Scott Hall Arrested For Choking Girlfriend, Drunk “For Days”

Scott Hall was arrested last Friday in Florida following a domestic disturbance with his girlfriend, reports

According to an arrest report obtained by the website, Hall allegedly choked out his girlfriend in a drunken fit of rage. Hall’s girlfriend Lisa Howell says he had been drinking “for days” when they got into an argument Friday evening.

Howell says she got into her car to drive away from the residence, and in a blind rage, Hall grabbed her by the throat and tried to pull her out of the driver’s seat. When confronted by police, Hall appeared heavily intoxicated with an “unknown white secretion flowing from both sides of his mouth.” He denied getting violent.

Police observed several signs of physical injury on Howell, including red marks around her neck, so Hall was placed under arrest for domestic battery. His arrest required two sets of handcuffs due to his large stature.

Hall could not be immediately booked in jail because he was too intoxicated. He was taken to a nearby hospital to receive medical clearance before he was booked in Seminole County’s John E. Polk Correctional Facility.

Howell has refused to press charges against Hall. TMZ says it’s unclear if the case will move forward in court.

Daniel Pena

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  • Hobo With A Shotgun

    So Scott Hall is a Woman beater i wonder if CM Punk is going to go after Hall just like he did Chris Brown

    • Nancy Cardwell Serfass Weiss

      please leave punk alone he wont b going after anybody but 1 person,chris jerk

      • peffers

        Leave Brittany alone!!! Sorry u sound just like the girl from that video

        • Jager1017

          that wasn’t a girl… lol

        • JamieEvsxx

          really funny how that instantly came to mind when I read Nancy’s comment lol…xD

        • Nickarnet

          lol its actually a guy in the britney video. i can see why youd think that tho :)

        • Steve Bristol

          That girl is a mannnn, bahybeeee!!!


         haha a pre teen CM Punk fan thats new :D

    • aj2345

      Correction: woman choker the article never said he beat her.

      • Hobo With A Shotgun

        Still the same thing  you don’t put your hands on a women not cool.

        • BrahmaBullRKO

          I always put my hands on women.

          • DAX

            Hell Yeah!

          • SavageBomber

            Exactly. I never get any complaints

          • aj2345

            Whoop that trick!

      • Bushwald Sexyface

        Wow. What a fucking idiot. Since when is choking not part of beating a woman? 

        You’re one of those types that I would love to meet walking down the street. 

        • aj2345

          It was a sarcastic remark. You and the Hobo need to relax a little bit. Y’all estrogen levels are pretty high. What would you do if you seen walking down the street? Say hi? Cause I’ll be damned if something happened to me by a guy with Sexy in his online screenname!

          • Bushwald Sexyface

            Oh, I’m sure it was sarcastic. Fitting response from a disphit who thinks talking about choking women is funny. Joking around about it shows your maturity level. Making excuses as to why shows that you’re an asshole. 

            What else is sad, yet hilarious, is the fact that you fail to understand that my screenname has absolutely jack shit to do with me. It’s a screenname on a website on the internet. Just like the picture I have with it. 

          • aj2345

            It is funny to me. She knows he abusive. She chooses to stick around. She still will continue to stick around. It’s why she’s not pressing charges. I ain’t got make excuses for shit. My sense of humor and how I’m viewed on the internet is not something that keeps me up at night.

            I can care less about your picture or your screen name. My point is you’re nothing to me. Just a guy on the internet catching feelings over something I typed. It’s a wrestling site with a comment section, not place where Rhodes Scholars meet. Stop taking everything so serious. You’re gonna be gasping for air like Hall’s girlfriend when he choked it all out of her if you don’t. Relax dude.

        • Jager1017

          why? how would you be able to tell he was a woman beater? lol he’d just be some random person on the street.

          • Bushwald Sexyface

            Well, if we really wanna get into how….

            Shit, I dunno. You got the point though :p

        • BitchPwnez

          Uh, beating a woman is when you punch, kick, or even stomp on her you dumbfuck. Choking her is a cover up for murderous assault.

          • Bushwald Sexyface

            A guy that trolls a regular poster here calling anyone else a dumb fuck is irony at it’s finest.

    • Aaron5380

       No! He will probably campaign to face him at WM 29.

    • Brian Clark

       Watch out the CM Punk fanatics are going to caps lock you to death.

      • WHO_u_looking_at?


