Ryback Comments On Cena Attack – Is He A Heel?

Monday’s RAW ended with Ryback confronting (and laying out) new WWE Champion John Cena. Ryback tweeted the following message about the attack:


Based on what we saw on RAW, it’s still unclear whether Ryback has actually turned heel or is just solidifying himself as the #1 contender. However – based on a match WWE is booking for next week’s WWE RAW taping from the Bi Lo Center in Greensville, South Carolina, it appears Ryback could in fact be a heel.

The arena is advertising WWE Champion John Cena & Alberto Del Rio vs. Ryback and World Heavyweight champion Dolph Ziggler for the show. It’s likely that the match will take place as the dark match main event after RAW goes off the air.

Also advertised for RAW is the return of CM Punk, who will address his loss to The Undertaker at WrestleMania.

  • DISCUSSION: What do you think about Ryback being a heel? Does his attack on John Cena turn him “bad” – and do you think his character could be better off as a heel? Comment below.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • http://www.facebook.com/ldozier3 Lorenzo Dozier

    Not necessarily Ryback attacking John Cena makes him a heel. It could mean he was making a statement. The crowd clearly remains behind him chanting “Feed Me More”. Which means, Ryback could be tweener now. In order for this to work, bring up the Royal Rumble. Outside of the ring, Ryback made it clear he wants to be bigger than John Cena. Mind as well insert either idea into the storyline.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Yuhnke/100002079499044 Rick Yuhnke

      Maybe Cena is the heel…Or not

    • http://twitter.com/StrayXPunk Orestis

      I’m pretty sure Ryback is a heel.And this tweener stuff is highly doubtful! There hasn’t been a (in script) tweener for a long long time!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002196281205 Kenneth Anderson Jr.

        Rock is a tweener. He has been since he returned. He attacks both faces and heels.

      • http://www.facebook.com/ldozier3 Lorenzo Dozier

        Stone Cold was supposedly the last Tweener type Character. I would say Randy Orton until he went fully heel. I think that’s about it. Currently in TNA, AJ Styles is Tweener. He’s playing their Anti-Hero.

  • http://www.facebook.com/billy.guthrie1 Billy Guthrie

    it could be heel Ryback forces big E out which turns him face. Then this leads to a big e Ryback feud.

    • Coltcabunny

      What did they say in Ghostbusters about not crossing the streams? WWE already did it with Black John Cena and White John Cena. They’re gonna divide by zero if we get Ryback vs. Ryblack.

      • http://www.facebook.com/billy.guthrie1 Billy Guthrie

        WWE is hard to predict he could go nuts monster on everyone. He could hell just bury him as you know cena will win

  • Simba

    Woot Woot, next week’ll be my first time attending Raw, hope its good…..actually doesn’t matter imma be screaming, marking out and chanting my ass off having the time of my life…

    • jccox01

      that’s only a one time deal with that raw crowd, highly doubt anyone else will do it.

    • The Optimist

      Hahaha! You really think the crowd will be decent like last Monday? Haha! It will be dead, and I guarantee you won’t make a noise because nobody else does!

      • http://twitter.com/StrayXPunk Orestis

        What would The Pessimist say?

        • The Optimist

          He wouldn’t, he’d be tuned into ‘TNA Impact!’ By now…

    • Pick a Name

      Make sure to lead the crowd singing Fandango’s theme song.

  • Scott Kinnard

    If you want to turn someone heel, don’t have them attack John Cena because half the crowd will cheer. Now if they had Ryback attack someone like Undertaker, HHH, Jericho ect. That would get him over as a heel. If they are going to turn Ryback heel, they need to give him a mouthpiece like Paul Heyman since Rybacks mic skills are subpar. Another problem is if he turns heel you now have Mark Henry, Ryback, and Big E as heels. Henry is waaaay over as a heel and Big E just wouldn’t be a believable heel.

  • Reality

    He doesn’t need to be a heel. Beating everyone, heel and face, makes him neutral and could in fact put him over. Because heel or face, his character will always remain one-dimensional. So there’s no need to turn him. But if he’s against Cena, he’s gonna be cheered by default by a lot of people

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=16734450 Brandon Sco??

    Ryback is still boring. So is John Cena, and ADR to a certain extent. So three of them in what is going to be the main event? Makes for a real snoozefest. Ryback doesn’t need to be the heel, he just needs to go away.

  • http://twitter.com/sugarkayne6 Kayne Corey

    I think it was just Ryback being Ryback. But it could be a heel turn, I dunno.

  • TheUndertakerFan

    Nope hes not Heel Just Sending a Message to Super Cena

  • w4rm4chine

    The ting is that the whole heel/face dichotomy isn’t so much about how you act; but who you wrestle…and maybe who you associate with. As some have already said, planting Cena isn’t going to do much to gain him any heel heat. A Ryberg/Cena feud could easily be booked as a face vs. face thing, provided hat Ryberg is still planting the established ‘bad guys’ during the build up, and after the fact. Personally, though; I can’t help but think that Rybergs ring style suits a heel character a bit more early on; then once he’s able to establish himself as a monster heel, make the face turn. Odds are the fan support will be monumentally larger than the reaction he’s getting right now. Wrestling fans have always been fickle; and almost always mark out over any bigtime heel that does a face turn; putting him way over.

