Rumor Killer On Randy Orton’s WWE Salary, What WWE Superstars Really Earn Per Year

Published On July 11, 2013 by (Wrestling News, WWE News)

Despite previous reports that claim WWE Superstar Randy Orton makes $291,666 per month, his base downside guaranteed salary is rumored to be around one million dollars per year, with his actual total annual income coming in at a higher figure due to other revenue streams such as merchandise, etc.

One source with knowledge of wrestler salaries called the initial Orton salary report “laughable” and noted that Orton may have had specific months at around $300,000, but certainly doesn’t average that on a monthly basis.

It’s commonly known that no WWE Superstars are contracted for more than one million dollars guaranteed per year, except major “attraction” stars such as Brock Lesnar and The Rock.

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[Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter]