Santino’s Back Hurting, Del Rio-Japan, Devestating Slaps Video

– WWE United States Champion Santino Marella wrote on Twitter that he’s been working with a sore back.

– Alberto Del Rio, replacing the the suspended Rey Mysterio, is currently in Tokyo, Japan doing promotional work for WWE. Del Rio will be attending a baseball Hanshin Tigers baseball game on Saturday in Shibuya, Japan and will be shooting t-shirts into the crowd. Later in the day, he’ll have an autograph signing at the Tower Records in Shibuya.

– The WWE Youtube channel has posted the following video looking at the most devastating slaps in WWE history:

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Greig

    the only two countries that actually like Baseball

    • Kjhaltz

      I heard Korea loves it too. But as for baseball I think Japan loves it more because it looks like they do it better fan wise with gimmicks, supporters, and more. Let alone it’s the Tigars a big team in Japan

    • Guest

      I’m British and I love baseball what i don’t love are rude obnoxious ignorant prejudiced Glasgow taxi drivers!

      • Jager1017

        and i’m american and baseball bores me to sleep. lol

  • Andrew Campbell

    AJ’s most recent slap to Kaitlyn on Smackdown looked (and sounded) pretty painful.

    As for Santino, the guy shouldn’t be holding any championship in the WWE. He’s a comedy character, nothing more. The US title is losing the little prestige it already had.

    • Kyle Cotton

      that why he has the title. they are trying to turn him from a job guy who does comedy into a guy who does comedy but you can still take seriously in the ring. I mean my god if the elimination Chamber PPV was any indication there is money to be had in a Santino people can take seriously in the ring. in all Honesty I’m glad they are making Santino the modern day mick foley.

    • AngelFlow

      Santino is a talented guy, is WWE fault that he has become a comedy character. The US title lost prestige when Ziggler lost it against Ryder.

  • ezeekaY

    If anyone deserves to get bitchslapped a thousand times, it’s Michael Cole!

  • Guest

    OUCH I don’t want to ever be on the receiving end of one of Stephanie McMahon’s slaps! she packs a wallop!

  • lolsupimsogood

    Take the belt off Santino. Put it back on Ziggler. Drop Vickie. Give him Mason Ryan as a bodyguard. Have him defeat every single mid card wrestler on the roster. He’s talented enough, he’s charismatic enough, he’s the damn show off. He shouldn’t be jobbing to Brodus or Truth/Kofi.

  • me

    Micheal cole is God. You’re just jealous of his success and his knighthood