Rey Mysterio has been eliminated. Sheamus attacks Barrett as Jericho tries to lock in the walls of Jericho on Cena and the clock counts down. #21 is Daniel Bryan. Bryan goes right for Sandow, kicking away at him before turning to Ziggler, then Barrett, kicking them all repeatedly in the chest. Bryan shoulders Jericho and tries to get him over the top with the help of Sheamus. Jericho hangs on as Sheamus pulls Bryan into the corner to fight. Ziggler pounds on Dallas in the corner and the next entrant comes down. #23 is Antonio Cesaro. Cesaro comes in and is targeted right away by Sheamus and Daniel Bryan. Sheamus hits him with a nasty clubbing blow. Things break down into simple brawling, lots of punches and uppercuts. #23 is The Great Khali. Khali heads into the ring and begins chopping as many people’s heads as possible before standing on Jericho’s throat in the corner. Cesaro struggles to get Sheamus over the top rope. Bryan blasts Ziggler with rights, but eats a head butt from Khali. #24 is Kane. Kane comes in and goes after Ziggler, getting him out to the apron once more. Kane pairs off with Khali, trying to wear him down with Bryan but Khali fights them both off. Sandow comes close to eliminating Sheamus, but Sheamus hangs on.

The ring is filling up, and we’re getting one more. #25 is Zack Ryder. Kane dumps Khali over the top rope, and is in turn dumped over the top by Bryan. Cesaro sends Bryan to the apron and dumps him out into Kane’s waiting arms. Bryan asks to be put into the ring, but Kane refuses and drops him to the floor. The Great Khali, Kane, and Daniel Bryan have been eliminted. #26 is Randy Orton. Orton comes in with a series of clotheslines and a snap powerslam to Ziggler. Orton tosses Bo Dallas and Ziggler to the apron and brings both in with a double suspension DDT before hitting Ryder with an RKO and dumping him over the top. Zack Ryder has been eliminated. Cesaro and Barrett team up on Barrett in the corner as the clock counts down again. #27 is Jinder Mahal.Cesaro picks up Cena and tries to toss him over the top, but Cena fights it off and tosses Cesaro over. Antonio Cesaro has been eliminated. Cena and Barrett pair up for a bit before Cena looks for Ziggler, slingshotting him over the top to the apron. Sheamus catches Barrett with a huge clothesline. #28 is the Miz. Miz comes out and attacks Cesaro on his way out to the ring. Sheamus clotheslines Mahal over the top. Jinder Mahal has been eliminated. Miz hits Cena with a reverse DDT while Barrett tries to eliminated Sheamus. Orton puts Ziggler on the top turnbuckle and pushes him to the apron. #29 is Sin Cara. Cara comes in with a couple of quick spots before being grounded by Sandow. Sheamus is able to muscle Cena out to the apron.

Dallas is on the apron and he drags Barrett over the top rope and to the floor. Wade Barrett has been eliminated. Sheamus tosses Sandow to the apron, but Sandow hangs on to the ropes to keep himself alive. Miz backdrops Jericho to the apron and Wade Barrett leaps up to the apron and pulls Dallas over the top. Bo Dallas has been elimiated. Barrett winds up and blasts Dallas with a nasty elbow. #30 is Ryback. Here we motha-fn go! Ryback charges out to the ring and goes after everyone, pushing them away. Ryback dumps Sandow out onto the apron and charges in, knocking him to the floor. Sandow has been eliminated. Cara kicks Ryback and tries to leap off the top on him, but Ryback swats him away and tosses him to the outside. Sin Cara has been eliminated. Miz tries to attack from behind, but ends up tossed to the outside as well. Miz has been elminiated. Jericho hits Ryback with the codebreaker and Cena with a lionsault. He almost eliminates Sheamus before hitting Ziggler with a codebreaker, and being sent from the ring by Ziggler in turn. Jericho has been eliminated. Ryback ends up charging shoulder first into the ring post. Orton hits Ziggler, Cena and Sheamus with RKO’s before bringing Ryback back into the ring with a suspension DDT.

Orton tries for an RKO on Ryback, but Ryback pushes him off and clotheslines him over the top. Randy Orton has been eliminated. Sheamus takes Ziggler out to the apron and Ziggler fights back, but a brogue kick sends Ziggler to the floor. Dolph Ziggler has been eliminated. It’s down to Sheamus, Cena and Ryback. Cena and Sheamus team up on Ryback with a double suplex. They stare each other down, then look up to the WrestleMania sign. Both men begin unloading on each other and Cena hits a couple of shoulder blocks and a belly to back suplex, but misses the five knuckle shuffle when Ryback stops him with a giant clothesline. Ryback tries for shellshock on Sheamus, but Sheamus fights out and connects with white noise on Ryback. Sheamus tries for the brogue kick, but Ryback counters by picking him up and tossing him from the ring. Sheamus has been eliminated. It’ll either be Ryback or Cena headed to WrestleMania.

Cena catches Ryback with a series of rights, but runs right into a big spinebuster. Ryback tries for the clothesline, but Cena catches him with a drop toe hold and locks in the STF. Ryback fades, and appears to pass out. Cena pulls Ryback to his feet and seats him on the top rope. Ryback begins to fight back, hitting a Thesz press from the middle rope before shouldering Cena. Ryback charges toward the ropes, but Cena drops down, and pushes Ryback over. Cena wins.

Winner of the 2013 Royal Rumble: John Cena

Backstage: Josh Matthews Interviews The Rock

Josh Matthews is backstage with The Rock. Matthews begins to ask about the Shield, but he’s cut off by Rock. Rock says finally, he’s come back to Phoenix. Last week the Rock was coughing up blood, he’s been through it all, adversity all his life. Rock strived for the NFL, but didn’t get drafted. A year later, the only thing he had was 7 bucks in his pocket. We’ve all gone through adversity. It’s like the guy who gets passed up for a promotion. Or god-forbid, if your loved ones are stricken with cancer like his own mother who’s here tonight. She didn’t quit, they don’t quit, and he’ll never quit. Punk says the fans don’t count. Rock says they have no idea how much they all count to him for all the love and support they give. That’s why in this moment Rock is reaching out his hand to everyone who believes, and everyone who gets knocked down and right back up, because tonight, we’re going to end 440 days of misery. Tonight is the night the fans and the Rock beat CM Punk, become WWE Champion, and become one, if you smell what he’s cooking.