    • Robin Williams

      You just said its not how you act but who you wrestle but then you go on about his move set being heelish

      • w4rm4chine

        Yep, you’re right. In my personal opinion, the slower paced, heavy handed, power based style traditionally works best with heels; while faces would lean more towards a scientific style. Over time, that line has blurred a bit, as characters have made face turns, yet rather than changing the physical style completely, they’ve just stopped with the cheating/shortcuts.

        I think Ryberg would have an easier time getting himself over as a heel with his style. Essentially, i was merely stating my opinion, based solely on the forty years I’ve been watching Pro Wrestling. If he’s to be turned heel, he’ll need to become more heel-ish, using blindside attacks, run ins, and post match attacks on established faces.

        • Robin Williams

          well its lovely that you’ve been watching 40yrs but I think you missed my point.

          • w4rm4chine

            No, I completely understand what you’re saying. I wasn’t trying to set any kind of precedent with my original post; it was more along the lines of ‘thinking out loud’. Traditionally, a big man who employs a power based, brawler type style can get way over by coming in as a heel, then switching. the fans seem to love a reformed bad guy. Coming in as a face using that skill set, in my opinion, doesn’t seem to get him over quite as well. Of course, there are exceptions.

            If it was up to me, he’d have come in as a monster heel, and been turned eventually. As far as what he is now; it’ll depend on who he wrestles and aligns himself with. Attacking Cena doesn’t offer a clear cut direction. Time will tell based on his actions going forward.

            My apologies for confusing you with my original musings,

  • Trevor

    The fans have clearly spoken. We like Ziggler more then Del Rio and Ryback more than Cena. Yet they continue to shove THEIR babyfaces down our throats and hope we just fall in line.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeremy-Gordon/1423005919 Jeremy Gordon

      Typical Idiot Wrestling Community member.

      • Trevor

        I dum?

  • Trevor

    I wonder what McMaon, Cena, and Triple H say to each other after every show when Cena is booed by most of the fans? Are they delusional? Lying to themselves?

    • Feelmemore

      They only hear the money sadly.

  • MrJimmy

    They really meant that to be Ryback’s heel turn? Here’s a pointer: If you want someone to turn heel, DO NOT have him attack John Cena in New Jersey the night after Wrestlemania. In fact, that sounds like a surefire way to get someone majorly over as a FACE. They can’t possibly have overlooked the fact that the post-WM crowd will go crazy for anyone who takes out Cena.

  • Rodriquez Antonio

    lol Anyone who faces Cena is a Face!!!
    Hell even Mark Henry got a pop when his music hit on the opening segment of Raw!

  • Shane McMahon

    So, Ryback is becoming one of the top faces in the WWE, the crowd is behind him more than many of the other faces and now Vince wants to try to turn him heel? that’s laughable. The fans have been chanting Cena sucks for years now and yet it is still a better idea to keep him a face. I do like the idea of Ryback attacking both faces and heels, we really don’t have anyone who does that any more, We need another S.C.S.A. you never knew who was safe from a stunner lol

    • raven

      who is on the roster that hasn’t been fed to cena already?
      same formula we have seen for almost 10 years.
      someone gets over, feed them to cena, bury, and back to mid card…NEXT

      • Shane McMahon

        Exactly, look at the Nexus (as a group) they were capable of taking out anyone and then the writers decided Cena should take the entire group out himself, today you have all but one (Ryback) of the members that are mid-card at best.

    • http://www.facebook.com/naveed.sialvi Naveed Sialvi

      they did this tactic with the rock and it turned out awesome back in the attitude era…..the corporate champ

    • Nattie

      Unfortunately Ryback is just the filler until The Rock comes back. A way of having a storyline that makes sense, but still burying Ryback when it’s all said and done.

    • http://www.facebook.com/doug.denslowe Doug Denslowe

      I’d root for anybody wrestling Cena.His “white bread”gimmick is so tired.That’s why Hulk finally turned heel,it gets boring always “doing the right thing”in Pro Wrestling at least!Ryback vs.Cena is a natural.He’s beaten everybody else in the company numerous times already!

  • raven

    he wont be heel because he will be getting cheered, like anyone facing cena.

  • tebayass

    Sounds like a good match, good too to see Ryback team with a Champion much fans like, (as i heard the reaction of the crowd) but it may look like Ryback is a heel becaus Cena and Del Rio are two faces, so Ziggler is a Heel, so does WWE mean to say Ryback is a Heel too? sounds like it, but as long as crowds will boo Cena, they will push Ryback more into a Face as they try to do.

