Santino Marella Speaks On A Potential WWE Return, Wanting To Win WWE Title

The following are highlights of a new Chill Magazine interview with Santino Marella:

Having two procedures called rhizotomies: “There’s multiple things wrong with my neck. I had some success with that, but the stenosis has increased to the point where it has to be fixed. I’m not cleared for physical contact due to the severity of my stenosis, but apparently with a double fusion you actually can return to the ring with four to six months of recovery time.”

Making a comeback: “I’m looking forward to getting my surgery within a month and then I will have a four- to six-month recovery in which I will actually attempt to come back in the ring and wrestle again and make one of the greatest, most memorable comebacks of all time. It will be a long comeback, plus I’m going to be 41 years old. I’m just hoping the surgery and the rehab goes perfect and you’ll see me back in the ring sooner than later.”

“SummerSlam is a few months after Wrestlemania, and for us it’s kind of like the halfway point of the season because it’s the second biggest event of the year. I won’t be there. I’m taking care of the neck. But I’ll be there next year.”

Why he wants to return: “I want to come back because of some unfinished business. I believe being the Milan Miracle I have one miracle left. There’s one belt that I haven’t captured—the WWE Championship—and it’s going to require that miracle to do it. On the right day at the right time I can definitely experience capturing that championship. There’s still some good wrestling left in this guy, so that’s what we’re going to try to do.”

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  • Matt Boone

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    • Undertaker316

      lol with his current gimmick he will never be wwe champion, unless he comes back with the Boris Alexiev gimmick that he had in ovw he might have a chance

      • Forceton Banfodder

        Sandow’s the clown now, so he’d have to come back with a different gimmick.

      • pwnez

        I think Santino is only joking when he says that he will return to win the WWE title.

    • Chris Savage

      look at his gimmick andd you think no he’ll never be wwe champion the gimmick just wouldn’t work. new gimmick perhaps more of a serious thing along the lines of when he was a russian brawler. but that wouldn’t work because they have russev for that now. also what is with the WWE in dropping first names of wrestler cesaro and now just rusev? much lame sauce WWE

      • yrabadi

        I don’t know… I keep looking back at EC where he was in there with Bryan and how over he was – and that was in a matter of a week or so since it was a bit of a last minute decision to include him – and the crowd ATE IT UP. That was with the gimmick he always had, and he made it work.

        I know that most thought he had no chance of winning, but imagine if he had. The crowd would have gone crazy for it, because who would have thought? Right? It was magic.

    • IJJU

      good luck !

    • Donkey Kong

      I would actually like to see it happen just for like 1 night. Better than Brock lesnar who will not be around until the raw before a pay per view

    • SomeInternetGuy

      It’s no surprise. People who got more TV time than they’re worth think they are gonna do great outside WWE and end up coming right back. Happens to most of the Divas.

      He knows he’s not getting the title, he just puts that out as an excuse because he wants to come back which is fine……I guess.

    • rudy

      WWE title? Egregiously implausible.

    • yrabadi

      I’m not even lying when I say this, I hope he wins the strap at some point. Would be something fresh.

      • mrchopper

        They could work it into a great last run for him. Santino’s great in short bursts or part of multiple-man matches so why not have him “accidentally” win one of the MITBs*, like he almost did with the RR. He could be so scared of cashing it in that it’s just a running joke of him coming out when the champ’s been whomped, then being too worried they’ll come round and beat him up. Stuff like poking the other guy with his foot to see if he’s awake, that sort of thing. It could end on the very last day when his MITB contract’s about to expire, then he’d be forced to cash in or lose it, with the champ being somebody he really didn’t want to face. Wins, then drops it the next night on RAW to whoever is up the food chain by then.

        That way you’d get people involved with Santino again, as they’d be calling for him whenever the champ gets a beatdown. It’d perfectly suit his character, too.

        * I’m of the opinion that if they’re keeping the two belts (which they probably won’t now they’ve got their new belt made) they should have two MITB matches and they both get a shot. It’d open up the dynamic of the two guys trying to cash in on each other, or having matches where they’re both on the line.