WWE Title: CM Punk (c) vs. The Rock

The WWE Champion CM Punk, accompanied by manager Paul Heyman, comes to the ring first for our main event of the evening. The Rock comes out next. He has a lengthy entrance. Both guys are finally in the ring now. Punk hits Rock with a series of rights, but Punk responds with a couple of kicks, and some clubbing blows in the corner. Rock responds with a clothesline and tries for a Rock Bottom, but Punk fights it off. Rock clotheslines Punk to the outside and follows. Rock and Punk fight around the announcer’s table before Rock sends Punk into the barricade.

Rock dismantles one of the announcer’s table, but Punk sends Rock back into the ring and puts the table back together. Punk heads back into the ring and is met by an immediate right that sends him back to the outside. Punk and Rock fight on the outside with Rock whipping Punk into the barricade. Heyman attacks while the ref’s back is turned and distracts the Rock long enough for Punk to hit a clothesline. Punk hits a front clothesline, laying Rock stomach first across the barricade. Punk brings things back into the ring where he blasts Rock with knees to the stomach and a stiff kick to the back. Punk rips at Rocks face while locking in a body scissors. Rock fights out of the hold, but runs into a knee to the gut. Punk locks in a submission hold, but Rock won’t give up. Rock fights his way out of it with knees to the back of Punk’s head.

Rocks hits a couple of rights, an inverted atomic drop, and then runs into a big kick to the face. Punk walks over top of Rock, smiling and laughing. Punk punches Rock in the stomach before tying him up in the ropes and hitting him with clubbing blows to the chest. Punk brings things into the middle of the ring before picking Rock up in a suplex and tossing him into the top rope. Punk kicks and stomps away at Rock in the corner before being backed up by the ref, allowing Heyman to get in another cheap shot. Punk allows Rock to get to his feet on the apron before hitting him with a springboard dropkick that sends him to the floor. Punk heads to the top rope and leaps to the outside, hitting Rock with a flying forearm. Punk grabs at his knee, walking it off. Punk brings things back into the ring where Rock kicks at Punk’s knee, bringing him down to the mat. Punk grabs Rock and throws him through the ropes to the outside.

Punk leaps through the ropes with a suicide dive that wipes out the Rock. Punk tosses Rock back into the ring and climbs up to the apron. Punk misses a springboard dropkick and Rock goes for the opening, stomping away at Punk’s back before driving him knee into the canvas. Rock stomps at Punk a bit more before picking him up and hitting a Russian leg sweep. Rock tries for the Rock bottom, but Punk fights it off and shoulders Rock. Punk tries for the G2S, but Punk catches the knee and tries for the sharpshooter. Punk fights it off and it able to lock in the anaconda vice. Rock turns things into a pin to force Punk to break the hold. Rock is able to come up with a DDT out of nowhere and both men are slow to get to their feet. Rock tries for the Rock bottom again, but Punk reverses into a crucifix pin. Rock rolls through and Punk finds himself trapped in the sharpshooter. Punk looks desperate, but he’s able to make it to the ropes to force Rock to break the hold. Punk rolls to the outside, falling to the floor. Rock follows, picking Punk up.

Rock dismantles the announcer’s table again. Punk crawls toward the ring, but he’s stopped by Rock, who puts him on top of the announcer’s table. Rock catches Punk with a couple of right hands before being caught with a kick to the temple from Punk. Punk pulls Rock up on the table and calls for the G2S, but Rock fights it off. Rock tries for the Rock bottom, but the table gives out and both men fall to the floor. Rock is able to break the count on the floor, and when he heads to the outside, he catches Punk, and puts him down on the floor with a big Rock bottom. Rock brings things back into the ring and goes for the cover, but he’s only able to get two. Both men are slow to get to their feet and when they do, Punk kicks Rock in the side of the head and lays him out. Punk falls down to the mat as well, and again both men are slow to get to their feet. Punk and Rock trade punches in the middle of the ring, with Rock getting the advantage.

Rock hits a big flying clothesline before putting Punk down with a spinebuster. Rock rips off his elbow pad and tosses it out to the crowd. Rock goes for the People’s elbow, but the lights go out right as he’s about to hit it. Cole is saying it’s the Shield, and they triple powerbombed Rock through the table. The lights come back on and Rock is laid out on the remains of the announcer’s table. Punk heads to the outside and asks the announcer’s if they saw anything. Punk pulls Rock to his feet and brings him back into the ring. Punk pins him and retains his title.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: CM Punk

Vince McMahon Comes Out

Punk holds the title high and kicks the Rock from the ring. Punk’s music fades as he celebrates, and he’s interrupted by the music of Vince McMahon. Vince comes out and doesn’t look too happy. He says Punk’s celebration is over. He said if the Shield got involved, he’d strip Punk of the title. Technically they couldn’t see them, but it’s his duty as chairman of the board to officially, but Vince is interrupted by the Rock. Rock says we’re not ending this night like that.

He says Vince doesn’t take it from him, he will. Restart the match now. The bell rings and Punk goes right to the corner to stomp away at Rock. Punk is furious. Punk hits Rock with the running knee in the corner, then a clothesline. Punk heads to the top rope and hits the Macho Man style elbow, but it’s only enough for a two count. Punk calls for the Go to sleep, shouldering the Rock. Rock works his way out of it and nails him with a spinebuster. Rock follows up with the Peoples Elbow and pinks Punk, 1….2……………3. New champ. Punk’s streak ends.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: The Rock

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  • killahink

    Someone else will cost Punk the title, as the stipulation says if the shield interfere, so i guess someone else, not the shield will interfere

    • http://www.facebook.com/christian.slay.7 Christian Slay

      I think when Punk loses the title itll be more dramatic than that because hes been champion for so long

  • mariya

    The people champ rock

  • Chadi

    Rock win the title

  • WWElover

    any one knows the result(all of matches) plz reply me

    • Pozessed

      Lol it hasn’t even happened yet. The PPV starts in like 10 hours

    • http://www.facebook.com/christian.slay.7 Christian Slay

      well tho popular consensus is that Rock will beat Punk Alberto Del Rio will beat Big Show Miz will beat Cesaro Rhodes Scholars will beat Hell No and Cena will win the Royal Rumble

      • G.I.R.L.

