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[gallery ids="91255,91266,91254,91267,91256,91268,91262,91265,91264,91263"] ) [post_excerpt] => Array ( [0] => Check out WWE's newest Diva, Swedish-born Sarah Backman, who is one of baddest female arm wrestlers in the world ) [to_ping] => Array ( [0] => ) [ping_status] => Array ( [0] => closed ) [post_views_count] => Array ( [0] => 3809 ) [dsq_thread_id] => Array ( [0] => 1980460457 ) [save] => Array ( [0] => Update ) [meta] => Array ( [0] => a:98:{i:8813063;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:2:"aa";s:5:"value";s:4:"2013";}i:8813037;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:6:"action";s:5:"value";s:8:"editpost";}i:8813156;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:17:"add_comment_nonce";s:5:"value";s:10:"298e94e71e";}i:8813103;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:13:"advanced_view";s:5:"value";s:1:"1";}i:8813046;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:13:"autosavenonce";s:5:"value";s:10:"334b040f93";}i:8813044;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:10:"auto_draft";s:5:"value";s:1:"0";}i:8813048;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"closedpostboxesnonce";s:5:"value";s:10:"ba3fc4ad25";}i:8813104;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"comment_status";s:5:"value";s:4:"open";}i:8813051;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:7:"content";s:5:"value";s:440:"Sarah Backman, an arm wrestling world champion, announced today on Twitter that she has begun training at the WWE Performance Center. The Swedish born Diva finally received her work visa last week and has relocated to Orlando. Backman is an 8-time World Arm Wrestling Champion, 8-time European Arm Wrestling Champion and 11-time Swedish Arm Wrestling Champion. [gallery ids="91255,91266,91254,91267,91256,91268,91262,91265,91264,91263"]";}i:8813072;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:6:"cur_aa";s:5:"value";s:4:"2013";}i:8813074;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:6:"cur_hh";s:5:"value";s:2:"16";}i:8813070;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:6:"cur_jj";s:5:"value";s:2:"19";}i:8813068;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:6:"cur_mm";s:5:"value";s:2:"11";}i:8813076;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:6:"cur_mn";s:5:"value";s:2:"46";}i:8813120;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:12:"cws_links_to";s:5:"value";s:7:"http://";}i:8813119;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:19:"cws_links_to_choice";s:5:"value";s:2:"wp";}i:8813152;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:13:"dsq_thread_id";s:5:"value";s:10:"1980460457";}i:8813094;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:7:"excerpt";s:5:"value";s:112:"Check out WWE's newest Diva, Swedish-born Sarah Backman, who is one of baddest female arm wrestlers in the world";}i:8813083;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:12:"existing_tag";s:5:"value";s:6:"select";}i:8813096;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:22:"gallery-meta-box-nonce";s:5:"value";s:10:"5e33232e61";}i:8813064;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:2:"hh";s:5:"value";s:2:"16";}i:8813071;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"hidden_aa";s:5:"value";s:4:"2013";}i:8813073;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"hidden_hh";s:5:"value";s:2:"16";}i:8813069;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"hidden_jj";s:5:"value";s:2:"19";}i:8813067;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"hidden_mm";s:5:"value";s:2:"11";}i:8813075;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"hidden_mn";s:5:"value";s:2:"43";}i:8813057;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"hidden_post_password";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8813055;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:18:"hidden_post_status";s:5:"value";s:7:"publish";}i:8813058;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:22:"hidden_post_visibility";s:5:"value";s:6:"public";}i:8813134;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:2:"ID";s:5:"value";s:5:"91253";}i:8813062;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:2:"jj";s:5:"value";s:2:"19";}i:8813047;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"meta-box-order-nonce";s:5:"value";s:10:"056f6eaa65";}i:8813100;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:12:"metakeyinput";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8813099;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:13:"metakeyselect";s:5:"value";s:6:"#NONE#";}i:8813101;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"metavalue";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8813061;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:2:"mm";s:5:"value";s:2:"11";}i:8813065;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:2:"mn";s:5:"value";s:2:"43";}i:8813085;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:11:"newcategory";s:5:"value";s:17:"New Category Name";}i:8813086;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:18:"newcategory_parent";s:5:"value";s:2:"-1";}i:8813082;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:7:"new_tag";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8813038;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"originalaction";s:5:"value";s:8:"editpost";}i:8813041;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"original_post_status";s:5:"value";s:7:"publish";}i:8813077;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:16:"original_publish";s:5:"value";s:6:"Update";}i:8813138;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:11:"ping_status";s:5:"value";s:6:"closed";}i:8813039;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:11:"post_author";s:5:"value";s:1:"2";}i:8813121;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"post_author_override";s:5:"value";s:1:"2";}i:8813135;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:12:"post_content";s:5:"value";s:440:"Sarah Backman, an arm wrestling world champion, announced today on Twitter that she has begun training at the WWE Performance Center. The Swedish born Diva finally received her work visa last week and has relocated to Orlando. Backman is an 8-time World Arm Wrestling Champion, 8-time European Arm Wrestling Champion and 11-time Swedish Arm Wrestling Champion. [gallery ids="91255,91266,91254,91267,91256,91268,91262,91265,91264,91263"]";}i:8813136;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:12:"post_excerpt";s:5:"value";s:112:"Check out WWE's newest Diva, Swedish-born