Scott Steiner Trashes Hulk Hogan On Twitter

Scott Steiner, who recently parted ways with TNA, went on another Twitter rant against Hulk Hogan on Sunday night – absolutely trashing Hogan, TNA’s current booking regime as well as Hogan’s daughter Brooke and Bischoff’s son Garrett. Steiner wrote:

U R a fool Hogan-U n bischoff arrogantly came into Tna n disrespected n shit on evrybdy bhind closed doors n in the media

N u didnt think u were going to piss ppl off

U unprofessional mothrfuck’rs attackd AJ,Roode,Angle n Borash n the media,but to attack Angle professionally n personally was bullshit

Which i will address later,YOU,bischoff n pritchard book the show,tell me how u lobbying yurself to get me back,U lying piece of shit

No believes yur bullshit,U see money n talent in me really,U also think bitchoffs son is the future of wrestling Fuck U

Yur an idiot,U intro me to yur family n im nice doesnt mean i give a fuck about u N and yur bust-out family

Put yur daughter on the corner n see if she can earn money on her back bcuz she cant sing or dance

U dont know….u dont know who i am and what im capable of..yur creative control wont help u in real life situations

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Kaos

    Damn! This guy just won’t quit will he?

  • Pharmxy

    Kids…….this is why you do not do steroids.

    • Andrew Campbell

      His grammar is terrible.

      • Illmatic

        i have no idea what he is saying half the time.  but it sounds crazy

      • JamieEvsxx

        to be fair he is ranting on Twitter…and sometimes that 140 character thing can be a major bitch…so that’s probably why he’s spelling like a complete retard…=/

        • Shashy626

          Lol very true; my mates always knew when i ran out of characters in texts on my old phone when my grammar took a nose-dive.

          • JamieEvsxx

            lol yeah I hate it when that happens…I’m just grateful that I don’t have a limit on my phone…=P

      • vadertime33

        always somebody talking about grammar.. who gives a shit .. 

  • DragonofDarknessXIII

    I agree with Steiner about Bischoff’s son but other then that, he needs to lay off the juice

  • stoops

    Snap!.  “U dont know….u dont know who i am and what im capable of..yur creative control wont help u in real life situation.” Sound like some of the tough guys that post on here. Enjoy the rest of your roided career on the indy seen Big Poppa Dump.

    • CleverNameTaken

      Oh come on, Steiner would totally own Hogan in a legit fight.  Hogan is held together by sutures, and Steiner is a jacked up roid beast.

      • stoops

        Well yea he could whip him in a fight, never said he couldn’t. 

    • Vengchi

      big poppa pump is telling the truth , hogan and biscoff r horrible at ruining companys and they made tna suck

  • ac1d_chr15t

    Anyone ever wonder if this is internet storyline? 

  • CleverNameTaken

    Scott Steiner is so fucking awesome.  Say what you will about him, but he’s probably the only main-eventer who has consistently done legitimate “shoots” on people’s bullshit throughout his entire career, and is surprisingly a wicked nice guy with the fans when you meet him.  He just needs to work on his delivery.

  • kquickstillsucks


  • the_unknown

    “Put yur daughter on the corner n see if she can earn money on her back bcuz she cant sing or dance”

    steiner is a fuckin boss

  • WOWKillum

    steiner speaks up and takes noones bullshit…respect

  • Bigroo006


  • Bushwald Sexyface

    Steiner is saying a lot of the shit Warrior has said about Hogan and people love Steiner for it but think Warrior is batshit crazy. Can’t have one without the other. They’re both batshit crazy. But, so far, they’ve both been right.

  • Mr_DJ

    damn, there’s a lot of fire in that man’s belly

  • Vengchi

    thats why i stopped watching tna , i loved it until those faggots came in , piss me right off , funny thing is they were putting on a better show than wwe , not anymore , thanks hogan and bitchoff faggots,  showing the world once u again u guys care nothing bout yourselfs

  • wwetnadudez

    Scott has been right on a lot of his points but this is just getting annoying now, he goes on a twitter rant like 3 times a week, just lay of the roids man, you got some serious roid rage. 

  • Zbeau Zbarker

    Scott Steiner is the greatest thing to happen in this industry. And that doesn’t include his in-ring work. 

  • Forceton Banfodder

    He sounds pissed off…   I don’t know how I feel about any of this, except that I think Scott got his fill of Hogan and Bischoff’s bullshit and finally snapped.  And snapped hard. 

  • Craig DeBoard

    Ya know when the whole Warrior/Hogan thing was going down I thought Warrior was just spewing bullshit because needed to ride Hogan’s coat-tails. Now seeing this, and what Steiner says, I think Warrior may have been right.

    That being said though, both of them have insulted his family. i’m no fan of Hogan’s kids, but seriously bringing them up just shows you don’t have much else to say and you’re just trying to get a reaction. Steiner needs to just leave well enough alone and go talk to Vince about a legends deal. Same with Warrior. They said there piece, so let it be done. bringing up Hogan’s daughter just makes him look desperate.


    DAMN!! he put Brooke on blast lol


    steiner is the man yo fucking respect for him for speaking the truth! roids or not at least he is honest (the fact that he is being brutal is just a plus).

  • ProgressNow2012

    LMAO!! he’s been spending too much time on Chyna’s tweeter

  • Papa Shango

    Steiner and Warrior are angry with Hogan because he only used to make out with beefcake not with them. But the fact is Hogan Bischoff and Dixie have drowned tna to unrescueable depths and all of them suck real bad.

  • Comic_book_fan

    this is an angel he will return and attack hogan on impact some time trust me.

  • steinersmashkeyboard

    STEYE-ner, u r A fkn MOROn.

    Keep typing incoherent babble on your Twitter account, & Hogan & Bischoff will continue to come across as geniuses comparatively. Thanks for continuing to set the bar so low.

    On the flipside, if he would lay off the roids for a second, maybe his brain would be less mushy & he may actually be able to push a complete thought out of his pee brain. His tweets are as incomprehensible as his mic skills.

    Sad thing is he probably isn’t speaking that far from the truth, but he comes across as a total idiot any time he opens his mouth (or pounds on his keyboard apparently).