        Things do seem a little too predictable; I’m hoping we get some major surprises.

  • Jovelony

    Brock Lesnar will interfere The Rock and Cm Punk Match… :(

  • rattle snake

    john cena will royal rumble

    rock will be the next wwe champ

    cena will beat rock at wrestlemania 29 to be the wwe champ

    • Really?91

      And that’s when I’ll stop watching.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Randy-James-Crawford/100001407556559 Randy James Crawford

        Why, if your just going to stop your not a true fan, true fans will watch no matter what.

        • http://www.facebook.com/stephen.wadelin Stephen Wadelin

          “True fan” is a stupid fucking statement.
          If someone is finding displeasure in a product, they have a right to stop watching until something strikes their interest once again.

          • Fighter

            The thing is, no matter how good the match or storyline, you idiots will always find a way to say oh I’m not going to watch because Cena is the champ. Meanwhile you come on here and talk garbage. In other words, you’re a damn hypocrite.

          • killahink

            they ahve the right to stop watching, but bragging about it just shows that you are stupid and wants to impress people in here, so if you want to stop watching, just do it and stop letting people know, no one wants to hear it

          • http://www.facebook.com/ammar.amini Ammar Amini

            to stop watching ,s not a gentleman statement cause you know rock,s out in wwe for just few weeks and he,s goona drew back from the championship to go back to hollywood!!!!!!!!!

        • http://www.facebook.com/THE.BIG.JOBE Michael Jobe

          No that’s called being unable to think for yourself.It’s equivalent to going to a restaurant that serves you bad food that always makes you sick just because you want to be a true customer because you have went there all your life.

        • http://www.facebook.com/THE.BIG.JOBE Michael Jobe

          No that’s called being unable to think for yourself.It’s equivalent to going to a restaurant that serves you bad food that always makes you sick just because you want to be a true customer because you have went there all your life.

        • Really?91

          Fuck you, that’s all I got to say that.

        • G.I.R.L.

          There’s a difference between “true fan” and mindless drone. Anyways, this PPV has done nothing but upset me. Way too predictable with absolutely no surprises. :(

          • Fighter

            Oh and let me guess it would have been awesome if CM Punk retained again and Dolph Ziggler who already has MITB, wins the Rumble. Any person on here that actually thought Punk was gonna retain over somebody who actually can bring in retains as champ and or Ziggler winning a match he does not need to win, because he already have a damn title shot whenever he want’s is plain out stupid and ignorant.

          • G.I.R.L.

            Umm I wanted Rock to win; my comment had nothing to do with anything you responded to it with. At the end of the day, the ppv was way too predictable.

            If see another Cena vs Rock feud, like we’re all unfortunately expecting, I will pissed.

          • morrisonfanone

            Vince couldn’t think of anything else. It was just a very short lifetime.

          • Fighter

            it’s all about money and that is what people like you don’t understand. Rematches, typically does better than the original in sports. Just look at Stone Cold vs The Rock at Wrestlemania 17. Still my favorite WM match of all time, but guess what it was not an original first time meeting match. It was a rematch! It’s about money, if WWE did not care about money and always went with what a few fans think, they would have been out of business by now.

      • http://www.facebook.com/THE.BIG.JOBE Michael Jobe

        I will too. Been a fan since 1998 but it is getting to hard to deal with.

        • stone cold 4 life

          same I’ve been a fan since 1995

          • morrisonfanone

            Hey so have I.

      • Really?91

        Looks like TNA will be my future wrestling broadcast.

        • CultpersonnaCM

          Damn Right.

        • WWEFan4Life

          Yup, unfortuneatly, and i know this sounds weird.. but TNA is the cloosest weve got to hardcore wrestling.

      • doyoueven.com

        what a dumb shit

        • Really?91

          And what Cena fapping, Dwayne drooling bitch you are.

          • doyoueven.com

            i think your name is a typo faggot

      • StraightEdge27

        I stopped watching tonight myself. Dwayne is a sad excuse of a human being compared to CM Punk. But of course Vince sucks Dwayne’s dick and gives him everything he wants for absolutely no reason.

        • morrisonfanone

          He’s gonna paid for sitting around hardly showing up.

      • Fighter

        Good riddance! Quite frankly nobody is gonna miss you if you stop watching as Cena’s champ. At least he had more viewers tuning in when he was champ, than Punk had for the entire 400+ days as champ. You and others may not like the comment, but it’s the truth, truth hurts and there nothing you can say to change that.

        • Really?91

          Well then fuck you, your company and your champion, I’m out deuces.

          • Fighter

            What are you 5? Get a life, instead of trying to insult (doing a piss poor job by the way) on the internet. Pathetic! And clearly looking at your comment, yeah truth freaking hurts. But never fear, after Cena becomes champ, you’ll still be on here every day (especially Mondays and ppv Sundays) to criticize and bash the WWE Champ, who will actually be pulling in more viewers than IWC’s almighty CM Punk. Making you a hypocrite. Which wouldn’t surprise me.

          • Really?91

            I’m sorry you’re still typing? I just said I was done (Read comment above?)

          • Fighter

            If you was done, why are you still typing? Like I said hypocrite. You say one thing and do the next.

        • morrisonfanone

          I got tired of Punk shouting how many days he had been champ. It’s like: “If we cared, we could Google it.”

      • killahink

        Here we go again , fools claiming to stop watching wrestling if Cena wins the title..who you trying to impress, if you started watching wrestling last year, then u will stop,but if you grew up watching wrestling, i bet i wil find your dirty nose here around this time next year..so just shut up or keep it to yourself, coz you not impressing anyone

    • FrustratedWWEFan

      Hate to admit this but youre right

    • http://www.facebook.com/ammar.amini Ammar Amini

      yeah it,s right and that,s truly what,s gonna happen!!!!

    • travis schneider

      I agree you

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001030733488 James Cox

    I wonder who Undertaker will face, since it is only in April. I think he’ll interfere, Royal Rumble or Elimination Chamber. Or he might face off with: John Cena, CM Punk, The Rock, Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, Brock Lesnar, Big Show, Lord Tensai or etc.