Sarah Backman, who is one of baddest female arm wrestlers in the world";}i:8813095;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:11:"post_format";s:5:"value";s:1:"0";}i:8813045;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:7:"post_ID";s:5:"value";s:5:"91253";}i:8813133;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:14:"post_mime_type";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8813105;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"post_name";s:5:"value";s:38:"sarah backman arm wrestling wwe photos";}i:8813060;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:13:"post_password";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8813056;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:11:"post_status";s:5:"value";s:7:"publish";}i:8813049;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:10:"post_title";s:5:"value";s:62:"Photos: WWE Signs Swedish Arm Wrestling Champion Sarah Backman";}i:8813040;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:9:"post_type";s:5:"value";s:4:"post";}i:8813150;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:16:"post_views_count";s:5:"value";s:2:"70";}i:8813078;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:7:"publish";s:5:"value";s:7:"Publish";}i:8813089;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:23:"reedwan_background_page";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8813091;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:21:"reedwan_comments_type";s:5:"value";s:2:"WP";}i:8813108;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:17:"reedwan_critera_1";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8813109;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:23:"reedwan_critera_1_score";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8813110;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:17:"reedwan_critera_2";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8813111;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:23:"reedwan_critera_2_score";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8813112;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:17:"reedwan_critera_3";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8813113;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:23:"reedwan_critera_3_score";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8813114;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:17:"reedwan_critera_4";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8813115;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:23:"reedwan_critera_4_score";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8813116;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:17:"reedwan_critera_5";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8813117;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:23:"reedwan_critera_5_score";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8813090;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:22:"reedwan_featured_image";s:5:"value";s:2:"No";}i:8813106;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:21:"reedwan_overall_score";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8813088;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"reedwan_page_sidebar";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8813093;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:19:"reedwan_show_review";s:5:"value";s:3:"Yes";}i:8813107;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:15:"reedwan_summary";s:5:"value";s:2:" ";}i:8813092;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:19:"reedwan_user_rating";s:5:"value";s:3:"Yes";}i:8813042;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:10:"referredby";s:5:"value";s:86:"http://www.sescoops.com/photos-wwe-signs-swedish-arm-wrestling-champion-sarah-bachman/";}i:8813050;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"samplepermalinknonce";s:5:"value";s:10:"8b24fd7515";}i:8813153;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:4:"save";s:5:"value";s:6:"Update";}i:8813081;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:18:"sitemeta_noncename";s:5:"value";s:10:"29d716f6e1";}i:8813066;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:2:"ss";s:5:"value";s:2:"05";}i:8813137;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:7:"to_ping";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8813098;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:13:"trackback_url";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8813036;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:7:"user_ID";s:5:"value";s:1:"2";}i:8813052;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"video-meta-box-nonce";s:5:"value";s:10:"1b6fa15f0f";}i:8813053;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:10:"videoEmbed";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8813059;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:10:"visibility";s:5:"value";s:6:"public";}i:8813054;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:10:"wp-preview";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8813131;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:21:"yoast_wpseo_canonical";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8813122;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:19:"yoast_wpseo_focuskw";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8813126;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:32:"yoast_wpseo_meta-robots-nofollow";s:5:"value";s:1:"0";}i:8813125;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:31:"yoast_wpseo_meta-robots-noindex";s:5:"value";s:1:"0";}i:8813124;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"yoast_wpseo_metadesc";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8813132;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:20:"yoast_wpseo_redirect";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}i:8813130;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:32:"yoast_wpseo_sitemap-html-include";s:5:"value";s:1:"-";}i:8813128;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:27:"yoast_wpseo_sitemap-include";s:5:"value";s:1:"-";}i:8813129;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:24:"yoast_wpseo_sitemap-prio";s:5:"value";s:1:"-";}i:8813123;a:2:{s:3:"key";s:17:"yoast_wpseo_title";s:5:"value";s:0:"";}} ) [_ajax_nonce] => Array ( [0] => dbb4e7b6cc ) [add_comment_nonce] => Array ( [0] => 2cd6fab283 ) [_ajax_fetch_list_nonce] => Array ( [0] => 4ca7f447d0 ) [_wp_old_slug] => Array ( [0] => photos-wwe-signs-swedish-arm-wrestling-champion-sarah-bachman ) [wpb_post_views_count] => Array ( [0] => 645 ) ) -->

