Santino Praised, Phoenix & Tamina Comment On Their MAtch

– After his strong performance during the SmackDown brand’s Elimination Chamber match last night, Santino Marella got a lot of praise from WWE management and his colleagues. Jim Ross tweeted the following about Santino’s role in the match:

“Santino 2nite a great example of talent’s maximizing their minutes on TV/PPV. Santino’s gotten over w/ humor. Fans like him. Simple concept.”

– WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix says she was impressed with Tamina Snuka at Elimination Chamber. Beth wrote on Twitter:

“@TaminaSnuka impressed the hell out of me tonight. Genuine competition. But…i told you i will be #divaschampforever”

– Tamina replied to Phoenix’s tweet, writing the following about their match:

“My blood is still pumping like crazy from EC, i have to say in order to step up to the next level and grow you have to take your beatings!”

“BE aware of the consequences of those beatings it will feed the fire of the Goddess! @TheBethPhoenix it was a dream come true wrestling you”

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • the masked middle finger

    I actually brought this one, which is something since I haven’t watched WWE for ages. The rocky homages were great and all the santino segments were actually pretty funny. And santino wasn’t actually to bad in the match. And the WWE title match was brilliant.

    The kane/cena match was pointless, and no way should it have been the main event. But it was just like I was expecting, generic cena. I knew all this embrace the hate stuff was too good to be true. The mania match better have something to intrest me more.

    WWE also wasted alot of time with segments, EG- wrestlemania add, natalya farting joke, cena lifting weights. The santino stuff was fun but the other stuff didn’t really need to be there.

    • Fighter

       I like the advertisements they are using to build the Cena/Rock match. Different from the usual stuff as they are showing a more personal aspect from the two wrestlers. I agree Natalya farting joke was pointless.

      The Kane vs Cena match should NOT have been the main event match of the night. It should have been at least the match before the 2nd chamber match. And for those who thought Cena would embrace the hate and turn heel, come on. We all know that will never happen and if it does, not at an event like EC, likely to be at a WM event, because the day Cena turns heel it will be a really big deal. WWE wouldn’t let that “big deal” happen at one of their smaller events.

      Now I was expecting the WWE Championship Match (1st Chamber Match) to be the better of the two, but the 2nd one surprised the hell out of me. Santino should get a push, maybe not to the main event, but I think it’s time they place another title on him.. Not tag, but a singles championship. I think it could be good setting up a match between him and Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania, seeing at what happened in the chamber match. But yeah like I expected from the he started his heel turn, Daniel Bryan is going to Wrestlemania as the champion. I still expecting this match to turn into a Triple Threat Match with Orton being added to it.

      The divas match was awesome. Really enjoyed that match.

      Glad to see Del Rio, and Christian back. Can’t say the same for Henry (not that I am a hater), just that he’s been on the shelf for not that long. lol

      All in all I’ll have to gave the ppv a thumbs up. And that is thanks to the Divas Match, the 1st and 2nd elimination chamber matches. Although I had higher expectations for the 1st chamber match (WWE title match).

  • pwnez

     I’m not exactly sure how Santino was impressive. He hardly did anything during the chamber match except his usual comedy stunts. Yes, he got cheered but he didn’t do anything special in terms of wrestling or even brawling. If anything Wade Barrett should get the most praise since he seemed to have done the most.

    • Adam Michael

      Well he took a beating and looked legit tough, and he looked stronger in the labell lock than any other wrestler in recent memory, he stepped it up that night and I am eating my words when I said Santino being in the chamber would suck. He impressed the hell out of me.

    • Andrew Campbell

      The RAW elimination chamber match was without a doubt the best chamber match in history IMO. The Smackdown chamber, however, was terrible. The match didn’t become interesting until Bryan and Santino were in the final two. I agree Santino didn’t do much wrestling-wise, but he was very over with the crowd throughout the match. I was a Barrett supporter at one point and still am to an extent but he didn’t do anything impressive in the match.

      • pwnez

        I agree with ya. Barrett was decent in the match and although he isn’t a good wrestler his brawling skills can be entertaining to watch. Bryan and Santino did make it somewhat interesting but overall the chamber match wasn’t good to me. I did enjoy the spots Rhodes did. Khali was pointless, Big Show didn’t do anything cool and yeah, Santino was adding the comedy to the match which the EC isn’t about.

        • Andrew Campbell

          Khali did pretty much everything I expected him to do in the match – nothing. You’re right Big Show didn’t do anything interesting except for the funny spot where he broke into Bryan’s chamber. Barrett is good, he just hasn’t been the same to me since his Nexus days. But I blame that on WWE for basically killing any momentum he had before that angle ended.

        • Adam Michael

          Big Show did nothing interesting? Did you not see him rip the roof of Bryans pod then climbed in? That was awesome and funny.
          Santino wasn’t adding comedy to the match he was actually impresive and tough, there was now goofy antics (accept the cobra sock, but hey foley had mr socko) He kicked out of moves that would usually finish him off. He stepped it up tonight.

          • pwnez

            He ripped through the top…that’s cool? I guess some thought that was neat but IMO I didn’t find it to be anything special and didn’t add anything to the match. He still didn’t do anything good during the match. I didn’t expect him to since he isn’t a good wrestler.

            Instead Santino got owned throughout the match and then had his little moment with Bryan, how did he act tough again? He was alright at best but that’s how I feel. He’s still a joke and needs a character change.

  • Nightmare

    I felt sorry for Kofi, Everyone attacked him only most of the time, I would not be surprised if we read a report saying his back was broke. Daniel Bryan getting slung through the glass made my night. As for Santino I think this is going to start a push for him, since everyone is prasing him so much, WWE might realize he’d be a good sell, and prob try to give him a belt. If he become’s World Champion and beat’s Daniel for it, I wouldn’t know what to think, but he deserves it.

    • Andrew Campbell

      Dolph Ziggler got the worst of it by far. He took so many bumps on that steel floor throughout the match that I actually started to feel his pain after a while lol.

      • lolsupimsogood

        This.  There came a point where he got thrown over the ropes onto the steel floor and I literally said out loud “again?”.  

        • Andrew Campbell

          lol same here.

  • Jess McDonald

    If there were more Diva matches like that, maybe the bathroom breaks would have to wait lol.