Scott Hall Arrested In Florida, Extreme Rules Theme, Maryse

— Scott Hall was arrested on April 6, 2012 in Seminole County, Florida. According to a public report posted online, Hall was arrested by the Seminole County Sheriff’s office at 9:31 p.m. The report, however, does, not disclose what charges were filed.

— The official theme song for Extreme Rules is “Adrenaline” by Shinedown.

— Maryse Ouellet appears at the Frank and Son Collectible Show 19649 San Jose City of Industry, California 91748 on May 12, 2012 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

— Former WWE manager Paul Bearer turns 58 years old on Tuesday.

Daniel Pena

Daniel Pena is a longtime wrestling news reporter and the webmaster of

  • Kaos

    As much I hate to say it, there is just no hope for this man

    • siberian_skies

      There’s always hope.

      • IKeepsit100

        Not when your name is scott hall…

        • siberian_skies

          Nope, there’s always hope.  What can I say…I’m an optimist.

          • Illmatic

            I for one can never give up on Scott Hall.  He is a part of my childhood.  It would be sad if he were to die a wreck of a man. 

        • partsunknownresident

          …or Jake The Snake Roberts

      • Nina

         “Hope” is just some silly term that weak people use to show that they’ve given up. Just because they’re too lazy to do anything about it doesn’t mean we have to constantly hear about it.

        There’s no “hope”; hell, if Scott wanted his problems gone, he would’ve had everything in order by now. I’m tired of feeling sorry for the man if he just keeps making mistakes.

        • siberian_skies

          So you don’t believe in hope?  

          • Nina

            No, I don’t believe in hope.
            If there’s an issue that needs to be resolved in your life, it’s up to you to solve that issue. Others can help you with it, sure, but for others to “hope” it’ll be all right is just condemning the man to death while just looking at him and sitting there thinking “Gee, I wish I could’ve done more.”

            Now I have no idea why he’s arrested, again, or what for, but it begs the question of “what is he doing that could be so obtrusive to the general society to have him arrested again?”
            “Why can’t he just act like he’s supposed to?”

            Despite everything I say, I do feel bad for him, but he’s been sent to rehab by WWE before (correct me on that if I’m wrong) and he’s been told before that he needs to cut back on everything and clean up his act.
            He still hasn’t done so, so what’s the point in ‘hoping’ he will if it just keeps getting worse?

            Be proactive, not reactive. You decide your life and he decides his.

          • siberian_skies

            It looks like he was arrested for a domestic dispute, fueled by drinking.  He’s been to rehab at least once, you’re right about that.  There’s nothing that I, personally, can do for Scott Hall except hope and pray for him, as I don’t know him personally.  That’s the hope I’m talking about.  I  agree that if there’s an issue in my life, I need to do the work to make  sure  that the issue turns out the way I want it to.  Here’s another example of the kind of hope I’m talking about:  As I raise my kids I teach them the difference between right and wrong, and “hope” that they do the right thing.

          • Nina

            The comment section really needs to be fixed, first off.

            Despite my matter-of-fact statements, I do concur with you that I feel for the guy as well. I wish there was something I could do, but the sad reality is that I can’t. Decidedly so, others have tried and they haven’t been of much help either. If TMZ was to be believed, he seems to be a danger to close relatives now as well and not just to himself.

            I don’t know whether to believe it or not, but it strikes me the wrong way. I feel that hoping, as in “instilling faith” into something in order for it to turn out right might be the best thing here, since there’s not much else anybody can do. I just don’t think this is going to end up well.

          • siberian_skies

            Yes, the comment section does need to be fixed.  I like to be able to read  all of them.  

            And hey, we agree, after all.  See ya around.

          • Kaylyn Owens

            Not when it comes to Scott Hall.

        • Gg

          don’t you know what mental illness is?

  • Bigroo006

    “Hey yo!” I swear every time I see that pic I hear that.

  • Morph_3

    Why is Scott Hall considered news. It should be considered an ongoing thing and just don’t report on it.
    Scott really is living his “dream” as being the “bad guy” isn’t he!

    • siberian_skies

      I still consider him news, and I want to know how he’s doing.