Swedish Arm Wrestling Champion Sarah Backman Starts At WWE Developmental

Sarah Backman, an arm wrestling world champion, announced today on Twitter that she has begun training at the WWE Performance Center. The Swedish born Diva finally received her work visa last week and has relocated to Orlando. Backman is an 8-time World Arm Wrestling Champion, 8-time European Arm Wrestling Champion and 11-time Swedish Arm Wrestling Champion.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Vince The Man


  • yo

    she’s got pecs… gross

    • Shanny

      She just has to get a new boob job, that’s all. As people’s body types make dramatic changes it may alter other parts of the body e.g. if a morbidly obese person loses weight say hundreds of pounds instead of 10 or 15, they have tons of blab fat hanging from their arms like batwings. For her, as she enhanced the muscle definition, her boobs seem to have shrunk, and they need to be augmented. As Chyna settled in the WWE, she had to get facial reconstruction as her muscular physique altered her as well.

  • Xyl

    NO! NO! NO!

  • http://www.youtube.com/ac1dchr15t ac1d

    Sarah Ryback-man

    • IKeepsit100

      “man” is right. Dude has no breast…im done.

      • G.I.R.L.

        How misogynistic of you. Kiebler didn’t have breast either, ftr.

        • IKeepsit100

          Yeeeeeaaaaahhh…wasn’t a fan of Kiebler much either.

    • CSSA


  • Marko

    The Sweedish Chyna.

  • falseprophet

    does this mean wwe starting to not care about the look of there divas just as long as they can wrestle. this is great news if it does mean that

  • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

    And people say Kaitlyn is too muscular, pffft.

    • Aperture

      Kaitlyn is perfect…

      Sarah is…Too much.

      • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

        Thats what I am saying, Kaitlyn is in my mind one of the hottest divas of all time.

    • Johnson

      Kaitlyn is small as hellll.. lmao. I think maybe these dudes are small.

  • The Cunninghammer

    She has pecks…

  • ozzie

    Hopefully Triple H can keep his hands off of this one.

    • MalaysianInvasion

      she needs to do more chest workouts lol

  • Dan Saint

    got a gorgeous face…body a little too muscular for me…but her face is very beautiful

    • WCWPunk

      I agree. She has a beautiful face. As far as her body goes, way too muscular. If she toned it down a bit, she be sexy and so fine

  • Ninjastar

    Kinda not to fond about this Sheman!! Muscular chicks aren’t a turn-on for me , also flat chested , besides the huge forehead , she has an Ok’ face.I wouldnt fap to this sheman tho.

    • G.I.R.L.

      Yes, because WWE’s aim is to get you an erection.

  • M-Rods

    Heidi Gunz aka Sarah Backman has been released by www for violating conditions of the wwe wellness program. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

  • Mufugga

    one hell of a HJ

  • JML

    Steriods does terrible things to people.She’d be a lot hotter if she wasn’t all jacked up!

