Rumored Card For Next Month’s WWE TLC PPV

Here’s a look at several matches that are being discussed for next month’s WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view:

– C.M. Punk vs. Ryback (Tables match for the WWE Championship)

– Kofi Kignston vs. Wade Barrett (IC title match)

– Antonio Cesaro vs. R-Truth (US title match)

– Team Hell No vs. Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio vs. Prime Time Players (Ladders match for the Tag Team Titles)

– Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio (Last Man Standing)

The only match confirmed for the show is Big Show vs. Sheamus in a Chairs match for the World Heavyweight title, which will be announced on Friday’s SmackDown.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Bro88

    I like this card save for Show/Sheamus and ADR/Orton…other than that it sounds solid, especially the tag title match

    • Randy James Crawford

      hey Big Show vs Sheamus is always a fight I like it and it also leads to Dolph Ziggler cashing in MITB and Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton is a fight too and it’s leading to something bigger like Orton turning Heel.

      • Bro88

        They are boring matches. None of the four can carry a good match without someone else to help them. Snooze fest

  • pwnez

    I wonder if we’ll find out that Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose is working with Punk/Heyman. That would be pretty cool to see them all wearing “I’m a Paul Heyman guy” shirts.

    The tag team ladder match sounds awesome too. ADR vs Orton for the 90th time…not interested.

    • Randy James Crawford

      Dude Pwnez you want Storylines and Fueds right well that’s what Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton is.

      • Josh Foley

        if they had build up for a real rivalry other than 100 boring matches other than the falls count anywhere imo with drama, buildup etc then the match would make sense, im guessing if its true the match is just a filler for the card, make their match a free internet preshow then it would make sense….otherwise the card looks good, im guessing rollins reigns and ambrose will help punk win to seal the royal rumble match against the rock, at this point with all the buildup for the match, having punk lose at tlc would be detrimental for business

    • Josh Foley

      somthing tells me that wade barret will get the ic championship, kofi hasnt really done a thing since beating miz for it

    • mrchopper

      The ideal would be they all had the black “Heyman Guy” tees on underneath their shirts and Paul would lead an invasion of NXT guys onto the main roster, with Punk as their leader and Maddox their go-to referee. Seeing as the Smackdown/RAW brand split means little any more, it’d be a great time for them to shake it up and introduce NXT to more people.

    • Th3_Ev1l_n1nJa

      make the tag match a tlc match and add 1 more team to it and that would be awesome

  • jccox01

    If this card happens it could be the best ppv so far.


    I can’t stand LMS matches; over used piece of shit whack match. Orton and Del Rio should finish off their feud in an obvious cage match. LMS are the weakest way to end a feud and I think their dull as hell. And Punk is in a tables match with Ryback because he obviously can’t pin him. Lets hope Punk doesn’t fall into a table by accident.. or else that’s one year gone to waste!

    • Pozessed

      I reckon the 3 Shield guys are going to help and put Ryback through the table. Seems pretty obvious to me.

    • DDB_DazzledByRob

      ”can’t pin him”? it’s scripted ya know lol just sayin’

      • ICEMAN

        You know exactly what I mean when I said “can’t pin him”. I’m talking in kayfabe obviously. I can’t believe I had to even explain this. what’s wrong with you man?

  • DigitalWWE

    That tag match… WWE PLS

  • Reality

    Where’s the Dolph vs Cena ladder match? What does this mean?

  • newgeneration

    I guess this means that Ziggler vs. Cena would be in a TLC match
    (possibly for Dolph’s MITB briefcase)

  • Pozessed

    I think…
    Punk will win with help from Shield
    Barrett should win
    Cesaro should win
    Sin Cara & Mysterio will win the tag titles
    Orton will beat Del Rio once again
    Big Show will beat Sheamus but Ziggler could cash in…

  • Craig DeBoard

    Looks like a pretty decent card except for Orton vs. Del Rio. I’m so sick of that feud.

  • Krauser

    I can’t wait until CM Punk loses that strap, whether his asskissing fanbase likes it or not.


    I can already see it now…
    – Punk wins…Ryback goes through…yes…another table
    – TIP for Wade Barrett…but knowing WWE, they have a knack of passing the IC title around like candy…
    – Whats up?!…how about an upper cut by Antonio?
    – Ladders plus Rey and Cara? C’mon that is a dead give away..I like PTP but its not happening for them, and Team Hell NO! Needs to either break up or find new material cause its getting old like Kane (age-wise)
    – RKO. Nothing else to say. This feud with ADR needs to end. Their both bad on the mic. Or should I say “decent” by WWE standards.
    – I see Big Show WMD to Sheamus with chair in hand? Maybe? Knocking him out. OR Brogue kick to Show with chair in hand. Either way, at most decent match, at least someone is going to get knocked out. I hope!