Scott Steiner Continues Ripping TNA Creative On Twitter

In a move that could mark the end of Scott Steiner’s two decade plus reign as a mainstream wrestler, the multi-time champion was released from his contract with TNA Wrestling last week. “Big Poppa Pump” slammed the organization’s creative direction Monday afternoon on his Twitter account in response to the termination.

“Can somebody send tna’s booking team of pritchard hogan (and) bischoff video’s from ring ka hogan in a sex tape wont help ratings..what an embarassment to TNA (and) spike tv. Brother…” he wrote via text.

The former World Heavyweight Champion continued his verbal onslaught of his former employer and its creative figure heads late into the night with the following messages:

* Read my tweats people, I am not blasting TNA if I do I will let you know.

* Right now im trying to save tna bcuz its the titanic and its sinking fast bcuz hogan n bischoff r doing the same bullshit they did to de …

* It took them 1 1/2 months to drive tna to its lowest ratings ever…the best way to save it is to jump off and be the voice for the guys …

* Bitter????I have nothing to be bitter about! I have a contract extension signed by tna officials that under the circumstances i would no …

* Official that under the circumstances i would not sign

* Same bullshit they did to destoy wcw

* That cant say anything


Daniel Pena

Daniel Pena is a longtime wrestling news reporter and the webmaster of


    Steiner is pissed! I wonder if he would go back to the WWE if they don’t get Batista back…which they probably won’t. 

    • AuthenticVIP

      Steiner is banned from wrestling in most States and Canada.  Another run in WWE is a NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!

      • BobbyBobBobberson

         He’s not banned, the Steiner Recliener is banned, wouldn’t be an issue but yeah hes not going to come back

  • LittleJimmyGotGot

    It’s about time somebody actually calls out TNA on their bullshit. He ain’t ranting to get attention but actually tellin the truth. I watched the 1st best of the x division dvd and that was better than anything TNA had on TV the last 2 years

  • AuthenticVIP

    TNA should get rid of Hogan and Bischoff.  They should have hired Paul Heyman and fired all the old talent except for Kurt Angle as a wrestler and Ric Flair as a manager (fortune 4).  too bad all the way around… I like TNA

    • IKeepsit100

       Everybody on this website just said everything you just said in 1 entire year.

  • AuthenticVIP

    I want to start a FIRE HULK HOGAN FROM TNA IMPACT WRESTING petition brother!!

    • Seth Bob

      trying too hard, bro.

    • RVdizzle

      Just start a Facebook group… if there’s not already a ton of them.

  • ac1d_chr15t

    Really hope the top TNA stars start jumping ship to WWE soon (without their careers being screwed by the WWE). At least Joe, AJ, James Storm, Aries, and to be honest, TNA’s roster is growing wonderfully at the moment, and there’s so many guys with great potential, most of them even more potential then the mid-carders on the RAW and Smackdown roster.

    • AuthenticVIP

      TNA wrestlers have already jumped to WWE just to be buried and mocked right befoe they were let go.  Do you want a count down?  I’ll give you the chance to figure it out b4 I cal you a n00bie

      • AuthenticVIP

        Did you ever see the AJ Styles vs Hurricane (Shane Helms) in the WWF? Look it up

        • AuthenticVIP

          Samoa Joe vs John Cena in UPW? Proving ground for WWF??

          • AuthenticVIP

            As much as I like to hear my own voice… you are a dumbass

          • ProgressNow2012

            you talkin to yourself? psychopath lol

        • Junaid Bokhari

          who the hell was AJ Styles back then to have deserved to be pushed to the top?

        • Forceton Banfodder

           Syles was never signed with WWE. He did a couple matches and declined to sign a contract.  How was that WWE’s fault?  

          And when was Helms ever in TNA? 

      • Bushwald Sexyface

        Not every TNA guy that’s been in WWE has been mocked and buried. You’re really over-exaggerating it. 

  • Kaos

    He’s right though. Before the Bischoff/Hogan era, TNA was actually watchable, and on Thursday’s I would find myself watching TNA. But, since the Bischoff/Hogan era began TNA has become completely unwatchable.

  • SiD

    I’m not a fan of Steiner but even I have to admit that I completely agree with him. 

  • Pharmxy

    I dont think anyone would say steiner is the brains of the operation…he tweets just like he cuts promos……only person i can think of who could botch a three line promo

  • Brett Lane

    TNA is the arena Football of the Wrestling world.

    • RVdizzle

      That’s a HUGE insult… to Arena football, that is.

  • TNAoverWWE

    This is forever why Scott Steiner will be on my top of favorite wrestlers ever. He doesn’t give a damn. He does and says whatever he wants, and whose gonna stop him Hogan Bischoff. Look i like TNA better than WWE I really do, but just seeing that crowd last night on raw in Miami, and seeing the reaction to a brock lesnar return, it was unreal. Us TNA fans have to look forward to a main event of Hulk Hogan addressing the crowd because hes the new GM. I never used to say anything bout Bisch and Hogan cause I thought with name recognition the ratings would go up or god dammit they would get out of the impact zone. But nothing. Dixie is so blind and is so terrible at running a wrestling buisness. I wonder how the TNA roster feel about last night with Bryan getting those sick chants, especially guys like roode Storm and AJ, while they are forced to see hulk Hogan address the 1000 fans in Impact zone and be bored to death. Its a joke, a real big joke. Im starting to lose faith in TNA, granted they made some right moves, but Hogan and Bisch really have to go. Garett bischoff, please give me a break. WWE showed their dominace yesterday, TNA will never reach the heights of WWE unless Dixie gets her head out of Hogans and Bischoffs ass.

    • Brett Lane

      TNA needs to get some new talent or new managment soon b4 TNA gets got by themselves!

  • Forceton Banfodder

    Isn’t “sinking Titanic” a little redundant?  

    • TheKillingMoon

      Then again, Steiner the whiner has been pretty redundant as well. HUH HUH HUH HUH PUSHUPS PUSHUPS mindless jibberish and flex.

      • Forceton Banfodder

        Yeah, you’re right.  I was over thinking it. 

  • Brandondaprodigy

    did steiner drop out of school? he cant spell for shit

    • TheKillingMoon


    • Mitch Cheezeburga Tucker

      What are you talking about? “bcuz” is a real word…

    • JamieEvsxx

      3 words…”140 character limit”…=/

      • Jager1017

        140 is not a word.

        • JamieEvsxx

          you’re right…it’s 4 words…”one hundred and forty”…=)

  • Be Real

    I’m surprised he never called out HH and Bitchoff for burying his popularity in WCW when it was at it’s peak.  He could’ve been a main eventer going up against the NWO instead of being buried by having to join it like everybody else that garnered interest.
    People like Chris Benoit, Scott Steiner, Scott Norton, Raven, Booker T, Y2J, and Eddie G suffered the most under a Bitchoff/HH ruled WCW b/c  they never had any intention of putting or trying to put over these guys to be potential main eventers. 

  • Guest

    whatever you say BIG POPPA DUMP

  • Hellaluyeah

    Steiner’s just mad, that there’s no place for him in TNA and it’s the truth and he knows it. He could do nothing to save the business, if the business were actually in trouble.

    On that note: Everybody knows TNA should get rid of Hogan. Don’t need Scott Steiner to point this out. I don’t think Bischoff and Hogan are in charge of TNA. I doubt TNA would have Bobby Roode as the champion or James Storm as the number one contender if they were. They wouldn’t be involving talented guys like Austin Aries in the main events. 

    I’d drop Hogan, because there is no use to gain from him. I’ve always liked and not liked Bischoff though. He just isn’t allowed to get near the driver’s seat.