  • Steve Blackman

    That’s gotta be Zlatan Ibrahimovic sister.

  • Norman Osborne

    wrong type of wrestling Vince

  • JaffaJoose

    I don’t get it. If the WWE hires a model, the IWC complains about them prioritizing looks over ability. If the WWE hires an athlete, the IWC complains about how she isn’t physically attractive enough. Feel free to downvote me into oblivion, but honestly, what is it you people actually want from the women’s division? You whine about the lack of talent, but then whenever somebody new gets signed you automatically crap all over them.

    • Marc

      What I want is an actual wrestler with real wrestling ability. There are plenty on the indys that deserve a shot way more than this chick and half the girls on total divas…..Ivelisse, Cheerleader Melissa, Mia Yim just to name a few and oh yeah, Sara Del Rey who they hired just as a trainer but is more talented than every woman on the roster and should be on TV right now. And last time I checked armwrestlers werent athletes, maybe we should hire some female bowlers as well.

      • superturbo

        Well said!

      • JaffaJoose

        Good for you. And that’s not sarcasm. I don’t have any problem with anything you just said. You make some valid points. In fact, if all of the comments were like this one, I wouldn’t have posted. But that’s not the case here. People aren’t talking about her potential wrestling or athletic abilities, people are talking about how she’s too muscular, she looks too manly, her boobs are too small, and her forehead is too big. In other words, people are complaining about how she isn’t eye candy. And yes, that bothers me.

        • Marc

          U dont need to be eye candy but women need to meet a certain standard to be on WWE TV and shes just way too muscular and has no femininity left. Kaitlyn is muscular and so was Beth Phoenix but they were still beautiful women with feminine physiques.

          • JaffaJoose

            Why does it matter? I thought you only cared about wrestling ability.

          • Marc

            What ability does she have? Shes an arm wrestler who they are going to have to train from scratch. Wrestling ability does matter and when I said that I meant there were plenty of girls on the Indys that deserve a shot before her. And its hard not to care about looks when she looks like a man and Im a huge Kharma/Awesome Kong fan and as big as she was, u could still tell she was a woman

          • JaffaJoose

            I’m not saying she has wrestling ability. I haven’t seen her wrestle, so I have no idea what kind of potential she has. Maybe she’ll be absolutely terrible. I don’t know. And certainly there are women in the indies who deserve a shot; I’m not denying that. All I’m saying is that looks shouldn’t matter.

          • Marc

            They absolutley should matter. They are running a business and a women who isnt attractive has no marketability towards the male audience.

          • JaffaJoose

            Only if the male audience are shallow idiots who only care about looks. Which this comment section is definitely making a case for.

          • Marc

            Shallow has nothing to do with it. I just happen to like women who actually look like women. And most of male America is shallow so my point was they want to market to that audience to make more money. Its whats best for business.

          • JaffaJoose

            Sorry, but in my opinion, shallow has absolutely everything to do with it. I’m a male myself, and I honestly don’t care what this girl looks like. If she can wrestle, I want to see her wrestle. If she can’t wrestle, I don’t want to see her wrestle. It’s that simple. Her aesthetics mean nothing to me. And I think that’s the way it should be. Otherwise we end up with talentless eye candy on the roster.

          • Marc

            Well lets agree to disagree on the looks issue. I really hope she has some talent as well, after all she has one of the best in the world training her (SDR).

          • JaffaJoose

            I’m fine with agreeing to disagree, but I would like to ask you one last question: what if she does have talent? Like, what if it turns out she’s amazingly good in the ring? I realize that isn’t likely, but what if? Would her looks still matter to you, or would wrestling ability take priority?

          • Marc

            Like I said Id love it if she can actually wrestle and would be more than happy to watch her matches. My main point with the whole looks thing was what was best for wwe business wise. They want these women to be attractive so they can market them as sex objects and gain more male viewers, hence why they have had so many in Playboy, Maxim, their own mags etc… and my point was that I didnt think she was attractive enough to meet that criteria but they did sign her so what the hell do I know. Im just another idiot from the IWC. lol

          • JaffaJoose

            Well, I still disagree with you on several points, but we agree on the key issue of looks vs. ability, so I’m prepared to drop it with you, haha. The thing is, to me, the fact that WWE has historically hired women to be sex objects is a BAD thing. So when I look in the comments section and all I see are people complaining about how this girl isn’t a good enough sex object, it’s… kind of despicable to me.

