Sean Waltman Blasts TNA For Considering Bringing Back The 6-Sided Ring

Sean “X-Pac” Waltman is the latest wrestler to speak out against TNA’s announcement that the 6-sided ring might be returning next week at TNA’s Impact Wrestling tapings from NYC.

Two Top TNA Stars Speak Out Against The Six-Sided Ring Returning

Waltman tweeted on Wednesday night:

Vote Here: Should TNA Bring Back The 6-Sided Ring?

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Roger Penland

    For once, I actually agree 100% with Waltman.

    • brad

      I just about always agree with waltman.

    • Razon Ramon

      he’d still rather be in chyna

      • Roger Penland

        Exactly my point.

  • Jon Saltsman

    Who? Oh I’m sorry didn’t realize he was relevant anymore..

    • Leather Face

      He’s speaking the truth. He’s more relevant than yourself jabrone

      • Jon Saltsman

        Obviously he’s more relevant than anyone on this site? We know that. And they managed with a 6 sided ring before why can’t they now? They only changed it to 4 sided to try and compete with WWE. The 6 sided ring is what made TNA well.. TNA. Maybe if they change it back to the way it used to be then people might be more interested.

        • Leather Face

          In order to compete with wwe, which is impossible, they need a lot more than a different ring lol. I see where you may be coming from, but I think tna is done for.

          • Jon Saltsman

            Oh I completely agree. TNA will never in a million years be WWE. Not even on the same playing field. But changing that ring back might just bring back some of their fans that they used to have. Not saying that they won’t be done for since let’s face it, they are, but it might just help them a little bit.

          • Leather Face

            Going back to the old ring won’t bring back old fans. Having good shows like they used to will

          • giznad138

            but if they wanna be the TNA of old, then they need to stick with the 4 sides. Because the first 2 years of NWA-TNA, they had 4 sides. I don’t think there’s anything special in the 6 sides any way, they need to keep it with 4. Bringing back the 4 sides was the best thing Hulk Hogan did when he came to the company. The 6 sided ring just looks too small. I don’t understand why when people yell about what needs to change in TNA, the first they say is “bring back da 6 sided ring.” Why? That’s not going to make the company better.

        • Undertaker316

          the six sided ring is not what made the product good the six sided ring is nothing but a gimmick

          • Jon Saltsman

            True but it gave TNA it’s own unique factor in the business. It was a little more hard-core back then. Not saying it’s going to be hardcore again but it will bring back that unique feature.

          • SomeInternetGuy

            If all TNA referees were clowns that would be unique as well. Unique doesn’t always mean better. 6-sided ring wrestling is goofy.

            Also, the number of fans who would suddenly start watching TNA wrestling again because the ring has two more sides is probably going to be extremely small. I don’t think TNA is focusing on what is killing their business. It’s not the 4-sided ring design that’s been used for 100+ years.

          • BT94

            Goofy? And you are what, oh yeah SOMEINTERNETGUY. 6 sided ring is something known for in Mexico, where wrestling is hmm, 30x better than most American wrestling. Deeming something goofy because its out your norm is moronic! 6 Sided Ring and the talent made TNA a name, when Hogan came in he ditched it for a 4 sided ring because well, he is old and unable to adapt. What is goofy is this, TNA has a major issue, they are WCW in the last year. There may be no saving that company and a ring is not nearly enough to attract 1000 fans, let along 100K. Hell, they could have their females wrestle naked and they would not draw a 2 in ratings!

          • Mike Stidham

            That’s what I thought. Konnan brought in the 6-sided ring from AAA.

        • omega riddler

          eric bishoff and hulk hogan didn’t like the six sided ring, that’s why they went 4 sided.

    • DoubleD

      Relevant enough to spark your interest and relevant enough for you to read through the entire page and place the effort to comment.. Get that horseshoe out of your ass and go find him in person to tell him how you feel about him. See how that goes when you arent behind a screen. Lol tough guy.

    • A Realist

      Hey, Sean Waltman is one of the most under-appreciated, underrated superstars in wrestling history. He put on great matches, mentored a LOT of younger guys, and didn’t play the politicking BS.

