Seth Rollins Hypes The Royal Rumble, “Are You Serious?” Ending & More

– Friday’s episode of WWE SmackDown had a social media score of 77,259, up 10% from last week.

– WWE is considering adding a Twitter feed at the bottom of the screen during RAW broadcasts, according to

– WWE announced on Twitter that another Youtube show, “Are You Serious?” is ending this weekend. To this, we say: ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

– Seth Rollins tweeted the following on Saturday to hype tomorrow’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view:

* Royal Rumble SPOILERS: 2 Former WWE IC Champions Confirmed As Surprise Entrants

Brad Davis

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    No more Puppet H? :(

  • $ir Joe

    no one wants to look at a twitter feed

    • Craig DeBoard

      No one wants to look at your posts.

  • Max

    The Shield and Orton will be the final four men in the Rumble match. Orton gives Shield a evil smile, Shield then eliminate themselves, thus turning Orton heel.

    • Donte Shoshona Gopual

      Thats is an awesome way to do it but sadly it wont happen…….. but what if it does

      • Max

        Yeah I know, It would.

        • TrentonStrangler

          That was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, ‘gives them an evil smile’ …? Sooo them attacking Orton multiple times is supposed to be completely forgotten?

          • Max

            He ordered The Shield to attack him, to make it look like hes not behind it all.. Lol I dunno, I was just using my imagination, give me a fucking break.

  • dae

    RE: Twitter Feed: PLEASE, NO!!!!! Much like The Rock, “It doesn’t matter what you say!” I really don’t give two splits about what you think about whatever is happening. I wish they’d take the hashtag Raw/SmackDown out of the corner, too, because that’s an annoying blip on the screen that doesn’t need to be there.
    RE: Shield: Really, I’m tired of them already. The Aces & Eights angle on TNA is way much better than the three morons who need the injustice kicked out of them.

  • moody1

    Like we don’t have enough on our screens with the logos and crap now. Brilliant idea.

  • cappa37

    Just relax u dumb-ass. Always in kayfabe. The Shield are so boring already. Same thing every week.