          • Marc

            It was nice having a civilized debate with someone on here for a change. Most are childish and resort to insults and profanity.

          • Marc

            I agree its a bad thing. I was just looking at thing through WWE goggles and while shes not my cup of tea looks wise I can easily overlook that if she can bring it. I hope Im wrong and shes awesome because I love Sara Del Rey and shes not “Diva Hot” but she can really bring it and thats what won me over. I hope this clears things up.

          • JaffaJoose

            It does. :)

          • Phoenix Ramsey

            Chyna says hi.

          • Mr_DJ

            Chyna post plastic surgery during her WWF stay says,”Hi.” Everything before and after requires brain bleach.

      • Cujo999

        Problem is, WWE has hired great female wrestlers before, and they’ve failed to get over. The last was Gail Kim. Pure wrestling ability alone is simply not enough to get over with WWE’s audience, especially if you’re a woman. Ivelisse had a developmental deal at one time, and was released due to a poor attitude. Cheerleader Melissa did next to nothing in TNA, so why would they think she could come to WWE and get over? SDR simply isn’t pretty enough or physically impressive enough to get over in WWE. The thing that most of the IWC doesn’t get when it comes to the Diva’s division is pretty much all of them can wrestle a lot better than they show on TV, but management handcuffs them. According to Michelle McCool, they aren’t allowed to punch and kick like the men, they aren’t allowed to take a lot of the bumps the men are allowed to take, and they are pretty much forbidden from putting on a match that will be difficult for the men to follow. It doesn’t make sense for them to hire great workers when their biggest asset won’t be put to good use.

        • Marc

          SDR isnt physically impressive enough? Have you seen any of her recent matches? she is a beast and last time I checked wasnt ugly. And the only ones with any real wrestling ability are AJ, Natalya, Alicia Fox and Layla. Melissa’s run with TNA was due to poor management and WWE dropped the ball with Ivelisse just like TNA did when they signed that freak Leid Tapa over her. Just because the rumor mill said she had a bad attitude doesnt make it true. And McCool had no problem putting on great matches while she was being held back, being held back is no excuse, 75 % of the Divas simply cant wrestle.

          • Cujo999

            SDR stacks up fine in the Indies, but she’s not a physical powerhouse compared to Beth Phoenix, China, or Kong and she doesn’t, stack up in the looks department against most of Diva’ s. She’s not ugly, but she’s no head Turner, and that’s what she needs to be on the big stage. As for McCool, she got away with stealing the show at times because nobody’s going to go after ‘taker’ s girl. I don’t think your giving many of the current Diva’ s due credit for their in ring ability, either. As for Melissa, mismanaged or not, Wwe is not going to give a Knockout that didn’t get over a shot when they already inked the top two girls in TNA history and they both flopped for different reasons.

        • Mr_DJ

          Gail Kim could wrestle and was hot. She got buried for no real reason other than WWE’s female wrestlers get the short end of the stick.

      • Johnson

        It doesn’t matter what you want to Vinny Mac. The reason why Mac keeps making so much money is because he already knows what sells. If you know what sells you don’t ever compromise it EVER! Business 101.
        That’s why you continue to see 8 – dime piece models (like Eva Marie) and not average looking women like Cheerleader Melissa, Mia Yim, Mercedes Martinez etc…. It’s not about quality, and it never will be! WWE is a mega corp. They will never appeal to a few thousand with that different perspective. They appeal to the masses of millions, because that’s what brings in the big money. Business 101.

        That’s why you would continue to see John Cena in the main event, and Randy Oilton …and not say…… Antonio Cesaro, and Tyson Kidd. Mass audience does not care about these people or how talented they are. WWE is not an indie fed. You’re not going to see a division of 10 or 15 average (4 out of 10/5 out of 10) looking girls.
        “But they’re so talented…. but they’re talented… but they’re talented…” All irrelevant dribble in the business world. It’s about making big money and continuing the trend of making big money. “If it ain’t broke..don’t fix it” applies here.

