Scotty 2 Hotty Speaks On Getting Back Into Wrestling, Working With WWE Again

The following are highlights of a new Orlando Sentinel interview with Scotty 2 Hotty:

On getting back into wrestling after his “Old School RAW” appearance: “I realized last year I went to fire school and EMT school and graduated both of those, finished up and started looking for a job and I thought I was out of wrestling, and then I got the call to go to ‘Old School’ Raw and doing that and being there for the day I realized I know I can still go, I don’t want to be that guy embarrassing himself, I know I can still go. I’m in better shape now then the last time I was there full-time. And you just know there’s probably only a few more years where I can do this and the level I want to do it. I started taking a little bit more (bookings). I’ve said for the last few years I’m just using this as a vehicle to take me to different places I’ve never been anyways. I just went to Ecuador for the first time, South America for the first time ever, stuff like that. I tell my kids find a job that’s going to pay you to travel the world on someone else’s dime and that’s basically what I use it for now.”

On working with WWE again: “You know what’s so cool wrestling for them now? When you’re there as a full-time guy and you’re wrestling four nights a week, you kind of take it for granted. Everything is going 100 miles an hour. Whereas now, like when I went back for ‘Old School’ Raw, you go this could be the last time. And you kind of appreciate it more. You take it all in. And then same thing for NXT. This could be the last time I’m in a WWE ring. Hopefully it’s not and chances are it’s not going to be because I’m still in decent shape and relatively young. I’m sure there’ll be more coming down the road but you say that to yourself and appreciate it.”

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  • Matt Boone

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    • brad

      Scotty 2 hotty, man he use to the sh$$ back in the day when he was with too cool.

      • John Miller

        Yeah, he was a huge star on Sunday night Heat.

        • Dave from Germany

          He was Velocity´s Hulk Hogan.

    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      that lack of a pop he got on that raw still makes me mad

      • Matt Gallagher

        Same, the people that night barley popped for anybody

    • NotSawft

      his lack of static-x style hair and lid bummed me out, one of the good things of the network revisting old ppvs I haven’t seen since I was like 13 you see teams like too cool and remember damn the roster was loaded we had it good back in the day

      • Bully FU

        Not necessarily loaded but everyone had a defined unique gimmick that fit the wrestler portraying rather than now with your 3MB’s, Cesaro, and such being stuck in awful gimmicks that could fit anyone on the roster and the wrestler has to get over in spite of being mismanaged by creative.