Sami Zayn On Feedback He Received From Triple H, Talks KENTA Signing, Cesaro

The following are highlights of a new interview with NXT star Sami Zayn:

On feedback from Triple H after his match with Cesaro at “Arrival”: “It was awesome. If I’m being honest again, actually the first time that I got that kind of feedback from HHH was actually the two out of three falls match (with Cesaro), which had been about a year, nine months prior to the Arrival match. So we had this match, now has gotten a lot of talk, buzz or whatever it is. As I was in the ring and the crowd was like just going nuts, giving us this standing ovation, which was so cool. And as I was on my back, out of the corner of my eye, I kinda saw the replaying some of the highlights of the match and the crowd with each replay started getting louder and louder to the point by the time they were replaying the finish, it was another standing ovation. So it was actually one of the most incredible moments of my career. Just to lay flat on my back and just hear them continually getting louder way after the match. And they (crowd) start chanting match of the year, match of the year and I haven’t told anybody this on camera or anything like this. I really didn’t know how that reaction was going to go over. At this point, I was fairly new to the WWE system. I didn’t know if I overextended myself, if we had done more than they wanted, I don’t know. I really didn’t know. And then we came back and I had no idea what to expect, I really didn’t. I thought I’d get chewed out over like what the hell are you doing out there? I really didn’t know. And I got back there and HHH was the first one to pull us aside. He said that was awesome. He gave us a very candid speech. That was the first time I got insight into his mind and the way his mind works. I was so happy because yes, its not gunna be this like, I have my vision. the office has their vision. It was this guy who likes good stuff and he appreciates good stuff. And it was an amazing experience and amazing thing validated by a guy who is not only your boss, but as one of the most accomplished and greatest professional wrestlers/WWE superstars of all time. It was really cool to have him on your good side for sure.”

On KENTA signing with the company and training soon at the Performance Center: “I’m very excited. There’s a lot of good talent coming in, a lot of my kind of guys, world traveled, workrate, nose to the grindstone, gritty sort of passionate guys, which is what I personally believe in. Its great to see these guys get an opportunity. KENTA’s just been busting his butt for so long and killing it for so long. Its great to see him get an opportunity like this. I am really looking forward to hopefully wrestling him because I actually never have. I was supposed to wrestle him once, but he went down with a knee injury. I teamed with him a couple of times, but I’ve never actually had a one on one match with him. I look forward to that opportunity.”

Check out the complete interview above.

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  • Matt Boone

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    • Undertaker316

      lol at him not breaking kayfabe about being el generico, this guy needs to be brought up to the main roster before wrestlemania 31

      • BrayWyattsFedora

        Him or Neville will get a spot in the rumble. Then both will get their vignettes playing and debut shortly after wm31. That’s my guess.

        • Dan Kincaid

          I’m hoping they use them right. Zayn they might t with Neville I’m kind of worried he’ll end up like Justin Gabriel or Evan Bourne on the main roster…go do your flippy move and lose

    • Jomo

      Kenta will have some unbelievable matches in NXT , im actually looking forward for his matches more in nxt that on raw and smackdown

      • yrabadi

        Yep, add Steen to the equation and NXT might be the best show to watch.

        • Phanto

          NXT is already the best WWE show to watch!

        • Darkfear

          I also heard that prince devitt will joining the roster soon as well

      • pwnez

        KENTA could have a good match with pretty much anyone. He’s one of the best wrestlers in the world.

      • brad


    • Triple X

      Nice read. Sami Zayn is a very likable guy.

    • yrabadi

      Loved this guy as El Generico – reason I got into ROH. I wish nothing but the best for him. Hope he blows the world away!

    • Ha

      The lovechild of Seth Rogen & Dustin Diamond lol But a dam good wrestler.

    • Lone Wolf

      I can’t wait till he gets called up to the main roster, He is a BEAST!!!! His matches with Cesaro is some of the best wrestling matches I’ve ever seen! For those who hasn’t seen it I encourage you to. There’s no doubt in my mind that he’s going to have many more.

    • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

      Who is this guy?