  • Boogie Nights

    He he can’t stand or balance on the ropes cause he’s old, out of shape and broken down. Many wrestlers were able to use the 6 sides to there advantage and hit moves from all angles. AJ Styles was good at it, I’ve even seen Petey Williams hit the Canadian Destroyer coming from different angles. How about Monty Brown and the Pouuuunce

    • Pozessed

      I do remember AJ Styles, Daniels & Kazarian being able to pull off doing like one move off of a corner, run onto the ropes to do another move quite instantly and perfectly

      • yrabadi

        Yeah I think if you’re talented enough you’d adapt and make it work. I have heard the main issue is that the canvas it self is far less forgiving and stiff to work on with a 6-sided ring. That, I understand – and get. If you’re taking bumps and the surface is just that much harder, well, that’s no good for your body.

        • Forceton Banfodder

          I thought one of the issues the Dudley’s complained about was that the six sided ring was actually smaller in length. So they had to adapt their style.

          • Boogie Nights

            Adapt or parish

    • Dixie Carter

      Exactly. He’s a PENSIONER and should be on WWEs Legend House along with the other haters

  • CSSA

    X-Pac to TNA, Shots fired.

  • Bo-liever

    The dude sucked chyna’s d*** go away

  • Steve Williams

    6 sided ring was actually cool and something different. I loved the X division matches with 6 sided ring.
    And why sescoops is posting a porn(failed)star thoughts on a wrestling site. I bet if Dixie offers him a contract he’ll go running to TNA

    • Dixie Carter

      Not happening. I got rid of Kevin Money Racket Nash…not having this pensioner back. He can go form the new NWO in WWE…Have a Pensioner on a pole match.

  • Progressed_Now

    lol don’t strain yourself, or you’ll break your ass again

  • valo

    this coming from someone whos been in chynas ass….and probably has been in his…dont talk to us about good decisons.

    • adapt or eat ass

      the future owner of wwe (triple H) has also been inside chyna’s ass,,,

      • Dixie Carter

        Stephanie has had HHHs COKE that has been up Chyna’s backdoor and front door…and all her holes…Inside herself as well.

  • SMH

    He’s saying all this about the 6 sided ring as if it never happened before and as if it never worked. Last time I remember when they did this it did worked and TNA was actually on the rise to being something great. The moves these guys pulled on this type of ring had crowds and viewers going oooooooh almost all the time. Plus it made them different versus the traditional, But im not saying the 4 sided ring is what caused TNA’s decline, It took away from it’s uniqueness but really it was the many poisons that were brought in the company that caused it.

    • B. T.

      guys were getting hurt much more at that time as well.

  • Grant

    Who gives a rat ass what he thinks

  • raVen

    I can’t help but love when this true life pos tries to talk down to anybody…

  • askbillmitchell

    Tell me something where was all this hate, when it was first introduced and was beginning to be utilized? You would think this sort of thing would have been brought to the forefront, once a wrestler (who already worked or was working inside of a 4 sided ring in other promotion) used the six sided ring. It seems ever since AJ Styles talked about the differences publicly in a shoot interview, everyone now suddenly has an opinion. Look, no one is forcing anyone to do anything against their will, if they feel that strongly about NOT wanting to work inside of six sided ring, then don’t. Go work for a promotion that offers the 4 sided ring (there are enough of them out there). People get hurt inside a 4 sided ring too, it is the nature of the sport. Everything you do in the sport is a calculated risk, you have to analyze the risk/reward. If you think the risk is greater than the reward, like I said there are other promotions that will be more than willing to welcome you with open arms. Stop trying to sway the halting of innovation (rather it be good or not so good) because you have personal disliking for it. There is no need for the the massive sway campaign, you made it work once before either make it work again or go else where. Stop trying to ruin the experience for everyone else.

  • Dixie Carter

    Has Chyna’s manbever got coke in it? I think X-Pac has been snorting his pencil stick up her bever too much!

  • Jason

    For a guy who talks crap most of the time…I actually agree with him. What is this world coming too.

  • Drmgiver

    Looks like that assclown forgot who he worked for too.

  • steven harris

    It’s too late now to bring back the 6-sided ring, It took me a while to get used to it and when I did liked it.

    I know the 6 sided ring makes them stand out but it’s the talent and the fueds that make for a stand out wrestling show. The 6 sides if it stayed would have been ok, but if they the programming they have now the 6 sides would have meant jack to the company.

    Bad fueds, bad matches, lack of talent. 6 sides or not nobody will care.

  • gdaddy1971

    What’s the problem? Was it a six-sided ring where you ripped your @ss open?