    • Steve Bristol

      hahaha I’m tired and juuusst a little tipsy.  I have on eye closed so I can see better/see straighter (I swear I’m going somewhere with this).  The one-eye trick is still not totally effective, though, and my vision still gets a little blurry occasionally. Never before have I been so entertained by my blurry vision.  To me, for a few seconds, the beginning of your comment appeared to say “So, Scott Hall is a woman teacher…” which, in my oh so humble opinion, turned your comment from insightful and entertaining to damned epic! =)

  • Team Awesome

     It is so sad, that he is going to eventually die. He did do this to himself though. This is why I don’t drink at all, never did, never will. I seen people’s lives get messed up by drinking.

    • 20-0

      ur a cm punk fan lol

    • SavageBomber

      I’m going to be the reason you take your first drink!

      • IKeepsit100


    • Jager1017

      just because others are idiots, doesn’t mean you need to avoid something. and eventually, everyone dies.

    • jerald mason

      the pore sob is a wet brain. its to bad, the bad guy was one very tallented dude. i have been watching him when he was a very young man in the awa, and nwa, whitch became wcw, but i can remember the wolf pack storming the ring to take it over, and scott hall cept stumbling trying to crawl threw the ropes, and nash kind of stoped what he was doing, and looked at hall stumbling, he just looked at him saying scott what are you doing. with a very puzzled look on his face. i have had so much respect for him when he was razer ramone, i fell sorry for him now bcuz hes a very sick guy who is getting closer to meeting his demize.  

  • Jayme Lynn

    this is just horrible!he will end up underground before too long if he keeps this up :( 

    • BitchPwnez

      Not as long as you if I stomp a hole to your face…yeah that’s it!

  • Waldo

    i hate what has happened to this guy, its just sad. i watched the E:60 thing a while back, just a awful story. now this, its just sad, i dont even know what to say anymore 

  • Chrisbrown

    Sometimes you just need to choke a bitch.

    • SavageBomber

      Especially when she’s trying to get away from you, right?

    • The4thwiseman



      bitches love being choked ;)


      hahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice!

    • jerald mason

      sometimes a man that lays his hands on a woman is a punk

    • Toyotasupra1995

      Speaking of scott hall, its a shame he is like this, here we have a classic case of a guy who once looked good and in shape, he had it all only to piss it all away and turn into an old, overweight, stinking pile of donkey crap, what is wrong with these guys, demons, seriously lol “SAY HELLO TO THE DRUNK GUY CHICO!!!”

  • David Knapman

    Ok so what I’m getting out of this is that  this Howell broad can’t work! and Halls defense will be…..

    Hey yo your honor…..Its a work chico!!!! big Kev and Hogan were going to run in for the save but this chica blew the spot and called the cops. so I thought Easy E flipped the script on me so I grabed her cause I thought the Big Bossman was going to run me off. so you can see your honor it was all just a work brother.

    • Mikekmelendez1


    • partsunknownresident

      Then when the judge lets him off the hook, he walks off saying “One more for the good guys!”

  • pwnez

    Choking isn’t PG, Scott.

  • andy

    one truly sad story. Scott has had chance after chance to clean up and he keeps going back to the same old thing. I personally know people who have tried to help him but he will not let these demons go. what a tragedy that soon the next headline will be former wrestler found dead! sad, sad, sad, but one can only get help when they want help.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    I keep expecting anything with Hall coming out to be a report on his death. I’m not trying to be offensive, it’s just the reality of the situation and I think we all know it’s coming soon. 

    It’s unfortunate. Scott Hall had the charisma to go much further than he went in his career. 

  • Bodyslam1

    Look, Lisa Howell shoulda charged Scott Hall, because if not he will keep on & on being a slobby drunk, Scott Hall is a legendary wrestler, and many many people have tried to help him.. even his own son. but nothing helps. theirs no use trying to help anybody if they don’t try to help themselves.. its a matter of time.. before i and many other wrestling fans, iwc, etc will be saying R.I.P Scott Hall. its sad but somewhat true.

  • AlexBorii93

    Here we go again with scott hall smh he is never gonna change and he’s never gonna stop being an acoholic

  • Sling Shot Suplex

    Time to put Scott Hall down!!

  • fatneal

    everyone doesnt win the battles with their inner demons….lets hope he has better luck in his next life cycle

  • The Ghost


    • siberian_skies

      He’s a pussy for being straight edge?  Guess I’m a pussy, too.  Tell you what I think…it takes more cojones to not give into peer pressure, than to be a part of the crowd.

      • Brandondaprodigy

        i hate it when people call themselves straight edge just because they dont drink or smoke

        • siberian_skies

          What name would you prefer?

