The Significance Of WWE’s First Women’s Hell In A Cell Match (Editorial)

“Hell in a Cell” has always been my favorite WWE PPV. I’m not sure whether it’s because I have a fondness for matches that take place in a cell, al la one of the most iconic matches of all time, Mankind vs. Undertaker, or because the event takes place around my favorite holiday. This year, however, will be treasured for a new reason—the first EVER women’s Hell in a Cell match.

The WWE has had many historic eras—The Golden Age, The Attitude Era, and now, it’s the era of outstanding women. Bob Dylan said it best—“The Times They Are a-Changin!” We are smack-dab in the middle of the “Women’s Revolution.” Who would have thought even a few years ago that women would be main-eventing PPVS, let alone having matches inside of cold, hard steel?…  and there’s no two women in the WWE right now more fit for the title match than current Raw Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks, and former champ, Charlotte. We’ve been lucky enough to witness these two superstars have A+ matches against each other and other notable competitors, such as Becky Lynch and Bayley, since their days in NXT, and they have not disappointed us since making their debut on the main roster last year. They have proven themselves along with the other women time and time again that they’re no longer “Divas…” they’re “Superstars.”

I feel that a match of this nature has been a long time coming. Charlotte and Sasha are now both two-time Raw Women’s Champions. We’ve seen them compete for the belt on numerous PPVs, and recently had the opportunity to watch Sasha once again win the title during the main event of Raw. Long gone are the days of lingerie and pillow fights. These women compete with every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears that they possess… and it shows! Sasha and Charlotte have had such a compelling story to follow, which instantly makes viewers drawn to them. They’ve both shared so much of their lives in and out of the ring that it makes us feel completely invested in their journeys. We WANT to see who will be victorious and who will walk down the ramp in tears from a well-fought battle.

In only a few days time we will see if Sasha Banks retains, or if we will have a three-time Champion. We know that this match is considered one of the three main events of the evening, but it’s still unknown if it will be the final match of the evening. At this point, I’m also not entirely sure who will be triumphant, but I’m confident that it will be a historic match featuring two of the greatest superstars of this generation… and you can bank on that!

@KidCadet has been hooked on pro wrestling since she attended WrestleMania 28 live from Miami. She’s a regular panel host on the comic convention circuit and does ring announcing for the Shine Wrestling promotion.