Santino Celebrates Thanksgiving On “Foreign Exchange”, AJ Lee Happy When John Cena’s On Top, Beth Phoenix

– This week’s edition of “Santino’s Foreign Exchange” is now online. Here is the synopsis: “It’s Thanksgiving, Santino style! To cap off a “very American year” for the former U.S. Champion, Santino and crew head out to find the perfect holiday meal … and you won’t believe what’s – or is that, WHO’S – for dinner.”

– Friday’s SmackDown broadcast on Syfy concluded with John Cena emerging from the backstage area to lock Dolph Ziggler into the STF on the ramp. Following the episode, AJ Lee remarked on Twitter, “Yay for Cena beating up Dolph. I love when Cena ends up on top. *…waits for the Internet to explode…*

– Former WWE Women’s and Divas Champion Beth Phoenix turns 32-years-old on Saturday.

Daniel Pena

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  • cenasucks

    “I love it when cena ends up on top” lol, i get it. Although the angle is stale, i wqnt to know where this aj cena love story goes. Maybe dolph and aj are in it together and its a plan to frame cena. Aj turns heel. I just hope dolph doesnt get buried in the process.

    • Two Cents

      I had the sentiment, but one can never tell how things can go with storylines since WWE does have the habit of tossing them out half way through.

  • KAZ

    In this pic, in the far right it looks like Joe Hennig is picking bugs out of Hornswoggle’s head

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    I used to like AJ Lee but now I’m rather sick of her on my tv.

    • Peer Pressure

      Me too dude. I still think she’s hot, but that bitch get way too much TV time. Who do you guys think will be the next superstar to tongue down AJ???