  • KickassBrock

    It’s karma , did u ever see the documentary on him, he killed a guy out side a strip club or something and never did time …

    • Drunk Punk

       That situation was kill or be killed.  Would you have just let the guy shoot you or would you fight and do everything you could to survive?

      • IKeepsit100

        3rd option:run and hope it only shoots the right butt cheek?(by luck of course)

        • Drunk Punk

           LOL that made my day.  Thank you.

  • Kaylyn Owens

    Scott Hall arrested again. There’s a shock.  And as far as Extreme Rules, that’s Jeff Hardy’s PPV.

    • IKeepsit100

      It pretty much has jeff hardy written all over it,smackdown has rock name written all over it.

      I wish rock would say “Just bring it!” again.

      • Kaylyn Owens

        Exactly. No one was more hard edged or extremely crazy as Jeff Hardy.

  • Nflsab

    What a deadbeat loser 

  • Drpepper

    Damnit Scott!!

  • Forceton Banfodder

    Can’t help someone who doesn’t want it.   I hate to say it but I think Scott is headed the way of Kanyon or Mike Lockwood.  

    • cody is the future

      i hope not scott hall when clean has a great mind 4 the buissness and is a great worker. that being said he usually is not clean especially as of late, i hope all turns out well for him as he was a part of my childhood as well and i loved him as a wrestler and entertainer (refuse to say superstar) i hope for the best for scott but as u said it might b 2 late i hope not though u can tell deep down hes a good person especially if uve ever seen any of his shoot interviews or his espn documentary n mayb this does hav to do with kharma since he killed a man though it was self defense as someone said kill or be killed so i understand why he did it

  • kquickstillsucks

    Gonna take a wild guess and say Scott Hall’s arrest was is in someway alcohol related WILD GUESS. Get some help man.

    • Kaylyn Owens

      I don’t think there’s a rehab place good enough to bring Scott back.

  • JRCallous

    From TMZ (Don’t know how accurate it is, but here’s their report)

    Wrestling legend Scott Hall was arrested Friday after
    allegedly choking out his girlfriend in a drunken fit of rage — this
    according to the arrest report, obtained by TMZ.

    According to the
    report, cops were called to Scott’s Florida home over a domestic
    disturbance in progress around 5pm. When they arrived, Scott’s GF Lisa
    Howell informed police he had attacked her.

    According to Lisa,
    Scott had been drinking for days and the two had gotten into some kind
    of argument. Lisa says she got into her car, and in a blind rage, Scott
    grabbed her by the throat and tried to pull her out of the driver’s

    According to the report, police confronted Scott — who
    appeared heavily intoxicated with an “unknown white secretion flowing
    from both sides of his mouth” — but he denied ever getting violent.

    observed several signs of physical injury on Lisa — including red
    marks around her neck — so they placed Scott under arrest for domestic

    Scott — billed at 6’7″ and 287 pounds — required TWO sets of handcuffs.

    his problems didn’t end there — according to the report, Scott was so
    drunk … the jail refused to book him … so the arresting officer had
    to drag him to a nearby hospital to get medical clearance.

    physicians gave their thumbs up and Scott was brought back to the
    correctional facility, where he was finally booked on the domestic
    violence charge.

    Lisa has refused to press charges. So far, it’s unclear if the case will move forward.

  • Shashy626

    FFS, enough said

  • wwetnadudez

    I came to this page..simply for Maryse. Scott comments deserved/needed.

  • HRMA

    When I saw the title of this, I literally said out loud “AGAIN?!” and made my poor kitten turn his head sideways to look at me like I had six heads.

  • FormerHallFan

    Just read the article (as well as the comment from TMZ recounting the events). So now Scott is choking his girlfriend too? What an utter piece of shit he is. To think I used to give a fuck about this guy & wished the best for him. Now I just wish the best for all who have (unfortunately) come into his life, & “hope” that they stay as far away from him as possible, so he doesn’t mess their lives up any further. He’s already fucked up his ex-wife & his kids’ lives, now he’s trying to add to the list.

    As for the comments about WWE paying for his rehab in the past, he once joked on one of his shoot interviews that WWE has been very good to him, & they have paid for 5 or 6 trips to rehab. He’s CLEARLY not going to change. Even most of his friends have come to the conclusion that he’s never going to get better. Sad but true.

    I always expect the next article about him to be an obituary to be honest.