Scott Steiner Trashes WWE Product, Talks Not Getting To Work With The Rock & More

The following are highlights of a new Rodolfo Roman interview with Scott Steiner:

On not getting the chance to feud with The Rock: “I wrestled everyone. The first time I went to the WWE back in 2003 I wanted to go against The Rock. That never happened. He is one of the top guys of all time. The box office shows that. He was one of the most talented wrestlers there is. That’s the one guy I wanted to start off with. Vince brought all of the WCW guys up but basically Vince basically treated us like shit…treated us all the same. But they destroyed everything… me Goldberg, Nash were all treated the same way.”

On The Rock’s critics: “Who can talk bad about The Rock. He’s entertaining. He puts asses in the seats. He proved that but moving up to bigger and better things.”

On WWE’s current product: “That PG shit is hard to watch. It doesn’t make sense. You got South Park serving up a storm. You got all these shows. Wrestling was the first natural reality show. We created that genre. That was reality TV live. It started with RAW in the Manhattan Center.”

Check out the complete interview above.

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

    • Pozessed

      MY BOY! This guy is like the greatest wrestling personality ever.

      • Tyrant

        Hahahaha! I knew I’d see a post from you in here. Steiner is the best hands down. LOL

        • Pozessed

          Ofcourse, I’d feel like I’ve failed myself if I don’t show respect to a guy who had such an impact on my development, he taught me as a kid to stick up for myself lol.
          Teacher: You are late go outside
          Me: Shut up b1itch! YOU’RE FAT!

          • Tyrant


            • Pozessed

              He is up there with Robert De Niro, Chris Jericho, Elliott Hulse & David Beckham as the dudes who I’d shake hands with.

    • pvnez

      PG tv is best .. I love john cena lets go cena steiner scuks

      • Patrick

        Now just sit back relax, and watch everyone rant. A toast to you sir!

        • pvnez


      • Leather Face

        Did you get your parents permission before posting your comment?

        • pvnez

          yes yes yes yes

    • llllNinjastarllll

      I would love to hear his theme one more time , big poppa pump needs to be in the hall of fame and do a speech on raw , one of these years

      • GN-0015

        I wouldn’t mind seeing him in the Royal Rumble next year.

    • GN-0015

      The problem is not with PG. As limited as it is, you can still book a good show where people are beating up each other with good story.

      • TNA Live Crowd

        Yeah you can still book good shows but the PG rating limits ideas for creative. Vince being blown up, Taker trying to embalm Austin alive, Kane using fire as a scare tactic, all those goodies that left everyone begging for more wouldn’t be allowed today with the PG rating. It even affects match types like the chamber and hiac

        • Joe

          I wouldn’t deem any of what you mentioned as being good or a better alternative to PG. I don’t need to see Kane burning people alive, that isn’t wrestling to me, it’s stupid. The PG argument pisses me off because WWE overall has been PG a lot longer then it was anything else(including when it was the Manhattan center Scott Steiner). The 80s they were PG and it’s a fondly remembered time. The problem isn’t the PG it’s the booking. Problems such as there’s too much tv and feuds keep being repeated. Also the mid card barely has storylines. The only thing I miss from the attitude era is the blood, because once in a while it can be used to enhance a feud or a match like HITC and the chamber.

          • TNA Live Crowd

            Mid carders never really get storylines so that’s nothing new. I never said Kane needed to burn people alive. It’s the way he used fire to intimidate people and what made him who he was during the attitude era. Those kind of things enhance the storylines. Back in the 80s it was more about wrestling instead of storylines but now it’s the other way around

    • ronjon1000

      ya know, for all the flack Steiner seems to get…he kinda has a point. I clicked on this expecting some egotistical rant ala X-Pac, but Steiner comes across as genuinely humble when talking about ol’ Rocky. surprise indeed.

    • Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

      Scott Steiner is never happy he is always mad.

      • GN-0015

        I have no simpy for how he feels about everything.

    • Fantasma Del Guapo

      “Vince brought all of the WCW guys up but basically Vince basically treated us like sh¡t…”

      I can’t tell whether this is how Steiner really worded that or the grammar on Sescoops is acting up again.

      • Leather Face

        He literally said sh…upside down exclamation mark…t

        • Fantasma Del Guapo

          I don’t want my comments on this site to get censored COME ON WAKE UP SHEEPLE


    • brad

      Goldberg and nash didn’t get treated too badly I mean nash was a former world champion and Goldberg too. Also Bill only technically lost like three matches and only one was a singles match and it wasn’t even a clean loss not to mention he defeated Dwyane, lesnar, HHH, Hbk, orton and more.

    • Dixie Carter

      How is he trashing it? I don’t see that. I just see him speaking the truth and stating what everyone not on the wwe kool aid knows…it’s a mis-managed train wreck of a company. That is not an opinion, it’s a fact!

    • Adrian Fylonenko

      Maybe they treated Steiner poorly because of this

      • Scott

        That looked like classic stuff to me what happened?

        • Progressed_Now

          awfully awkward in the ring.

        • Adrian Fylonenko

          If you watch that match between Triple H and Steiner – you’ll hear the crowd boo mercifully. Steiner literally hit 10 belly to belly’s because he couldn’t do anything else. He tried hitting a powerful back breaker and fell straight on his ass. It was a debacle of a match.

          • Scott

            Oh okay, well Steiner was never known as a great wrestler but they looked like they were doing pretty solid in that match I guess the bad stuff wasn’t in the video

            • Adrian Fylonenko

              Yeah it was edited out a bit, but a lot of fans still remember that match because of how awkward it was. It took place at Royal Rumble 2003 – if you want to check it out.

      • Pozessed

        I have an idea for a new article you should do, the top beards of all time.

        • Adrian Fylonenko

          LOL. Good wrestlers who had good beards and were talented and then rank them? Or should I rank them by wrestling skill – and they just so happened to have good beards.

          • Pozessed

            Rank them on beards, period. Like come on, there have been some special beards.. Y2J’s, Sandows (Perfectly shaped not one hair out of place), there could be a looonnng list aha.

          • Progressed_Now

            don’t bother. rank the top 20 worst matches of all time. or at least the past 20 years, considering everything before that sucked ass.

      • I speak Truth…do you

        Damn Steiner… many suplexes you give trips????

    • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

      Who is this jobber?!!

      • Bray

        look him up!!

    • Scott

      You can have a good show in the PG era. They proved it Monday Night. The problem is when you decide not to have wrestling as the focal point. When there is only 1 good match a night, sometimes none, its impossible to have a good show

    • flairhogan2016

      no on rocks the chain link doo rag like big poppapump

    • Lewis

      this was painful to watch

    • Don

      Yeah “Who could talk bad about the rock”? LOL. Not someones JUST like him lol!! Egotistical, selfish, and ignorant.

    • J’vo

      Yup,i’ll remember about treated all WCW guys like sh*t,start from him and the actor behind Vince scheme was Triple H,the WCW reject and the climax when HHH defeat Booker T who suppose win the big one at WM 19,year 2003 was dark year for WCW wrestlers

      About The Rock,i don’t think he never got chance,because he only have limited appearence before he went to make Walking Tall movie

    • Anthony Braden Padilla

      Steiner and The Rock did have an all-too brief tussle during a battle royal though (don’t ask when it was, I can’t remember). It was great with The Rock getting Scott in a corner, whaling on ‘im, and then stopping to make a mock Steiner pose before pounding on him again. The only time the two actually wrestled together…

      • Hershey Maxwell Barber

        It was probably the battle royal on Raw to see who would face HHH at WM 19 that Booker T won.