  • Trevor Carnage Clark

    I REEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYY hope The Undertaker returns at the Rumble and Wins it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Randy-James-Crawford/100001407556559 Randy James Crawford

      Yeah me too but I want CM Punk to make it to Wrestlemania, CM Punk and Undertaker feud for 2 months, CM Punk wins then Undertaker goes away until Wrestlemania.

  • Pozessed

    I’m going to say who I think will win.

    CM Punk will beat Rock after interference maybe from Maddox or Lesnar (I hope anyway)
    Del Rio will beat Big Show
    Team Rhodes Scholars will beat Team Hell No
    Kaitlyn will beat Tamina
    Cesaro SHOULD beat the Miz. By far the greatest US champ in the past couple of years.
    And I don’t really know for the Royal Rumble but probably Ziggler or maybe someone like Kofi Kingston, I feel like they could surprise us this year.

  • haseeb

    the miz and the rock will win the championships

  • agrim

    kofi will win

  • krish

    cm punk wins ,and ryback wins the royalrumble

  • No name

    So I’m guessing Bo Dallas is debuting in the Rumble match. That’s horrible IMO, he should interfere in the U.S. Championship Match and let The Miz to win. We need a NXT star to debut in the WWE as a fucking face.

    • chatster

      He is debuting as a face, he won a NXT battle royal for his place so he will probably take his baby face gimmick up the roster with him, he hasnt got the look of a heel anyway and WWE wont use him like that, initially at least

  • http://twitter.com/PennyUndead Roger Penland

    MEH, hopefully this isn’t as big of a letdown as i believe it’s going to be.

    my predictions:

    1. Cesaro (retains)
    2. Del Rio (retains)
    3. Rhodes Scholars (new tag champions)
    4. Kaitlyn (retains)

    5. The Rock (new WWE champion)
    6. Royal Rumble Match: Dolph Ziggler from entry #1

    hopefully the WHC match surprises me. i just think it’s going to suck.

    • drnapls2

      Wrong! Hell No retains!!!!!



    • The Cunninghammer

      The Fuck?





  • Ex XFL Employee

    My Predictions (including order of matches):


    U.S. Title Match:
    The Miz defeats Cesaro to become the new U.S. Champion. With The Miz’s push right now I can see it happening, and I think Cesaro will be yanked up to top level status, look for him to have a strong run in the rumble definitely eliminating The Miz.

    Main Show:

    WHC Match (Last Man Standing):

    Alberto Del-Rio retains after defeating The Big Show, I think something funny will happen to end this match, ADR keeps the big show down with the front of his car, or something of that nature. ADR just got the title, I think the rematch happens so quick to get the big show out of the World Heavyweight Title picture.

    Diva’s Championship Match:

    Kaitlyn retains by defeating Tamania, I don’t see enough build up for this match(even though its a divas match, so i don’t expect much. Just something and there was nothing.)

    Tag Team Championship Match:

    Team Rhodes Scholars becomes the New Champions after Team Hell no implodes. After “Graduating” from Anger Management on RAW, i can see them turning on each other and costing themselves the titles.

    WWE Championship Match:

    The Rock defeats C.M. Punk to become the New WWE Champion, after “interference” from The Undertaker. I think the best way for the WWE to end C.M. Punks streak is for Punk to give The Rock the GTS (after a good 20min match or so), and when The Rock hits the mat the lights go out, and stay out for a couple seconds, the lights come back on for Punk to see the Rock in his face to deliver the Rock Bottom. This starts The rumored Punk v.s. Taker WM match.

    Royal Rumble Match:
    (I’m doing bullets considering I have a couple points.)

    +Ziggler comes in at number 1 and lasts longer than anyone in the history of the Rumble beating Rey Mysterios record of 62:12.
    +The Shield’s music hits at numbers 7,15,24. only to come out at number 24 when all three enter at the same time to eliminate Ryback.
    +Ryback comes in at Number 22 and rips everyone apart and becomes the person to eliminate the most people taking Kanes record of 11, after eliminating Kane as the 12th person. And ends up being eliminated by the Shield(as they enter as hes eliminating Kane). Leaving The Shield, Ziggler, and Randy Orton
    +John Cena comes in at 25 and helps Ziggler & Orton eliminate The Shield.
    +Sheamus enters at 26 and starts things up with Orton.
    +NXT Star Bo Dallas enters at the all important number 27, making people think he can actually win this thing.
    +Expect alot of returns including, Christian, Mark Henery, John Morrison, Hurricane Helms*, Chris Masters*, The New Age Outlaws (back to back entries)*,Shelton Benjamin, Carlito, and Hacksaw Jim Duggin*. (* = one time return appearance).

    +I can see them doing something crazy with Morrison & Kofi (to be eliminated but than saved by their athletic ability at the same time(perhaps eliminating each other)).
    +Final 5 left – Orton, Sheamus, Bo Dallas, Ziggler(hiding under the ring), Cena, The Rock walks out on the ramp with his New Belt around his shoulder, Cena gets distracted and gets eliminated by Sheamus, who than gets eliminated by Orton.
    +Final 3 Bo Dallas, Orton, & Ziggler. Sheamus comes back into the ring and Brogue Kick’s Orton, who than get eliminated by Bo Dallas.
    +Bo Dallas thinks he wins the rumble, but gets eliminated by Dolph Ziggler while celebrating after Zig comes out from under the ring.
    +Dolph ZIggler wins the 2013 Royal Rumble and cements his spot in a Championship Match at WM29.

    • The Cunninghammer

      THIS ^


    Expecting Return of HHH, BROCK LESNER, UNDERTAKER, JEFF HARDY, KURT ANGLE…… KURT ANGLE needs to come back to WWE……

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Randy-James-Crawford/100001407556559 Randy James Crawford

      Well I do agree it would not be tonight expect big things in future though for the WWE.

    • Nightmare

      Mark out Hardly, Angle, and HHH and you may be right.

    • wesrob333

      Everyone of those u named except for lesnar needs to return to wwe

  • ishagol

    How come there’s no words on Brock Lesnar? I thought he was suppose to return to set up a storyline for wrestlemania around this time

  • Jeff

    This is no spam but http://www.wrestlehd.com/ will have the royal rumble for free streamed live

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bradley-Weller/753076871 Bradley Weller

    Someone else is going to interfere in the wwe championship match…either the undertaker or brock lesnar,my moneys on taker

    • http://www.facebook.com/christian.slay.7 Christian Slay

      or the shield

      • drnapls2

        If it’s the Shield, Punk gets stripped of the title.