  • Dave Smith

    Looking forward to Punks return just to see what he has to say because he is supposed to be taking time off

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002196281205 Kenneth Anderson Jr.

    If he’s heel the only way this is gonna work is if he just destroys everyone. He’s lost almost every big match. He should take out Big E and Cena, and at the end destroy Ziggler as well. He needs to cause chaos. He should beat up people randomly for no reason other than to prove he’s the absolute “king of the jungle” so the speak. At extreme rules, he needs some brutal mark out moments in a extreme rules match. He needs to take on high profile people and completely destroy them. Matches he needs to win are:

    Ryback vs Mark Henry

    Ryback vs Cena

    Ryback vs Kane

    Ryback vs Big E

    Ryback vs Sheamus

    Ryback vs Orton

    Ryback vs Punk

    and finally Ryback vs HHH.

    This will make common fans believe he’s a force to be reckoned with and put him on a level of Heel heat that will solidify him and make him a threat to anyone. If you wanna push Ryback as a unstoppable monster this is what must be done.

  • Hudson

    Face or heel, Ryback is their next big thing. That’s all that matters !

  • Chris

    zig and ryack got biggest pop on Raw. WWE testing to see if that can be babyfaces.

  • BrahmaBullRKO

    Not easy to say if it was a heel turn or not. What he did wasn’t really heelish at all, at least not coming from a character like him. Ryback has never been portrayed as a hero to begin with. The only reason he’s considered a babyface is because he just so happens to mainly fight heels. But overall the Ryback character is pretty much neutral. So someone like him attacking Cena because he wants the title, doesn’t seem very heelish to me. And it’d be the same way if Orton were to do it. We’ll just have to wait and see, but I’m hoping he stays a babyface.

  • Corkscrew FlyingElbow

    “There is no right n wrong no good n bad.”

    sounds like the words of a tweener to me. i say let him fight who he wants. face or heel. and if they do that, that would be absolutely great.

  • http://twitter.com/ZackStinson Zack Stinson

    It was a heel turn..People are confused because of the crowds reaction, but when Jerry yelled “What is Ryback doing?!!” In his concerned voice, and next week it will be Ryback/Ziggler vs Cena/Rio Even though Ryback, and Ziggler are going to be getting cheered for. lol

  • ssStyles313

    Cena gets booed every night.Ryback gets cheered when he attacks Cena and he’s the heel?.When r wwe brass going to realise no one likes Cena or that he is champion for the 13th time

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeremy-Gordon/1423005919 Jeremy Gordon

      Plenty people like Cena, they just have better things to do than post on the internet with the rest of the Idiot Wrestling Community. IWC only makes up a small portion of the WWE fanbase.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003126493088 Uday Rai

    really i dont like ryback,he is use less,he cant lift mark henry properly,how he will defeat john cena ? and we all know about cena’s strength and will power,and saying feed me more feed me more will not make u a togh guy,u have to pay the price,sacrifice every thing to win the fans heart. ryback needs some more training.

  • DerrekSolaris

    It would be awesome if Ryback was a rogue character, just like his tweet says. Put him in the grey area. He’s neither good nor bad; he’s just Ryback, doing what he has to do to get to the top of the food chain.

    Some of the best superstars were rogue-ish. Stone Cold was a babyface on paper, but he’d Stunner everyone in sight – heel or face – just to make a statement. Same goes for The Undertaker. Babyface on paper, but he’d Tombstone a major babyface (HBK, HHH) to stay on top. Daniel Bryan is another unique example. He’s still a heel on paper, but his over-the-top heel status makes him a babyface with the fans.

  • kizo

    If he is already going to turn heel at least make Ryback the Nexus 2.0 leader. Call up Bray, break up 3MB, get back Gabriel, ect.

  • savagedragon

    Why does he have to be a “heel” ? Why did Christian have to be the heel against Orton in 2011 ? What wrong with two good guys wrestling for the title ? Cena has gotten kind of old, and an 11th title reign didn’t go over with that RAW crowd. Maybe Ryback will become the new champ at Extreme Rules or Over The Limit, and then Cena can finally get 3-4 weeks off and away from TV.

  • Assailant

    I see a neutral player being developed in Ryback…ala Stone Cold. Would be a pleasant change from the good/bad angle.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeremy-Gordon/1423005919 Jeremy Gordon

    Cena already is the biggest heel in the company, the Idiot Wrestling Community doesn’t get it.

  • FeedMeCena198

    I just think Ryback is establishing himself as the number one contender because the people are chanting alongside him. Plus its about time he wouldve been champion

  • savagedragon

    if people didn’t read this scoops page so much, maybe more of whats on TV would come as a surprise.

  • cam

    can’t wait to see Albertoooo Del Rioooo and John Cena team up.. ;-P

  • sketch369

    Good or bad I think the fanz are behind him nomatter what!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/doug.denslowe Doug Denslowe

    It’s time for Cena to face someone that has a chance of beating him.Face/Heel who cares?Ryback should be bigger than that crap!

  • kejohn