Royal Rumble 2013 Spoilers: Former Superstars Returning

WWE is interested in bringing back several former mid-card wrestlers to fill out the roster, help the company’s younger talent get over and improve live event attendance, particularly the SmackDown brand.

Some of the names discussed include John Morrison, Shelton Benjamin, MVP and Low Ki (formerly Kaval in NXT). Shetlon Benjamin recently got out of his Ring of Honor contract and is seen as one of the wrestlers most likely to be returning. MVP recently stated on Twitter that he’s open to returning, but he is currently under contract to New Japan pro wrestling and is very satisfied working overseas.

Aside from these names, other superstars discussed for possible Royal Rumble returns include Tommy Dreamer and the New Age Outlaws. There’s also a possibility we’ll see Christian return at the Rumble, since he’s ready to return to action this month after a several month absence.

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(Partial source: PWInsider)

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • The Chad

    Would love to see Shelton Benjamin back in Wwe. Would be a fantastic mid-carder, plus Christian coming back would help the smackdown brand

    • pwnez

      Benjamin and Low Ki would be cool to see. I’d love it if Low Ki got a second chance since WWE didn’t do anything with him before.

      • Stephen

        It wasnt WWE’s fault. Low Ki quit after a month or so of him losing. If he wold have weathered the storm just like DBryan he probably would have been used properly.

        • SJP315

          Low Ki never got a fair shot, at the time Vince has his big man directive in place and he never really had any interest in him

          • Stephen

            Still should have stuck through it. When Bryan won MITB Vince was still in his big man directive. Look at what Dolph has gone through, you cant tell me Low Ki went through worse.

          • Lester Foxx

            Without the “YES” chant Bryan would not be used properly either.

            Bryan Danielson created his own opportunity. I don’t think Low Ki would ever get his push in WWE.

    • Gold Standard

      Shelton comes back give at least a 4 month run as World Champion. I mean come on, Don’t nobody want to see Sheamus as World Champion again. At least give us a Shelton Benjamin vs Christian World Title match.

    • Backstreet Bungalow

      Everyone says the same thing about Christain. He ain’t going to be doing anything for SD except for jobbing. Becoming world champion was just a favor for Edge, after that short reign he hasn’t don anything since. Plus McMahaon isn’t a big fan of his anyways

    • fireworks Ts

      Christian sucks just as much as Edge. Who cares when/if he ever returns. Oh wait you idiotic IWC fans worship both guys like they are the best thing to ever happen. Christian is lucky to ever have a world title reign and so is Edge.

  • VDJ10

    The first four named please, anyone else can piss off. Edit: As far as former stars returning anyways.

  • iHateCena

    The Animal Batista !

  • JamieEvsxx


  • heterosexual

    isn’t tommy dreamer a bit too beaten up and old to be doing full time wrestling? i was under the impression his wrestling past had started to catch up with his body and he was slowing down (if he hadn’t already retired)

    • ._.

      He’s not retired. He wrestles at indy shows quite often. He’s part of Extreme Rising. I think if he came back he wouldn’t be back as full time as most of the current roster. I think he’d only be on televised shows, and no house shows. He got a huge pop last time he was on the show, I wouldn’t mind seeing him back for a while.

  • Black Green Violet

    brock lesnar

  • Josh Gonsalves

    Dreamer would only be worth bringing back, just to have a heel or heel group, destroy him. MVP, Morrison, Benjamin and Kaval would all be great to strengthen the midcard. Christian could would be a great in the main event scene of Smackdown.

  • Reality

    Benjamin is the kind of guy you would want to see in a Rumble match, or Morrison for the spots they can do

  • Andrew Campbell

    Shelton Benjamin is the star I want to see back in the WWE. Not too bothered about MVP. He was great during his feuds with Chris Benoit and Matt Hardy, but he never did much to impress me towards the end of his WWE run.

    • DJ Mainstream of LX

      He has great matches with Matt Hardy… I dont know the other guy he feuded with

    • Randy James Crawford

      Of course he didn’t it was the end of his career.

  • Randy James Crawford

    John Morrison, Kaval and MVP could go on Smackdown along with Shelton Benjamin but put Christian on Raw to help the WWE Title Status.

  • Redrogue

    Bring back Shelton Benjamin and Charlee Hass. Wwe have said they want to boost the tag team division after Rumble. They were great togeather.

  • GodsLoyalSon

    Dreamer would do perfect as a trainer and talent scouter. He just feels more like a builder of future talents now, plus hes not in the condituon he once was several years ago

    • Backstreet Bungalow

      Dreamer is still in pretty good shape. It’s not like he’s a obese slob. He held his own last time we saw him wrestle on RAW before Sheild took him out

  • Rob Lucci

    Shelton vs Cesaro please.

  • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

    People who i think should make surprise entrances:
    Mark Henry – First surprise return as heel, eliminated by Ryback

    Christian – Set up a run for WHC/ feud with Cody Rhodes

    Jericho – to take Ziggler out of his feud with Cena/ get revenge. Eliminates Ziggler

    Batista – Eliminates Ryback.

    Brock Lesnar – Set up return/Eliminate HHH

    HHH – Set up return for Wrestlemania/Eliminate Lesnar

    Taker – Eliminate Cena (Cena vs Taker)

    Stone Cold – just to tease a return

    Rick Flair – help out miz

    AJ – Eliminated by Cena/Eliminates Ziggler and ends alliance

    Big E Langston – Sent to attack Cena/Save Ziggler/Protect AJ

    Booker T – Eliminates Big E

    that way alot of potential feuds would be possible and WWE wouldn’t be so stuck on
    HHH vs Lesnar and Cena vs Rock for a second time.

  • pwnew trollin

    surprise returns by gillberg,Brooklyn brawler,papa shango,kamala with kim chee,repoman and drunk scott hall with jake the sniff roberts will make this year’s rumble match the best ever..with ofcourse 3mb being the last 3 left in the ring baby!!!!!!!!

    • ItsProgressNow

      is Kamala’s new gimmick a pirate? a Hector Barbossa ripoff??

  • pwnez trollin

    stop trollin..this is pwnez and let me make my prediction now..gayey richards that indie piece of crap gonna make surprise return and eliminate my gay bf dean ambrose to win the royal rumble officially becoming my new gay bf…wm29 main event..streak vs loser leaves pwnez…undertaker vs gayey richards

    • Craig DeBoard

      Cool promo bro!

  • ihateyou

    Low Ki & Benjamin is the best choices, hopefully they’ll be used right.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    I wouldnt mind seeing three of those four. Leave out Morrison. Still has no charisma. Would just be wasting money.

  • ItsProgressNow

    Kaval? lolwut? isn’t that the bald chick that used to hang out with Laycool? oh wait, he had a dick??

  • Big Bozzy

    Should pair MVP up with The Prime Time Players.. seems like a perfect pairing too me..

  • Mike

    Just like John morrison

  • hfgt

    batista is in mixed martial arts now, dont you know anything

  • Paul Duncan

    I would to see Carlito return, he had a good WWE universe following before he left. And my other WWE return wishlist choices, Ill say MVP I don’t why he left anyway japan boring come back to america like tensai did! Batista is worthy Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler, Sable, Goldberg,Kharma, Gangrel, Kurt Angle,The Dudley Boyz, Matt Morgan, Sheldon Benjamin, John Morrison, Kevin Thorn, luther reigns, what happened to the Higlanders and Mike Knots?