  • hamza

    100% chance for cena to win royal rumble

  • Reality

    There’s one guy I want to see and he’s the sexual chocolate!

  • Reality

    505 days vs 20-0, do it !

  • Marine

    Punk vs Rock – after a good match, Punk will retain the title. Some how or the other,the Heyman will workout something.

    Rhodes Scholars may win the tag team title. Their manipulation has a greater potential than the Hell No.

  • soban zuber

    Sheamus or john cena will win the royal rumble


    Jeff hardy gunna return and win

    • jon

      jeff hardy is on tna roster

  • Frank

    If Undertaker show up and is in the Rumble they now dout Undertaker winning the Rumble match and vsing CM Punk for the WWE Champion at WM29!

  • Dave

    Wait, Is the Rock vs. Punk the main event? If so, i’m going to be really pissed!

  • Esat Saiti

    My predictions:
    Punk retains the title.
    Big show beats del rio
    Rhodes scholars beat hell no
    Kaitlyn beats Tamina
    miz beats cesaro
    sheamus makes it 2 in a row by winning the rumble, which sets up somewhere down the line orton winning the world heavyweight title and us finally getting orton (heel) vs sheamus at wrestlemania

  • Jose

    If they have the same stage that they had for the past 4 years I’ll lose it.

  • y2jayalmighty

    does anyone know if brock lesnar will be in it?

  • jeffhardykahlil

    brock or jericho trust me either of them will return to win the ruble

  • reese

    how do u stream ?please anyone.

  • DigitalWWE


    • drnapls2

      Didn’t Cena use tape to beat Batista?

  • omega1544

    anyone else think Rock wins the title, and Punk wins the rumble…setting up a rematch at mania. Or they could just let Hornswoggle win it. He is Vince’s son and a previous GM.

  • The gr8 one

    Team bring it people champ will be the next champ

  • Thomas-24/7 (Mutascale)

    Duct Tape? Seriously? I guess Duct Taping the Big Show’s leg is good way to beat him…I guess.

  • Thomas-24/7 (Mutascale)

    Cody’s mustache is out of place.

  • stvn7752010

    where can u watch royal rumble for free

    • roqueroqueroqueroque

      Why should you get to watch it for free?

  • Gamer

    I hope Cena wins tonight rumble.

  • Gamer

    I will be happy to see cena vs. rock 2 awsome or cena vs punk would be nice. Cena vs. ziegler would be bad.

  • GasMaskBash

    Ole ole ole…El Genrico

  • Thomas A Sumter

    So apparently the Godfather lasted what 13 seconds?

  • http://twitter.com/FbAcount my FBacount

    22 not 23

  • kingmikeaz

    Thanks for the updates! Appreciate it.

  • shadowofdaeth

    did the rock win?

  • brooks


  • brooks


  • http://www.facebook.com/jose.cordova.129 Jose Cordova

    that’s what We wanted yeah!!! Vince McMahon and the WWE listen to us yeah!!!fuck this smh

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Randy-James-Crawford/100001407556559 Randy James Crawford

    No Stopping Watching because one guy/John Cena wins the Royal Rumble is pure stupid it shouldn’t matter who wins the Royal Rumble personally WWE can do what they want, True fans will keep watching, comparing wrestling to a restaurant is very stupid i’m hoping everyone who doesn’t like someone go tell them in person face to face and hopefully you all get what you have coming to you which is them not caring what you think some people come on this site and don’t know anything at all.

  • tkc409

    FUCK!!! Cena win???!!!! WTF!!!???? SHIT!!! FUCK THAT!!!

    • JRC

      Cant Take It Leave It

  • Morgo

    Are they serious? Does WWE not listen to the Universe.. Here we go again with the same John Cena stuff -____-

  • Sisisi!

    Jericho was the best part of this ppv so far, hopefully Punk retains.

    • shadowofthedamed

      nooo the rock will win!!!!

  • Mr. Honesty

    Cena won. I’m watching TNA from now on. Ace’s and 8’s angle might be boring, but this super Cena bullshit is too much.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Randy-James-Crawford/100001407556559 Randy James Crawford

      well if WWE goes to TV-14 your not allowed to come back and watch because you shouldn’t be able too.

    • doyoueven.com

      hahaha everyone throwing temper tantrums and threatening they’ll never watch wwe again only to tune in to monday night raw and throw more tempter tantrums.

    • Fighter

      You stupid idiot, Cena is not Superman. Punk held the title for over 400 days and I don’t here nobody on here calling the most overrated champ in modern history superman. You wanted Cena to lose ppvs, well he did. Matter of fact he lost Summer Slam, Night of Champions, skipped Hell in a Cell due to injury, lost Survivor Series, a failed to pick up a win at TLC. He won one match after all these losses and oh he’s superman. Meanwhile Punk won at Survivor Series 2011 and won at every single ppv till Royal Rumble 2013 and somehow he’s not superman. No of course not, because you people a bunch of mindless retarded hypocrites, who forever screams foul and throw a temper tantrum when things don’t go your way. Grow up and act like a damn adult. Because you sure as hell not acting like one (if you are one) online.

      • http://twitter.com/StrayXPunk Orestis

        Punk never won in a superman way.Don’t hate on us for hating on Super Cena.We have the right to just as you have the right to hate Punk.But your state in wrong since Punk actually deserved the reign and he got screwed while being the champ.How many clean fights has he won?So no he’s not SuperCena…

        • Fighter

          You probably failed to see his title match at TLC 2011. If that was John Cena in his place, Cena would have been label Superman.

          • http://twitter.com/StrayXPunk Orestis

            If thats the case then Kofi Kingston should be superman as well because he wins some matches out of nowhere with the TIP.But no , we call Cena superCena a.k.a. superman cause he wins most matches with a single AA after he is beat down for the entire match !

