Seth Rollins Talks About Possibly Cashing In At SummerSlam, Lumberjack Match

The following are highlights of a new Xfinity interview with Seth Rollins:

Onda: You’re no stranger to being the bad guy, to being disliked by wrestling fans. In a way, was this getting back into your comfort zone?

Rollins: I don’t know if that was really ever a thought. It was mostly just a way to separate myself from the other two, separate myself from the pack and really try to stand out and be the guy that everyone is gonna be talking about. That was the goal the whole time, and I think we accomplished that goal. Whether or not I’m more comfortable in this role is yet to be determined, but like you said, I’m definitely no stranger to this position, so we’ll see how it all comes together.

Onda: Based on the win-loss record of past “Money in the Bank” briefcase holders, you are likely to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Do you ever think, “Oh my god, I’m going to be WWE Champion” or do you not let those thoughts creep in?

Rollins: I don’t know if I think “Oh my god, I’m going to be WWE Champion” – I think there was a moment after I grabbed that briefcase, the night that I did it, where I sat by myself and reflected upon exactly what it meant to win that. I don’t say, “Oh, my god.” I say, “Damn right, I’m about to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion someday.” Having that to look forward to is pretty awesome.

Onda: The WWE Universe is craving a brutal, knock-down drag-out between you and Ambrose, and some fans are pessimistic that a Lumberjack Match – in which the ring will be surrounded by other WWE superstars – will satisfy that craving. What would you say to those people?

Rollins: I would tell them to order “SummerSlam.” Get their eyes on it, because if they’re expecting anything less than a knock-down drag-out bar fight, then they’re completely mistaken. We’ve been at each other for months over this, and the premise of the Lumberjack Match is to keep the two opponents in the ring together. A lot of people might be worried about what the involvement of the lumberjacks might be, but essentially it’s gonna keep us in the same 20-by-20, 400-square-foot space, and that’s something we haven’t see yet from me and Ambrose. And I can guarantee you it won’t be the least bit disappointing.

Onda: As a member of The Authority, you are in a position that puts you in the company of WWE’s greatest minds and veterans. What do you learn from them on a weekly basis?

Rollins: You learn how to be successful and how to stay successful. Stephanie is a McMahon. She knows all of the ruthless and cunning things that must be done to stay at the very top. And she’s a woman. And to be a woman at the top is not always the easiest thing, and some may say it’s more difficult than to be a man on top. She’s been able to excel in that role. Triple H – “The Game,” the “Cerebral Assassin” – that’s a nickname [announcer] Jim Ross gave to him based on the way he operates in the ring, but I think it has as much to do with the way he operates outside of the ring and how he conducts himself. Learning those things – how to carry yourself, how to be the top guy, the man in our industry – those are the things I’ve picked up from Triple H and Randy Orton. Those are the guys who have been to the mountain top and know what it’s like to hold that spot. That’s where I wanna be, and there’s no better person or people to learn from.

Onda: Are you crazy enough to cash in on Brock Lesnar?

Rollins: I don’t think Brock’s gonna come out of that match (with John Cena at SummerSlam) looking too pretty either. I didn’t say, “Let’s see the condition of Cena.” I said, “Let’s see the condition of the champion.” Whoever the champion is at “SummerSlam” after that main event, they better watch out, because if the time is right and it feels good… you never know.

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