        The divas are eye candy period. They are there to look hot and do some work for 6 – 10 mins, and then leave. They aren’t there to put on a 45 min grueling match with 100 different types of maneuvers being used. (Because I remember Melissa doing one of those a few times) That’s a waste of time and will bore the audience. Why do that when you can get the same amount of money from these fans for doing much much less? Business 101. And being that these women aren’t the ones putting mass butts in seats, they can give 2 min garbage matches between two models , and mass audience will literally not give a shiit. That’s the way it works in reality. Like I said before, WWE is a professionally run business. They already know how to make mass money for doing little. That’s why they don’t exceed their work. They don’t have to!

        Indie feds however feel the need to exceed work because they are not mass money makers. They are in fact in need of making money. So they do whatever they have to, to make that money. And they still struggle anyway. Everybody wants to make it “big”. If they say otherwise, they are a liar!

        • JaffaJoose

          Do you honestly think that having the mass audience ‘literally not give a shiit’ about an element of their product is smart business strategy for a company?

          • Johnson

            No I don’t… and I never claimed it was. What I said was true however, the women can continue to put on 2 minute garbage matches and not exceed their work level as the mass audience will not care otherwise. And the truth is, they don’t because they satisfy mass audience by their appearance alone. That’s right… their looks. I have yet to see the lackluster women’s wrestling hurt the company as a whole. I’d say WWE is pretty safe.

            WWE keeps the women visible to keep the illusion of their importance in the open, but keep their work to a minimum. Why? Because they don’t have to put more effort than they need to. All Eva Marie and the Bellas have to do is come out to the ring and look hot. So when I say the fans don’t give a shiiit.. I’m talking about their matches. They don’t give a shiiit. And they’ll still spend money on the overall WWE product anyway to see the main big money makers. So they still win anyway.

            Nikki Bella is a horrible wrestler… one of the worst divas matches I’ve seen in a long time recently. Does the mass audience care ? No. Will they continue to spend money on the product? Yes. The divas do no make or break the WWE. They are extras, and are used for eye candy period. The only ones that notice how bad they are in the ring are the fans that over analyze the product and dissect every aspect of it. That minority bunch. The mass majority watch the match, forget it, and move on and continue spending their money. And WWE continues to make more and more mass audience type fans every day with all their social media. I’d say WWE’s strategies work very well.

          • JaffaJoose

            But wouldn’t it make more sense, from a business standpoint, for them to try to get their mass audience to care about women’s wrestling matches? That way every element of the product would be a draw, rather than part of the product being a bathroom break.

      • he who shall not be named


      • 7962

        Yeah, she doesnt look like an athlete does she. What? She could likely kick your ass. She just needs to learn a different sport than shes been doing.

      • baldone46 .

        If people want to see WRESTLING maybe they should switch channels and watch collegiate style wrestling or MMA. The WWE is NOT wrestling. It is FAKE with a pulled punch here and a light slap to the chest here and pick you up and slam you down so you can then pick the other guy up and slam him down and dance around while they recover so they can tackle you and back and forth it goes. And you can even bring in a baseball bat and the ref doesn’t see it and all sorts of clownish things. armwrestlers aren’t athletes? Maybe she can’t outrun a marathoner but she sure has a better chiseled body than 98% of other people.


      LOOL , thats why its the IWC , whining and crying !!

    • he who shall not be named

      you do know that your part of the IWC since you just posted a comment here : )

      • JaffaJoose

        Yep. That doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to criticize the IWC. I have some issues with the community, and as a member of the community, I feel I’ve got a right to address those issues.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    i bet she can give one mean handjob.

  • The_Rode

    Maybe Steph will buy her air bags

  • Jamie

    They tend to have one arm bigger than the other, which you can clearly see is her left.

  • Marc

    In the 3rd and 4th to last pics, if u put your hand over her head you cant tell if its a man or a woman.

  • “Mean-Stenge”Orklund

    Whoo nobody be messin with her

  • Stuff

    So WWE signed Android 18?

    • JaffaJoose

      Gotta admit, I lol’d.

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      Im glad I didn’t have any liquid in my mouth. Otherwise, I would have spit it all over my laptop.

    • superturbo

      Android 18? Nah thats too much of a compliment and anyways Android 18 is somebody more like actress; Michelle Trachtenberg with blonde hair. This girl looks like she came out of a Conan The Barbarian movie.