          • Fighter

            Clearly you did not see TLC, since you’re coming up with somebody who is nowhere close to this conversation. Go and look at TLC 2011 and then come back, until then, don’t say anything. Because all you’re talking is a bunch of crap, trying to justify your stance, which isn’t working. Punk did things just like Cena did in the past to retain the title and he was not called Superman. Matter of fact, just like Cena, Punk beat everybody but nope he’s not superman. Because he’s the IWC’s favorite and there will never be nothing wrong with him. Well guess what? At least Cena pulled in higher ratings while champion than the horrid job Punk did. But the IWC’s logic of thinking is if the sky is blue, they’ll keep calling green until they actually believe themselves.

          • http://twitter.com/StrayXPunk Orestis

            i haven’t missed a single ppv since late 2010.The match was really ok!Still i don’t get why you say that he won in a superman way EXPLAIN maybe…And you still have only mentioned one match ONE.Now im not with the IWC you’re just too blind and egomaniac and think you’re right.Maybe im wrong but you haven’t told me One fact why i am.So quit being such a smart ass and quit that crap with IWC cause its stupid as hell.Otherwise prove me wrong on SUperPunk by your opinion……..

    • morrisonfanone

      Agreed. And this is coming from a Cena fan.

  • Hack


    • RKOViper2600

      “Sorry baby, he’s popular with the kids.” :(

  • Gary Mendez

    Prediction for the Main event: Rock will win and the shield will attack him after the match leaving him out on the Mat and Ziggler will run down to the ring and cash in his money in the bank briefcase to become WWE Champion!

  • Obey -_- Cena

    Cena wining all day

  • ryaninquieti

    Cena won the rumble but the peoples champ is still the best and has always been

  • Quinton Jackson

    I can’t believe Cena won WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not want to see CENA v ROCK 2

    • drnapls2

      Me neither. Vince will make it a 3 way dance of Cena vs Rock vs Punk.

  • rkototheworst

    John won + Ryback = The most electrifying man in WWE- THE ROCK!!!!!!

  • jesus

    were was carlito

  • ryaninquieti

    Product who the fuck do you think you are god ya twt ……. rocky rocky rocky

  • Obey -_- Cena

    Cena won face the fact rock sucks

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Randy-James-Crawford/100001407556559 Randy James Crawford

    If anyone stops watching and WWE goes to TV-14 don’t bother watching again.


      LOL. WWE is never going back to TV-14.

  • Rowland

    its goin be cena vs rock at wrestlemania what happened to never before never again

  • Zachary Adder

    wait, are you kiddin me?! the royal rumble isn’t even the main event?! fuck WWE, man… just FUCK the WWE!

  • BloodyReign227

    Hell No! We WILL go!
    Hell No! We WILL go!
    Hell No! We WILL go!

  • DemDem

    COME ON ROCKY!!!!! WHIP HIM!!!!!!!

  • CenaHater

    of cource faggot ass cena would win it cant give anyone eles a chance at the belt

  • mjses

    sierra hotel india ecca lema delta sheild

  • CenaHater

    of course faggot ass cena would win cant give anyone eles a chance with the belt

  • Dylan Amir

    The rock will beat cm punk!!!!!!

  • lol

    I want punk tp win then cena use rumble to rematch rock

  • melindacole

    i don’t much care for the rock,but i hope he beats cm punk.

  • MayhemRUs

    This Just In: ROCK LOST!!!


      YES! There is a God afterall. :D

  • Todd

    F##ken great rock wins that is it no more wwe for me

  • Robin

    Fuck u Cm Punk
    You are not the fucking winner even if you cheat to win motherfucker.

    • The Crock

      Read it again you slow bitch.



  • Babygirl

    that is such fucking bullshit a real champ doesnt have to fucking cheat to win what a loser

  • http://www.facebook.com/loren.brinley Loren Brinley

    Yay Punk is gonna be stripped of his title

  • Sisisi!

    Time to take my anti depressants, what a horrible end.

  • http://twitter.com/i_praveensharma Praveen Sharma

    THE ROCK beats CM PUNK.. new champ :)

  • Reality

    I’m so disappointed. The ppv was really good, the outcomes just sucked. Man… f*ck this. At one point, I thought Rock would put Punk over with this scenario: Punk looking like he was gonna win cleanly (no Shield or whatsoever), getting Rock into the GTS but his knee makes him tremble, allowing the Rock to counter into his finisher(s)…. screw this…

  • cobraking

    true fan of what ? enjoy how smarter the cheat of any looser can be everytime to keep a belt or to win? Come on mercy don’t worth the time anymore

  • Superlative

    You’re all aware of how much can change between now and WrestleMania correct?

    • Really?91

      Not a god damn thing.

  • MayhemRUs

    This Just In: Vince Screws Punk. Rock Win!


      There is no God. :(

  • Babygirl

    woooooohooooooo yes about fricken time

  • The One

    This is pure foolishness….tired of The Shield. They have overplayed their role. Vince we need to see some real matches now.

  • doyoueven.com

    hahaha everyone throwing temper tantrums and threatening they’ll never watch wwe again only to tune in to monday night raw and throw more tempter tantrums.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=732542390 Donte Shoshona Gopual

      Yup lol. I dont mind is Cena and Rock go at it again as long as its no DQ

  • doyoueven.com

    Cena <3 <3 <3 suck shit jerks

  • CenaBrahma

    Yes rocky won

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=732542390 Donte Shoshona Gopual

    LOL you guys are gonna hate me but Rock vs Cena was way better than this….. So much for best in the world!

    • Sisisi!

      They were equally boring matches

  • WWEFan

    John crab won the royal rumble and rock is the champion again! best ppv ever! yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

    • Jayden53092

      oh shut up you fag

  • Boomshakalaka

    I hate being negative but this Rumble was a disappointment.

    -Del Rio won exactly the same way Cena did

    -Team Hell No should’ve lost but it’s not that big a deal

    -Rumble started off great with Jericho but fell badly at the end. No Shelton, Carlito, Masters, Road Dogs, Helms, etc. and Cena wins again >.> So much for Ziggler stealing the show as #1 entrant and winning/beating Rey’s record. Where the hell was the Shield?

    -Punk should have retained. The whole blackout thing could’ve played an interesting story as to who in fact attacked Rock. Punk should have lost at EC.

    I can’t believe that 2012 was better

    • morrisonfanone

      Yeah, I know. I was eyeing tonight as the returns of John Morrison and Christian. So you can imagine how upset I was. By the way, love the name.

  • The One

    FINALLLY the ROCK has WON!!!



