Scott Hall Moves Out Of DDP’s Accountability Crib, Now Accepting Booking Offers

Published On July 24, 2013 by (Other News, Wrestling News)

nWo founding member noted on Twitter that he has officially moved out of ’s “accountability crib.” Scott and his son, Cody, have moved into an apartment together in Atlanta, Georgia.

Hall also noted on Twitter that he had his first “DDPYOGA” workout today with Dallas Page, and shared several photos of getting in the ring and working with his son.

Additionally, Hall mentioned that he and Cody are accepting booking offers. Hall noted that you can contact his son on Twitter @Cody_Hall1. To book Scott Hall, he lists @Razor4Life.

Check out the aforementioned photos of DDP working out with Cody Hall, and follow more Scott Hall tweets on Twitter @SCOTTHALLNWO.

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