          • Ihatetrolls

            a pharmacy addict

          • Bushwald Sexyface

            Don’t knock pharmaceuticals!

        • FOLEY_is_GOD

          Yup, so annoying. 

        • jerald mason

          oh look at me.. im straight edg so im a goody two shoes, so i am going to judge all of those no good drunks, and filthy roten crack heads, bcuz im soooo purfect hell yeah thats anoying  

      • Jager1017

        just because you drink or smoke doesn’t mean you give in to peer pressure. what are we, 12? we only do things because our friends say it’s cool? lol. i like to think the general public is smarter than that. i smoke cigarettes, weed, and occasionally have a beer or 2. but i never touched any of them because others pressured me into it. it’s always been MY choice.

        • siberian_skies

            I partied a lot when I was younger and no one pressured me, either.  I guess I pulled the “peer pressure” card, because I associate name calling with 12 year olds.

        • Bob Williams

          True all. To a point. The general public IS smarter than that. Just say no? Bull****. What’s really sad is that Scott is no longer in control of his problems. They aren’t his choice anymore. He may drink, take drugs, but unless you’ve ever been addicted to real drugs and/or drink, (see half-baked about the other “drug”) you don’t know that whatever your body tells you it has to have kicks the **** out of your brain just about everytime. And not everyone suffering from anything, whatever haunts their days and nights are headed that way from the beginning. Yeah, who wouldn’t take a gun somebody’s pulled on them and protected themselves in self defense. And just because they say, no charges, you were in the right, your free, doesn’t mean he can’t see it and relive it like a nightmare movie scene. He even said he see’s it and smells it. I’ve did thing’s I’m not proud of. Who hasn’t? Nothing like what he went through-see the stigma? So when you find these things or drinks that make you forget, sweet. And everything bad for you, somehow seems to be great at first. And by the time you figure out it’s not (no offense to any recreational users/drinkers), it’s way too late. I’m a huge Hall fan. He is talented, smart, all that. Just haunted. Wrestling is fake. The characters are fake. But with everything following there every move(s) today, everybody ought to know they are real messed up, some good, people just like everybody else. There’s probably a 1000 or so you don’t know for every famous one you do…..

  • siberian_skies

    @Sling Shot Suplex

    Dude, that’s too harsh.

  • Guest

    He’s still wondering if he’s gonna get his HOF spot lol……

  • Jaredbeck2002

    Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon seems very ill. saw the razors edge mobile at wrestlemania it was pink.

  • BitchPwnez

    Die Scott Hall, just Die off you old bastard!

  • TEMPLER-647


  • Bigdickbandit

    In other news.. water is wet.

  • dae5

    When will Scott learn?  Stay off the stuff man.  He needs to turn straightedge before he kills himself…  or somebody else!  Very sad to hear this!

  • James Al

    she might be into that sort of thing. although maybe he choked a bit harder. well that pretty much takes out his hall of fame chances.

  • ProgressNow2012

    serves her right for having no taste in men and going for that hideous thing in the first place

  • Guest

    Hold up, what kinda woman hangs around an addict w/ medical issues, while he’s binging over the course of several days w/o calling friends or family to alert them to a possible problem?  Give up? a scheming @ss addict.
    I can already tell you what happened.  She did drugs with him, pacing herself until he was sedated, which took days b/c of his high tolerance for drugs.  4 days later, he closed his eyes and she proceeded to robb him of drugs/money to share w/ her drug addict boyfriend.  Unfortunately, he work up b4 she could leave the room and she tried to say she was going to the store for baking soda.  He immediately knew she was lying b/c he stacks baking soda to the ceiling so he told her to wait, while he checked his stash to see if it was light.  By then she ran out the house, got in the car, only to see Hall coming at her w/ JASON-LIKE speed.  B4 she could start the car he choked her, grabbed the keys, and wouldn’t let her leave until she returned his stash.
    Some Straight-Edge mark witnessed the whole thing from his window while fapping off to Cena’s lady parts, called the cops, and TMZ showed up instead.

  • TheKillingMoon

    Useless scum. 

  • Kaylyn Owens

    Seriously. Are he and Matt Hardy trying to top each other with arrests? As amusing as it is now, it will soon get very boring.

  • Rayge3180

    Scott Hall was going to be the “next” hulk hogan once upon a time, its quite a shame what drugs and alcohol can do to a person..Some people are a lost cause, the way he has been going, hes going to be the next dead former wrestler. Its too bad