  • fatneal

    wings from your local resturant 9.99…..ordering royal rumble 2013 ppv from your cable provider 44.99….the look on that fag pwnes face when the rock wins the title:PRICELESS

    • Sisisi!

      Who is pwnes? And why do you care?

      • fatneal

        none of ya business pussy boy

        • Sisisi!

          Good come back, so edgy, so mature. Please dispose of your computer, or whatever it is you’re typing on, and never type again.

    • backblack25

      There’s somethings money can’t buy.
      For everything else…there’s Mastercard.

    • George

      Ahaha that actually made me laugh! Good one man!


    With Edge retired, WWE is rolling down hill. Atleast Jericho is back.

  • http://twitter.com/marios_g1987 MariosG1987

    They can roll over and die, with their Twice in a lifetime bullshit

  • Mike

    CM Punk couldn’t have been winning matches like that anyway.. When they make a guy cheat too much it makes him look like shit. And he’s been winning his matches on bullshit terms since October. It makes him look bad, and he doesn’t look like he’s even worthy anymore of being the champ. Even HHH didn’t cheat this much back in the day lmao

  • Jayden53092

    Jericho should have won the rumble and turned heel and faced Rocky at WM:29 for the WWE Title.

    • morrisonfanone

      Would’ve been better than Cena/Rock 2. Then again, so would anything.

  • http://twitter.com/CENARULES4EVER MOON CENA


    • Sisisi!

      I dont like your writing is there any way you can go away so I dont have to see it.

      • http://twitter.com/CENARULES4EVER MOON CENA


        • Sisisi!

          Sorry I don’t understand your weird form of writing. ):

  • http://twitter.com/jurisons19 Juris Maile

    if you dont liked then dont watchit

  • http://twitter.com/jurisons19 Juris Maile

    the rock vs punk was great

  • pwnez

    Rock vs Punk was decent but it wasn’t great. The ending was awful though. Restarting the match killed the momentum and having Rock win with the peoples elbow was weak. A rock bottom would have been better.

  • The Rock

    Ah, having Vince’s dick up my ass was totally worth. ;)

    • John Cena

      I second that.

    • wesrob333

      Punk sucks dick pussy bitches he cant win without interference obviously thats y the rock had to beat that ass 4 him

  • http://twitter.com/StrayZer0 Adam Michael

    Punk vs Rock was a really good match, the ending was a bit odd and I am sure many will complain but screw it. Match was good. End of.


    DID vince’s ASS or rock’s ASS or the whole WWE universe’S ASS witness the SHIELD with their eyes’s ? what the hell ? no one saw who attacked the rock , but still how can vince/rock restart the match again ? this decision is nothing but ALIEN SHITTTT…….DAMN U VIENCE DAUGHTER FUCKER………….

  • StraightEdge27

    Done watching WWE until after Wrestlemania when they take the title off of that pathetic excuse for a human being Dwayne. I am a fan of wrestlers, not the guy that gets his dick sucked by Vince.

    • fatneal

      lol #forever funny ….nobody in wwe will miss the money u dont spend lol

  • Lone Wolf

    I usually love the RR but not this one. i predicated this shit a mile away, Of course Cena was going to win the RR to compete against Rock for the WWE Championship At Wrestlemania. A rematch in which Cena wins the tittle and when he does i sure hope the fans are as exciting as they were last year and i hope they cuss & throw shit at Cena out the building. I H8 Cena and the WWE more & more….FUCK i was hoping Dolph or Jericho would win.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.cerda.39 Joshua Cerda

    wherever sescoops decides 2 copy and paste from needs 2 check their sources… carlito and benjamin confirmed? nowhere in sight….. jericho was a huge surprise and goldust too but wasting an entry on santino, the godfather and 3mb each? really wwe?

  • http://www.facebook.com/aaron.stamand Aaron St Amand

    Anybody that still thinks The Shield isn’t working for Punk is smoking something & I hope Vince turns that threat of stripping Punk into a guarandamntee!

  • CultpersonnaCM

    I would love to see this story backfire in their ratings system Monday; but I’m quite sure everyone is gonna tune in.

    My advise to you guys is to start keeping your work. If you’re done with watching WWE, you should start meaning it.

    But you wont…cause you can’t.

    But I on the other hand have the will power, and yes, unlike you selfish pricks and liers, I’m…done. Goodbye, losers. See most of you leavers tuned in to Spike this Thursday…oh wait that’s right, YOU WONT!!! CAUSE YOU CAN’T!!!

    • fatneal

      lol u guys are hilarious tonite….u dont spend money with wwe…nobody cares

    • Really?91

      I agree, see ya there.

      • CultpersonnaCM

        Only if you have the Will Power.

        • Really?91

          I had the channel on USA for tomorrow, and just changed it. So there’s your will power.

          • CultpersonnaCM

            Damn right.

        • MayhemRUs

          I have the power; but I’m a neutral so it’s no good.

          Plainly speaking here, I’m waiting for Pro Wrestling to fall crippled beyond repair; and judging by this ratings system and what it use to look like back in the early 2000s, I’m not that far off from seeing the sign of a collapse.

          WWE/TNA/ECW/WCW,NWA…don’t matter. Like life itself, everything has a beginning and a ending somewhere.

  • http://twitter.com/PKDareWolf Haven?A

    The only thing more disappointing then the Royal Rumble was those dirt sheets. Cuz face it we already knew the outcome of this PPV

  • 2muchfire


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Peer-Pressure/100000691268185 Peer Pressure

    HAAAAAAAAAA! Didn’t I tell you dudes The Rock would win the strap.

    • Clash Styles

      Obviously, pro wrestling is so predictable these days that it’s not fun anymore.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Peer-Pressure/100000691268185 Peer Pressure

        That’s why I don’t take it as serious as the smarks do.

  • dae

    It’s about time somebody in charge stepped up and righted the injustice of the Stupid Hypocritical Idiotic Egotisitical Loser D.B.s

  • http://www.facebook.com/AugustWithAnO Mike Augusto

    All of this happened on the nose

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Juan-Sobalvarro/100000086280546 Juan Sobalvarro

    finally a real champ is crown and i’ts the rock after so many PG shit champs the old school is a champ

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Juan-Sobalvarro/100000086280546 Juan Sobalvarro

    too bad because of rock’s movie career he’s going to lose the title in wrestlemania

  • HRMA

    Well. I’ve quit. Lolcenawins and CM Punk being made to look like a jobbing jabroni to the Rock (even with Rock beat to shit after a Shield attack, Punk still got his shit kicked in by the Elbow of all things) was just too much for one night.

