Sandow’s Briefcase Plans, Jericho/WMXXX Surprise?, Bryan vs. Axel Expected

-WWE Superstar Damien Sandow, who is now referring to himself as “Sir Money In The Bank,” spoke with The Austin Chronicle recently about his plans on cashing in his Money In The Bank briefcase. “I will wait for the perfect moment, and I assure you that once I get the title, I plan on retiring with it,” said Sandow. “If I revealed my strategy, that wouldn’t be very smart, would it?”

-As previously reported, Chris Jericho finished up his current run with WWE at the latest SmackDown taping. Jericho will now go back on tour with his rock band Fozzy. According to one source, Jericho will be gone from WWE for at least several months, and his return may come as another WrestleMania XXX surprise.

-At one point, the plan was for Daniel Bryan vs. Curtis Axel to take place at SummerSlam. Instead, the two will likely compete in an upcoming RAW or SmackDown match in the next few weeks.

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  • pwnez

    I love how Sandow remains in character for this interview. I can’t wait to see him as WHC.

    • Donte Shoshona Gopual

      That what pissing me off about wwe nowadays more than anything, and thats the death of kayfabe anywhere in public. If they used twitter properly and always remained in kayfabe a lot of the storylines would progress better and not flop two weeks in.

      • Stew-ED!

        Spot on. lots of wrestlers on twitter don’t stick to kayfabe. It totally ruins their gimmick and definitely their storylines. I also don’t understand why guys like Bray Wyatt have twitter and Kane etc…Twitter confuses a lot of stuff in wrestling.

    • fireworks Ts

      Pwnez glad to see ya buddy. Been a long time since we last “spoke” I guess we were both right about sandow.

      • pwnez

        Sandow is the man. WWE is seeing his potential and talent.

        • fireworks Ts


        • Cronion2415

          Sandow is finally getting his due…. Thank goodness, because he’s too talented not too….

  • rashad jackson

    i think cody deserves the MITB more! i was starting to like him a few months back when he put on a good match with del-rio…and another good match with y2j!
    he has improved he deserves a title shot…i hope he wins but WWE did say a while back they wanted to push sandow so i doubt cody will win

    • mrchopper

      The way WWE book their heels, Sandow will probably lose every match up until the case is on the line and then magically win clean.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    I can see it now…Sandow wins the title………..and its gone. Back in middle card country with Alex Riley as president.

    • Dan Kincaid

      Alex Riley would kill to be in the middle card

      • Thomas Wing

        I think Alex Riley would kill to be in 3MB territory lol

        • TotalNonstopAddict

          Alex Riley would kill to be in 3MB.

          • 8 year old boy

            Alex Riley would kill to be a local jobber to Ryback.

          • Noach

            Alex Riley Jack Swagger and whichever Uso that was who got the DUI would kill in a car.

          • raven

            Alex Riley would kill with a 3MB gimmick

  • 8 year old boy

    Damien Sandow one of the greatest talents in the roster of 2013.

    • fireworks Ts

      True 8 year old.

      • 8 year old boy

        Boy you better call me 8 year old BOY! You don’t want me to cut a heel promo on you.

      • John Styles


  • Hitmaniac

    Really can’t see Sandow as the world champion right now. I’d like to see him as one of the top guys who competes against main eventers but as the what’s supposed to be The Man? I’d much rather see Cody win the case off him.

  • Stew-ED!

    I loved all the promos Y2J had leading to his returns/debut. The cryptic promos were awesome. My favorite of them all. Pity there wasn’t one for His return at the RR, but I guess it was meant to be a shocker. Hope they have one leading up to WM 30, as I can’t see him returning as a surprise because obviously WWE would want to advertise his return.

  • TVR

    I have a feeling that Sandow is going to be the first person to unsuccessfully cash in his briefcase

    • DrivesDale

      Not Possible. Cena did that last year.

  • Universe

    Bring back Attitude era! Sandow sucks!

    • Cronion2415

      Sandow has paid his dues, just like Bryan has…. Sandow has amazing potential and WWWE officials are now starting to realize that…..

  • God’s Diamond

    Sandow reminds me of a 21st century version of the genius

    • Brandon Williams

      i think he looks like the genius too, at least with his gimmick and that beard he’s sportin

    • Serious Cornettey

      Or a complete rip off of the Genius.

  • fireworks Ts

    Ahhh the true heel of SEscoops has returned. I knew Sandow would get it done. I’ve stated numerous times that Sandow is a future company top heel.

  • raven

    plans for sandow and the mitb case- lose 90% of matches until a “surprise” cash in after 4 failed attempts prior.

  • -Exotic-

    Sir Money in the Bank… catchy!