Ryback Hypes His Match With Mark Henry & Talks About His Biggest Goal In WWE

Ryback spoke with Chad Dukes of 106.7 The Fan while at WrestleMania Axxess. Here are some highlights:

His Match with Mark Henry:

“No doubt in my mind that I can get him up. I think at the end of the night, when it’s all said and done, people are going to remember coming out of WrestleMania 29 is Ryback picking up Mark Henry over his head, marching around the ring, and 75,000 plus screaming, ‘Feed Me More.'”

His Biggest Goal In WWE:

“It’s to take over the #1 position from John Cena and take over the company and I’m not shy about saying it. John, I respect him more than anyone, he’s a very hard working individual. He’s been on top for 8-10 years now and he’s been untouchable. I am the one guy that can touch him and I believe I can outsell him on merchandise, and I can do things he has not yet done.”

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Feelmemore

    He’s going to need a lot of tweaking to beat Johnny boy.

  • Dave Smith

    I doubt He can be bigger than Cena, and I still don’t think Ryback can Shell Shock Mark Henry, but if he does ill be impressed

  • Lemonz

    Ryback has alot of pressure on his hands at WM29. If he tries to pick him up and screws up.. there will be 75,000 + fans chanting “You f*cked up!” & that wont be a good thing.

    • http://twitter.com/StupidSobi SOBI

      Yeah Ryback will face a lot of “Goldberg” chants as well
      Lets see how he copes with all that cause he will be moving to the Title picture after that

    • http://www.facebook.com/hd.theoneandonly HD Theoneandonly

      Me Personally, I Don’t Think Ryback can Shell-Shock Mark Henry , But thats MY opinion

      • Pozessed

        I don’t think so neither to be honest, the guy had trouble trying to shellshock Paul Heyman… However, ever since Henry returned he did lose a lot of weight so maybe he could work with Ryback and pull it off? Cause I do remember when he lifted up 2 guys that were 200+ lbs each, so I think it is more to do with the person who is being lifted needing to work with Ryback more than Ryback lacking strength.

        • http://www.facebook.com/hd.theoneandonly HD Theoneandonly

          Well put. Another variable is the degree of difficulty of the match. Lets say this is a half hour match and its very strenuous match which i expect it to be, I doubt that Mark Henry Is Going to Be Shell-Shocked. And yes he did lift up 2 guys that were 200 lbs each , but they don’t have the physique that Mark Henry Posses.

        • Bob Singer

          Last Smackdown Ryback picked up both Primo and Epico simultaneously for a Shell Shock. Together they(combined weight of 432lbs) outweigh Mark Henry (last listed as 418 lbs), and I suspect getting one cooperative giant on your shoulders is easier than two smaller guys.

          • sdelfin

            I don’t think Primo and Epico actually weigh as much as they say. Plus, together they’re still more compact than Mark Henry. And they can jump higher to help. If they go through with the spot at Wrestlemania, I’d bet they would have tested it out first to make sure it can be done. Even if it can be done, can it be done consistently?

      • Dave Smith

        I don’t either but he keeps saying he can on TV so he probably can, we’ll see

  • fabian6sic6s

    he’s picked up both McIntyre and Mahal at the same time that’s over 400lbs. I don’t get why he’s messed it up with people that weigh much less. Like Heyman and Tensai. Has to do with how much the other guy is helping. Mark Henry will try his best hopefully ryback doesn’t lose his balance.

    • http://www.facebook.com/hd.theoneandonly HD Theoneandonly

      Good Point

    • Reality

      Do some physics, understand what’s the center of mass and stuff like that and you won’t have any problem understanding Ryberg’s difficulties.

  • WWEFan4Life

    Personally, I think that Ryback can lift Henry. He picked up both Mahal and Drew, thats over 400 pounds. The reason why he couldnt lift guys like Heyman or Tensai, I can only think of one reason – Sandbagging. I dont beleive its a lack in Rybacks strength but its a lack in other people wanting to work with him. But to really find out, were going to have to wait until Mania!

    • sdelfin

      It’s not a matter of weight. It’s a matter of physical size and shape. Looking at the video, I saw no evidence of Tensai sandbagging. And why would he? He already went through with the spot once before the botch. It looked to me like Tensai tried to assist The Ryback, but their timing was off. And I don’t see Heyman deliberately sandbagging either after agreeing to the spot. Guys like Tensai, Heyman and Henry perhaps just can’t jump high enough to help The Ryback. Frankly, the Shell Shocked is a horribly inefficient way to lift anyone. If they go through with the spot, I’m sure they will have tested it in advance to make sure it can be done. But can it be done consistently? I wonder if they can make it easier to do, like how Razor Ramon did the Razor’s Edge on big guys catching them on the second rope.

      • WWEFan4Life

        No, im just saying that sandbagging is the only reason I can think of.

  • Marko

    I wonder just how he will be able to Shell Shocked Mark Henry after he couldn’t pick up Paul Heyman.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hd.theoneandonly HD Theoneandonly

    I just watched the ryback and heyman segment where he “Shell-Shocked” him at a house show and my reaction is… SMH (Shaking My Hand) .. I Don’t want to hear no excuses for the man.


    Welcome to reality Ryback! (Dean Ambrose Voice)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002196281205 Kenneth Anderson Jr.

    Ugh man you people really need to watch this….

    Ryback knows how to lift big guys now. Henry will be shell shocked!