    I know, “tee hee see you Monday night”, but no I’m really done with watching. I’d already quit RAW, now the PPVs are going too. I’ll listen to Solomonster if I desperately want to know what’s going on, but this show made it clear what the next two months will build towards and I want not one fucking part of it.

    I hope Cena strains something in the month before Wrestlemania. Not because I wish ill on the man, but because it will force WWE to panick and do SOMETHING FUCKING ORIGINAL with the card. Because right now this is shaping up to be the year of reruns for Mania. If the card stays as is, I’ll watch Taker’s match out of respect and nothing else.

  • http://www.facebook.com/AMS.Sh.A.DoW Abdelrahman Sedik

    Thank you Super Cena for finally let me quit watching wrestling for good I hope you rot in hell

  • bored wrestling fan

    i havent been a fan for long only 6 years but i loved wastching the older vids eithier on the web or dvd but after wrestlemania im done not because i hate the product but im bored most every one saw this after last years wm im not hating but im bored when you can predict correctly the outcome of every match for numerous ppvs in a row you tend to lose passion

  • http://www.facebook.com/sin.cara.5439 XSin Carax

    Anyone hating on ROck winning has some SERIOUS issues BUT with cena’s win…ugh…damn you WWE…..

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVF7LvRbLOM&feature=youtu.be -xSinCarax

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Yuhnke/100002079499044 Rick Yuhnke

    Wonderful, Dwayne is the Champ. What a joke the WWE is. Come on, do we believe that Dwayne can beat a guy who has been wrestling actively for the past 10 years while Dwayne has been juicing it up and not wrestling at all. What a joke, sad I am or soon to was a wrestling fan :(

  • rockfan

    rock rock rock rock the rock :P

  • ZaneTheSxEking

    Does anyone else feel that the ending to Punk vs. Rock was lackluster? I mean realistically, Punk hit rock with the elbow off the top rope and got a near fall and then moments later Rock hit Punk with a not so great spine buster and people’s elbow and got the pin, only 1 minute after restarting the match when Rock was essentially motionless on the mat. I just don’t see how they can have a guy like punk who held the WWE title for 440 plus days get beat by just a people’s elbow (even though i know its his finisher) i just think it was a lame and unrealistic end. Not to mention, total disrespect from WWE to Punk tonight having him walk down the isle first. The champ should always walk out after the challenger, but then again WWE is really shitting on tradition nowadays anyway.

    • TheKillingMoon

      The whole match was a disgrace.

    • http://www.facebook.com/HershBar Hershey Maxwell Barber

      But he is the People’s champ.

  • Random guests

    I personally enjoyed the Rumble!

    I liked How Jericho returned,I thought he could have come in at 30 with Mr Ziggles Being last man standing,(And elimination)

    I am just outraged at Cena winning.I like cena as a entertainer,He is a meh at best wrestler,And gets lots of money for WWE!

    But why?? We would have prefered in the WWE title match,Brock lesnar comes in after Rock wins,and lay him out!

    @ Jericho wins rumble.
    @ Dolph cashes in at Elimination chamber.
    @ Brock lesnar lays out Rock,after Rock captures title!
    @ Chris Jericho faces ziggles at Mania. (Wins)
    @ Brock lesnar faces Rock at mania. (Wins)

  • Fnbvschkdchuch

    Randy orton should win 30 man royal rumble

  • RTF

    ta shittiest rumble evr…rock and cena…u both suck..

  • ashok

    rock i’m very happy still you win wwe champion b’cause big fan of u

  • morrisonfanone

    So, in other words, all of the people that was supposed to come back was a sham to get more buys? I will admit I’m glad John Cena won the RR. Not so happy about Punk not retaining. Also not too thrilled Miz didn’t win the title.

  • za**d

    It will be better if cena wins the world heavy weight champion at WM 29…..if u smell what cena & the rock are cooking!!!!!!!!!!!

    • morrisonfanone


  • b davis

    Then suck it up dooche bags if havnt stopped yet u will neveri been watchn since the first episode of raw and I’ve said that I would stop watchin its part of the show so suck it up losers

  • Bro88

    This was by far one of the most predictable ppvs in recent memory. I actually stopped coming on here for a few weeks to avoid seeing any spoilers of who would be in the Rumble match, likely winners, etc. and still nothing surprised me. ADR winning was a given, Hell No winning(pointlessly continues to bury the only other top tag team in wwe), Cena winning was a given, as was the Rock. There was no surprise here at all. The only good part about the entire ppv was Cesaro retaining. The Rumble was god awful. One good surprise through the whole thing(jericho) Sheamus, Cena, and Ryhack being the final 3? Fuck me, I almost stopped watching but due to fear of Ryhack actually winning I kept watching. Thankfully that abomination of a “wrestler” didn’t get one of the most coveted wins in wrestling.

  • prabhat

    so bad royale rumble for me because of orton did not wins

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4OF2JDUTXED6KFOPHEVMJ2ZYBA raVen

    what a poor rumble.
    jericho was great, goldust was great. the rest of it was so slow and boring. and cena won shocking

  • #Showoff

    Our all the comments on here written by 5 year olds?

  • hannan hassan

    Wowowo u know it!!

  • ECW

    CM Punk streak was a joke and one big malarkey! CM Punk is a joke and really just a jobber!

  • morrisonfanone

    How did they keep Goldust’s return a secret?

  • Vishesh

    I am sure that John Cena will become the next WWE Champion by beating Rock in wrestlemania 2013. Cena is the real MAN who should take this title.

  • The Pain (PRATEEK)

    It’s all fake because The Great White SHEAMUS is the real superstar who should take World Heavyweight Champ title.

  • travis schneider

    he will retain at elmination chamber

  • peter

    well done cena and rock not cm loser

  • peter

    i love john cena to be the new wwe champ not cm punk loser that your surname jack brook phillp

  • someone

    cm punk is a bitch

  • peter

    well done cena

  • peter

    peter and cena are awesome

  • peter

    you just got punk