        • yrabadi

          That all sounds pretty dope! There’s no doubt Santino has the capability to be a fan fav that the crowd can get behind. In a particular case, I remember the EC match years ago where it was him and Bryan at the end, and how over he was in that moment. I just remember thinking, man, if he had won – people would have been shocked, but I think most, regardless of how stupid or silly they may have thought it was, would have been surprised… maybe even pleasently so.

          He’s capable of a lot more than WWE does with him. The chances are slim of him ever getting there, but it would be a nice moment, I think.

          • Pozessed

            Lol, imagine him cashing in his MITB, having a guy beat him up for a while, extreme rules match, he then reverses a move to DDT someone into the steps or something and has a fluke win. It’d be nice, to be honest, he has been an entertaining comedy act for ages, deserves some praise.

      • raVen

        Hey I loved EY as TNA champ…it could be worse

    • JDS3105

      Because of the gimmick, most people don’t realize just how talented he is in the ring. Whether he comes back or not, I hope his neck gets better

    • Buzzard Follower

      wm 31 calling it now santino beats cena with the cobra and wins the wwe title

      • llllninjastarllll

        No Spoilers!!!

        • Buzzard Follower

          Thats not a prediction thats a spoiler

      • brad

        You ruined it for me man I was totally looking forward to that.

      • Patrick

        This just in!

        Sting has yet to sign an official contract with the WWE.

        • Buzzard Follower

          and the wwe network is only $9.99

    • Ace

      Oh please…

    • hardmetal1

      But. he said he retired. maybe they switched the definition of a few words in the past few weeks. I don’t know, but at least if they don’t give him the title, they can put him in a relevant storyline.

      • Kevin G. Wolfe

        It’s called Brett Favre-ing.

        • Guest

          How many times has Terry Funk retired?

        • SonofSheik81

          I thought Brett Favre-ing was sending a picture of your wang to a woman that’s 15 years younger than you are?

    • Common sense

      Why don’t they just make him a heel instead of changing his charachter

    • Stephen

      I guess the question is, would Santino break away from his more comedic role when he returns? I mean, compare what he is now to the man to won the IC title, and they are worlds apart.


      Santino winning the title is the most hilarious thing I ever heard

    • WrestilingFan4Life

      I sincerely hope Santino is able to get back into the ring. He had great ability, even though many could not see behind the gimmick. He always has been an entertainer and a performer, entertaining everyone he possibly can. I wish Marella the best of luck in returning to the ring.

    • danielrusso

      I still think the elimination chamber match he had was one of the more interesting elimination chamber matches in wwe history. The crowd was so into him trying to beat a heel Daniel Bryan. One of the more under appreciated wwe characters of the last 10

    • Scott

      Sometimes its better to let go. This dude doesnt even take that many bumps in the ring with his moveset and he still has neck issues. There are more important things than Wrestling. Live your life regularly and dont risk something extreme happening

    • brad

      Personally I think they should let him win like money in the bank or something and then cash it in win the strap and then lose it fairly soon. Then after that give him a rematch and then have him lose and retire.

    • Johnny B Bad

      The day the title is won by “The Cobra” move is the day the WWE title loses 100% of it’s prestige (the little bit that it has left).

    • wwetnadudez

      Santino returns in the RR at a surprising #31 and cobras the life out of the last guy in (Brock Lesnar) and kicks him over the rope with a spinning 720 kick.

      Santino than goes on RAW and announces that Paul Heyman is officially a Santino Marella Guy. He builds a faction of goons to carry out his dirty work (Faction Includes: Batista, HHH, Randy Orton & Jesus – Calls them the Straight Adam Copeland Society)

      At EC Santino takes on John Cena and Brock Lesnar in a handicap match and pins them like a squash match within 5 minutes with majority of the offense.

      Come WM Santino wins the WWE/WHC from Heath Slater after hitting a patent sunset flip/cobra combination. Slater being disapointed, retires.

      Santino says he’s the second coming of Andre The Giant and than announces he’s quitting the WWE to join TNA and become their WHC along with the WWE’s.