    • Derringer Duo

      Oh snap!

  • omega riddler

    holy mother of all that is wrong, she looks like she has a man’s body. I hope she gets a name change because her name sounds similar to a crazy politician who has a suggestive photo with a sausage.

  • CSSA

    watch the E name her something stupid like Yolanda Jenson or something.

    • G.I.R.L.

      Lol yes.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    I dont like chicks with pe……pecs.

  • YES

    I dont wanna see this … No No No

  • Zai_West

    I dont know why she’s wearing a bra

  • Derringer Duo

    I would be more impressed if they hired an actual female wrestler. This is just the female version of hiring another big talentless oaf because he has muscles. Though, who knows? I though Trish was just another worthless fitness model until she blew my mind. So, maybe she’s the next big thing. At least she shows the aptitude for athletics, something you can’t say about people like The Bellas and Eva Marie.

    Still, nothing would beat them rebuilding the division with Mickie James, Sara Del Rey, Serena Deeb, Paige, Victoria and breaking Naomi away from Ca-moron.

  • Derringer Duo

    BTW, this woman simply MUST get implants. She won’t make it, otherwise. We Americans are a shallow bunch. She’s got a nice face, but…that man body needs some tata.

  • Rick Yuhnke

    She looks like she could kick some butt. Hopefully, she catches on to wrestling and does well

  • The Gassed Part Timer

    What’s with everyone here? I’d still sleep with her only if she doesn’t use too much force tho. Dont want my pelvis broken lol.

  • in my a$$

    Damn, i woild love to stuff my face between her legs.

  • E-Z

    Wow, she definitely looks like a WWE star. She is very attractive. The look and packaging is will make her go a long way…

  • WCWPunk

    D*mn, her face is HOT XD

  • NWO4Life

    I know i’m a bit of a perv, but I bet she could give a killer handjob.

  • someguy

    I’ll care more when she gets TV time, most of these acquisitions get booted before they ever make TV.

  • Progressed_Now

    am I the only one that thinks the first pic is photoshopped? chick’s head on top of…….something’s neck?

  • SLRamey

    Female wrestler historically haven’t been huge money maker. So paying top women wrestler on the indies (Cheerleader Melissa, Mia Yim, Mischif, etc.) wouldn’t work out for either WWE or the individual. They make great money going to Japan, Mexico, and on other overseas tour that they would probably lose money going to WWE and WWE wouldn’t really make much money from their presence either.
    Hell, AJ Lee wasn’t a big name signing and some of you probably wondered why her and not one of the other ones out there. But she did her time in Florida, worked her ass off and WWE make her into a household name and a moneymaker without a previously large fanbase. Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, Kaitlyn and Michelle McCool were fitness models with no wrestling background and went on to do great things.

    So, I say give this Sarah Backman a chance before you bash this signing. She might be the next great surprises for the WWE.

  • No Nonsense

    Dunno what guys think she is not attractive, She is v.attractive some pictures are clearly photo shopped but she looks the business, Ronda Rousey is shredded and is still very hot as is Gina Carano.

  • troll

    have her pair up with cena and we can get a superman and supergirl team to fight crime against the joker hhh

    • Stranger

      I think you mean Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor.

  • Joezer

    Wow i hope she can wrestling she is big and if she can get over then she can make it big in wwe good luck

  • George Flegel

    WOW. She would destroy most of the bimbo Divas in the WWE right now. Natalya would realistically be the only one who could give her a run for her money.

  • Diana Cristina Louise

    I like her. She’s different. So what if she’s an arm wrestler? She obviously works out and takes care of her body, how about you give the girl a chance before you assume she can’t wrestle? And I don’t think she’s ugly at all. If I had the genetics to get my body like hers I’d do it. And yeah you guys are shallow. That’s why Cherry and Mickie James were called “too fat” and then you wonder why women have so much hatred for their bodies. Because you want some unattainable ideal of perfection. Consequently women diet themselves into twigs and spend billions cutting themselves up in a plastic surgeon’s office. When you guys get big muscles, bigger d**ks and actually know what to do with them THEN we’ll discuss all of the things that are wrong with MY body.